Play 策三國:正宗策略跨國激鬥 on PC

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August 24, 2018
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Play 策三國:正宗策略跨國激鬥 on PC 22

Unity Through Devastation and War

Take a walk through time and recreate one of the most iconic clashes in all of world history. The tale of the Three Kingdoms has long been told and retold, but you can now play 策三國:正宗策略跨國激鬥 to experience the Three Kingdoms for the first time. This intense strategy game expertly recreates an ancient time where you are the ruler. Erect mighty buildings to train soldiers ready to kill or be killed in your name. Build your empire, please your people, and vanquish your foes on the battlefield to unite the Three Kingdoms and reap your great rewards. This is your chance to play 策三國:正宗策略跨國激鬥 on PC and Mac right now.

Video Game Broadcasting Made Simple

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