Collect The Rings, Defeat Ancient Evil, Save The World: Let’s Play Mia Online

Collect The Rings, Defeat Ancient Evil, Save...

Kill thousands of enemies, defeat the “mega” evil, empower your character, save the world: This is the main theme of all ARPGs (action role playing games). Mia Online is no exception in this regard – it uses the same mechanics and gameplay, in fact, even the same story based on “rings”. However, it has pretty good visuals and some unique features, such as card collecting. If you are eager to try a new ARPG after playing Dark III, Rings of Anarchy, and Goddess Primal Chaos; Mia Online would be a good option. Let’s play the game on BlueStacks and see what it truly offers, shall we?

Main Features: Characters Classes And Gameplay

After installing the game, you start your adventure by selecting one of the six available classes: ranger, paladin, mystic, assassin, melodist, and berserker. If you are a beginner, we recommend selecting the paladin class. It has heavy armor, high health points, and high defense. Melodist can also be a viable choice, especially if you plan on doing group events. We picked paladin because, let’s be honest, they are the definition of good looking, but the choice is up to you.

The story of Mia Online is pretty generic and based on collecting rings that are scattered in the world. Simply put, “bad guys” hold these rings and after killing enough enemies on a map, the mission for killing one of these baddies unlocks. After killing the boss of a map, you collect one of the rings and unlock additional skills for your character. There are 24 rings to collect and you can upgrade each one.

After collecting a ring, you can upgrade it and increase the stats.

The main interface of the game is similar to most other ARPGs, since they use the same menu elements. The green bar at the bottom shows how much XP points you need to collect to advance to the next level. Your skills are located at the bottom right, and quests are shown at the top left.

As can be expected, most of the game can be automated. This is a common feature that can be seen in all games that require grinding, and Mia Online is no exception. For example, if you click on the quest panel, your character automatically moves to the appropriate location. And if you click on the “auto” button, he starts to kill enemies around him, infinitely.

Press this button for auto-combat.

Legolas, is that you?

Empowering Your Hero

With each quest completed and each ring collected, your character gains XP points, as well as equipment. We will take a closer look at these mechanics in a separate guide, but for now, let’s say that everything in the game can be leveled up, including your equipment.

You can put gems to your equipment and make them more powerful.

You also get to collect cards, which is an interesting mechanic. Each chapter contains 14 cards to collect and these will further empower your heroes. Cards can be upgraded too and they have rarity levels – in this regard, Mia Online contains light gacha features.

If you have played an ARPG before, all of these will be familiar – Mia Online does not re-invent the wheel, just polishes it. And if you have not played an ARPG before, Mia Online will be a pretty good option to start. In any case, you can be sure that it contains enough content that will keep you busy for months. The game has no Pay2Win mechanics, as far as we can see, so that’s another plus. Mia Online may not be an “original” game that re-defines the genre but it sure is fun. Give it a go – BlueStacks has many features that will help you during this adventure. And to further ease your job, make sure to read our other Mia Online guides too. Good luck heroes – see you on the battlefield!

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