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Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG Review: The “4-In-One” Mobile Game

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Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG is… We are really not sure how to complete this sentence, because the game does not belong to a single category. It is like a beautiful mess: It contains RPG, gacha, turn-based combat, and city management mechanics and somehow successfully combines all of these, which creates a mess, but it is a beautiful one. If you are looking for a truly original mobile game to play on PC, Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG will be a very good option. Let’s take a closer look at the game and find out what makes it unique, shall we?

Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG Review: The “4-In-One” Mobile Game

The Meaning Of “4-In-One”

To summarize, Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG contains four different systems:

  • The main game is played like HOMM (Heroes of Might & Magic) series,
  • The combat system is from MM (Might & Magic),
  • The city management system is just like a conquest game,
  • And there are gacha mechanics too, which gives you new units for your army.

So, yes, it is like the love child of all these different genres. Usually, combining these many systems will result in failure, but somehow Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG manages to do it.

Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG Review: The “4-In-One” Mobile Game

This is the first screen you see when you launch the game. The world map is open and you can freely roam on it. Unlike HOMM, however, the word-map is not turn-based: You can freely move without having to wait for your turn.

Basically, you get a single hero at the beginning and start to roam on the world map. First, you are asked to capture some resource posts and fight against puny bandits. Once the tutorial missions are over, you can start using your kingdom.

Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG Review: The “4-In-One” Mobile Game

The Kingdom screen. It looks exactly like HOMM 3 but works like King of Avalon: You need to construct and upgrade buildings. For these operations, you will need resources, which will come from captured resource posts.

The Kingdom screen of Dungeon and Heroes 3D RPG contains many buildings and you need to assign workers to every building: Otherwise, they won’t produce anything. You have a limited number of workers, so you need to carefully allocate between buildings. This part is a game of its own and contains mechanics similar to RTS/conquest games.

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Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG Review: The “4-In-One” Mobile Game

Wood is the most important resource at the beginning, so we will assign most of our workers to the logging camp. In the beginning, you can have 16 workers in total.

Combat mechanics Of Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG

Let’s start with the gacha part: Your army can contain up to 5 units at the same time, and we will explain how the combat mechanics work in another guide. For now, know that there are two ways of getting new units:

  • You can beat them first and add to your army,
  • You can “summon” them.

The summoning method offers you two chests, and the “golden” one may contain new unit types. Making a gold summon costs 300 gems so it is not that cheap. There is a way of making infinite summons at the beginning – we explained this in our Dungeon and Heroes 3D RPG setup article. Each unit belongs to a different class and they can be either tanks, healers, or damage dealers. Again, all of these will be explained in the combat mechanics guide.

Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG Review: The “4-In-One” Mobile Game

You can see the list of all potential rewards before a battle starts: This enemy can give us additional workers.

The battle screen itself is exactly like Might & Magic. The fight happens from your heroes’ point of view, and when it is your turn, and it is turn-based. And, to clarify, this is where the “3D” happens: The rest of the game is in 2D.

Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG Review: The “4-In-One” Mobile Game

The bar at the top shows who can attack next.

Basically, you play Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG like HOMM, fight like MM, build like King of Avalon, and summon like Idle Heroes – yes, it is truly a beautiful mess. And it also gives you that good old feeling, which makes you say “one more turn and I will go to bed”. (Spoiler: You won’t go to the bed and play until morning.) We liked what we saw and plan on playing Dungeon & Heroes 3D RPG for a while. Read our other articles about the game and join us on BlueStacks!

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