Goddess Primal Chaos Combat Guide: Fight Smarter, Not Harder

Goddess Primal Chaos Combat Guide: Fight Smarter,...

Killing your enemies efficiently is the most important thing in Goddess: Primal Chaos. By decreasing your TPK (time per kill) time, you can gain XP points and collect shiny loot much faster. An in order to do that, you must empower your character first: Increasing their main stats will be your first and foremost goal in this game. And in this guide, we will tell you how to do this – once you are done with reading, you will become a much more efficient fighter.

Combat Power: What Is It?

Combat Power (CP) is a figure that how powerful your character really is. It is more important than you think, because in order to access some features, the game requires you to have a minimum CP figure. For example, you won’t be able to complete the Illusion Forest dungeon before reaching 46.000 CP first. You can see the CP value of your hero anytime from the “character” menu.

And now, let’s answer the obvious question: How we can increase our CP?

Get Better Gear

Getting better gear will automatically increase your CP. Each gear has a specific CP value and upgrading to a better one will increase the basic stats of your character. New gear can be obtained from a variety of resources: Completing dungeons four times a day will award loot boxes, for example. Or, you can re-complete stages and try your chances once again, as we explained in our leveling guide.

And if you cannot find an upgrade, you can enhance your current gear too. This process requires gold every time but gold is very easy to obtain, so it won’t be a problem at all. However, we don’t recommend using this method until you hit level 100: Until this point, the game will shower you with gifts and new gear will be very easy to find, there is no need to spend gold. Save your gold until it becomes really hard to find new gear, and upgrade your current set only then in order to keep up.

Upgrade Your Mount

Like almost all other things in Goddess: Primal Chaos, your mount can be upgraded too. Doing so will increase your damage values – it won’t affect your main stats. However, increasing the damage will reduce TPK, so this will be a worthy update, especially if you are min/maxer.

Enhance Your Heroes

By heroes, we do not mean your main character. Heroes in Goddess: Primal Chaos are “helper” characters that follow you through the game and increase your main stats. Goddess: Primal Chaos also includes light gacha mechanics in this regard, because there are lots of heroes you can collect with different rarity levels. And once you obtain them, you can enhance heroes to get more combat benefits.

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The list of all helper heroes we have.

Enchanting requires Mirage Crystals, which can be obtained from dungeons and stages.

Fully upgraded heroes give lots of bonuses to our main character.

Increase Your Favor With The Goddesses

The name of the game is “goddess” for a reason: It contains lots of them. Each goddess offers a different bonus to your character and increases its main stats. For example, Anna, the Moon Goddess, will improve your attack and defense points. By gaining their favors and increasing your affection levels, you can also increase these benefits.

You need Pearl Drops to gain favor, which can be obtained from Alliance Store.

Log in every day to unlock other goddesses and gain additional bonuses.

Fuse The Right Heroes

After collecting enough helper heroes, you can “fuse” them to improve your CP and get a big defense bonus. If your line up contains Endo and Exo heroes, you will gain a synergy. This will increase your attack and defense points. But more importantly, it will give you a huge defense buff: Your main character cannot be damaged until your Exo and Endo heroes are killed.

Get Married

Do you want a constant 35% damage buff? If so, you should get married and no, we are not kidding. When both partners are online at the same time, they both gain a 35% damage buff that is effective in all dungeons and Wilds missions. Note that you don’t need to play together – being online at the same time is enough to get this buff.

And now, you are ready to unleash hell on those monsters: Go out there and show them who is the boss. If you want additional tips on efficient gameplay, make sure to read our other Goddess: Primal Chaos guides too. Let’s grind together and save the world on BlueStacks, once again!

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