How To Level Fast And Efficiently In Mia Online

How To Level Fast And Efficiently In...

Like all other grind-based ARPGs, getting to the last level takes quite a long time in Mia Online. This is intentional and in fact, grinding is one of the main mechanics of the genre. And once you reach the last level, the game really “starts”: You get to join raids, high-end events, and collect the best gear. So basically, your goal in Mia Online is to reach the end level as soon as possible too. As always, there are some ways to speed up the leveling process and this is what we are going to talk about in this article: Let’s find out how to gain those precious XP points faster.

Choose The Right Class

Fast leveling starts with choosing the right class for the job. Mia Online has six classes in total, but only two of them excel at AOE (area of effect) damage. To complete quests and kill enemies faster, you will need lots and lots of AOE damage. Some classes, such as assassin and paladin, focus on single target damage. They are good for end game raids and usually have the highest damage per second values. However, during leveling, you will be facing hordes of enemies so you should prefer AOE damage instead of single target.

The best classes for this job are Mystic, Melodist, and Berserker. The first two excel at ranged combat and the last focuses on melee attacks. Since it has higher health points and does not require kiting, we recommend selecting Berserker. However, both Mystic and Melodist will be good options too, especially if you want to support your party members – Melodist is a buff machine.

Don’t Level Too Fast

Yes, this seems to be the opposite of what we are aiming for in this guide, but hear us out: At the moment, Mia Online has a “level seal” mechanic. Basically, if you reach level 90 before this seal is broken, you start to get 50% less XP. This system is put to incentivize players to level together and it will be disabled at some point. But right now, 90 is the magic number – your first and foremost goal is to reach level 90 and wait for the seal to break, in order to continue.

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Quests And Events Are The Best To Gain XP Points

All ARPGs, such as Lineage II and Goddess Primal Chaos, have an auto-combat feature. Mia Online is no exception and you can choose to kill enemies infinitely instead of doing quests to level up – this is the definition of grinding. However, the auto-combat feature of Mia Online is not as effective as the other ARPGs. Enemies start to give way less XP points once you over-level them and you need to switch between areas constantly. This eliminates the usefulness of auto-combat: You need to move your hero to a different location every 15 minutes or so.

Therefore, auto-combat is not a good option for fast leveling. And at the moment, Mia Online does not have offline leveling, so that’s not an option too. However, quests and events still give you a lot of XP points – it is even possible to gain two levels at once by completing only one quest. Your first speed leveling method is completing the quests, for this reason. Yes, we know it sounds dull, especially because the story of Mia Online is not that exciting, but still, you get the most XP points from questing. So get familiar with those NPCs: You will be interacting with them for a while. Plus, you will collect lots of cards for free by completing quests.

In addition, events are a very good way of gaining more XP points. Mia Online is basically at its launch stage now and offers lots of events to lure more players and increase its player count. If you really hate questing, you can visit the Skyladder or Trial Tower, for example, to kill enemy waves infinitely. You will be forfeiting a lot of gear and cards, but since you don’t waste time by “talking” with the enemies, this method can be much faster. We recommend completing quests and events together, if you want the fastest method.

And if you are not lucky on drops, remember that it is possible to upgrade your gear: Instead of looking for BiS (best in slot) items, you can upgrade your current gear and keep on grinding. With better gear, you get higher stats, and with higher stats, you kill your enemies much faster. So upgrade your gear every 5 levels or so.

Continue by reading our other Mia Online articles to learn more about the game: Those articles also contain lots of useful information. We believe that you are ready to level much faster now, so go out there and start grinding like there is no tomorrow. And if you see us in-game, say hello!

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