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February 28, 2017
4.6/5 ( 64,480 )
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Word Searches With a Twist

The WordWhizzle Professor needs your help!

Help the WordWhizzle Professor find all of the hidden words in a series of grids. The words can be up, down, diagonal, and across. Build hidden words and become the top word search expert. Play WordWhizzle Search on PC and Mac to play through more than 900 different levels full of challenging word searches and puzzles.

The goal is simple. Help the Professor find hidden words. These words will relate to a specific topic or subject but can be found in nearly any direction. Be careful as there are some words thrown in just to trick you and some letters may be used more than once to create words. This isn't your typical word search puzzle game. Play WordWhizzle Search on Mac and PC to start helping the Professor today.

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