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Goddess Primal Chaos: Classic ARPG Fun

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There are two types of action role playing games: western and eastern. The western ones are more stylized, follow a certain theme, and have story-based missions. Diablo series on the PC is the best example to them. Eastern ARPGs, on the other hand, are more fun: They don’t have a “serious” story and rely on grinding, but they are also more colorful and filled with dozens of features that will allow you to empower your character. Goddess: Primal Chaos falls into the “eastern” category and offers old-school, Korean MMO type grinding. However, it also offers classic ARPG fun and literally, millions of players. If you are looking for a casual ARPG/MMO on mobile, this old gem may be your best option. Let’s take a closer look at the game and find out what awaits us, shall we?

Goddess Primal Chaos: Classic ARPG Fun

Picking A Class: Which One Is The Best?

Goddess: Primal Chaos includes three character archetypes: Summoner, Warrior, and Bloodline. Each one has different skills and different gameplay. You can see their main features in the list below:

  • Warrior: Melee hero, can be used as a tank and a damage dealer. He has lots of CC (crowd control) skills.
  • Summoner: Ranged hero, can be used only as a damage dealer. She can summon minions and use AOE (area of effect) skills.
  • Bloodline: Melee hero, can be used only as a damage dealer. Based on the rogue archetype and has the highest damage values on single targets.

If you are a beginner, go with Warrior: He does not have the highest damage numbers, but his health/armor points are big and can stay alive more than the other ones. This also makes him a very good choice for automatic farming/grinding. And remember that by using the BlueStacks Farm Mode, you can play with all of these characters at the same time.

Goddess Primal Chaos: Classic ARPG Fun

Basic Game Mechanics

Goddess: Primal Chaos is not an open world game, which means you don’t get to freely roam the world. It is based on hubs: These are the locations where all players come together and get quests/missions. And once you get a quest, you can teleport to it directly. In other words, Goddess: Primal Chaos is a lobby-based ARPG. Most of your time is spent in the hubs and you can hop into dungeons, challenges, raids, and other features directly from these places, there is no need to travel.

Goddess Primal Chaos: Classic ARPG Fun

Yeah, hubs are filled with other players and they are really this crowded.

This design choice is not that bad: If you want to try a dungeon, you can do it in 5 seconds. All features and challenges in the game can be accessed through the hubs and you get to meet with lots of other players – you will never feel alone.

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Goddess Primal Chaos: Classic ARPG Fun

Things you can do from a hub: Just click on any challenge and start fighting. Yeah, there is also a story but to tell the truth, nobody knows what it is about. You are the chosen one and fight against the ancient evil – that’s the only thing you need to know.

Goddess: Primal Chaos is filled with features and we are not exaggerating a bit. There are literally dozens of methods that can be used to empower your character (gems, spirits, sacrificing minions, a zodiac, enhancing your heroes with others, etc.) and even different game mods, like a DOTA map. Yes, you can even play a DOTA match in Goddess: Primal Chaos.

Goddess Primal Chaos: Classic ARPG Fun

We were not kidding – you can really play a DOTA game.

The Combat System

As can be expected, the battle system can be automatized: Just turn on the auto-battle mode on and your hero will start to fight by himself, attacking everything near him/her. Finding a specific NPC is not hard too, as the auto-battle system takes you everywhere you need to go. It is possible to further enhance this system by using BlueStacks exclusive features, as we mentioned in another article. Heroes have access to four skills at the same time, and these can be improved. In fact, you can improve everything about your hero: Its gear, skills, cosmetic look, combat power, and even the mount.

Goddess Primal Chaos: Classic ARPG Fun

Combat feels pretty satisfying: The visuals and effects look good. Four combat skills may not look that much but each one offers a different type of attack, and you get passive skills too. We will cover this topic in a separate guide, but for now, let’s mention that the combat system is the best part of the game: When you land a blow, you really feel it.

Goddess Primal Chaos: Classic ARPG Fun

Overall, Goddess: Primal Chaos includes everything and more you can expect from an Eastern ARPG/MMO. It does not look as pretty as Lineage II, but it has strong roots and offers good old fashioned grinding. We guarantee that you will never run out of something to do in the game: There will always be something new to try. Goddess: Primal Chaos can be the casual ARPG you are looking for and that’s why we prepared a lot of articles about it – don’t forget to read them too. Now if you excuse us, we have hundreds of enemies to slain: Let’s meet on BlueStacks and save the world together!

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