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October 27, 2016
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Perfect Your Dismount Pose

Your chance to perform some of the craziest and most death-defying stunts in history is here when you play Turbo Dismount on Mac and PC. Your computer is not even close top being able to handle the insane dismounts that Mr. Dismount is thinking about trying out this time around. Unlock a variety of different vehicles ranging from cars and trucks to a skateboard and construction vehicles and then jump off of them. In each level, you have to help Mr. Dismount successfully perform an amazing stunt with the help of various motor vehicles. Get into the action with realistically crunchy sound effects and yummy slow-motion replays to help enjoy every painful hit. Put yourself in the thick of it all with special customizations using your personal photos. All this and more can be yours for free when you play Turbo Dismount for Android.

Share the Fails and Crunches

In a game like Turbo Dismount, the fails can be even more entertaining than the successful stunts. Play Turbo Dismount on PC and Mac with the new BlueStacks 4, and you can instantly share each and every crash, crunch, and epic fail with millions of other gamers and crazy fans. is the only place that hosts more than one million live video game broadcasts each day. Users can chat live during streams with broadcasters and other players, follow players and titles they enjoy, and make lasting connections with gamers anywhere in the world. BlueStacks 4 now includes the most convenient access to the world of Twitch broadcasting. Simply click one button to begin streaming Turbo Dismount to players all over the globe and start building your own following.