Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG – Game Review

Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG – Game...

At a first glance, Trial of Heroes: Idle RPG looks no different than the tens of other gacha games out there. You have a nice band of heroes and several places where you can farm with them. There’s a campaign map, an arena where you can match-up with other players, as well as many other game mechanics we are already very familiar with. Given so many similarities, some people might find it hard to distinguish the game from the competition.

So does Trial of Heroes bring any innovation to its niche? To a certain extent, yes. Overall, the game’s progression system is rewarding enough to be played without any real money purchases. Moreover, the developers constantly bring in new content, heroes, as well as awesome events.

Let’s dive right in!

The First Few Hours

The first couple of hours of any game are crucial. They help players form a general perspective of the game mechanics, get a feel of what it means to play, and engage with the world it envisions. So far, our experience of Trial of Heroes is thrilling. We got some of the usual rewards to be expected in one of these games, such as the chance to acquire some good starting heroes, but also plenty of materials to level them up.

However, unlike with most gacha games we’ve played so far, the tutorial ended quite soon. This raised a few eyebrows, as none of us were expecting to be out of the beginner bubble just yet. Although unforeseen, it came as a welcome surprise for us. After all, we don’t want to be handheld every step of the way. We love to explore, try new things, fight beasts left and right, and learn by playing as much as possible.

Sure, tutorials are nice from time to time, but we crave the raw feeling of interacting with a game world on our own terms – being equally punished for bad decisions and rewarded for good ones.

So far, the game has won our hearts with its straightforward, no-nonsense approach, which is why we’ve already created a guide to playing Trial of Heroes: Idle RPG on BlueStacks. The community is also incredibly helpful. If there’s nobody in chat that can answer your query, you’ll usually find someone on the game’s reddit section willing to lend a hand.

The Progression

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning, Trial of Heroes: Idle RPG has a fairly balanced progression system. Sure, you can always spend some money to get VIP and a host of additional goodies, but that does not represent us. We like to grind through, use our wits and our skill to have fun. What’s the purpose of a game if not to be a source of joy and entertainment?

Unlike with many other releases in the niche, events and rewards in Trial of Heroes give F2P players a fair shot. It helps if you’re a bit lucky and you draw a 5-star Berserker on your first heroic pull of the game. In case you don’t get something similar, don’t worry. There are plenty of opportunities to acquire some of the best heroes in the game without having to spend one cent.

Play Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG on BlueStacks

One thing you don’t want to rush into is disassembling your lower-tiered characters. This is possible via the hero altar. Our advice is, particularly if you’re a newbie and your profile is less than a day old, do not disassemble anything. You can also check out our guide to the best heroes in the game, just to make sure that you keep, upgrade, and equip powerful items on the right units.

It might seem that most 1, 2, and 3 star grunts are useless, particularly if you have stronger ones to replace them in your line-up, but they’ll soon be of great help. We promise. At level 28, you’ll unlock the Tavern, which will hand out quests on a regular basis. You want to complete as many quests as possible and get as many of these rewards as you can. Later on, when you have an abundance of characters of every rarity and race, you can start disassembling some of the fodders.

For instance, this particular quest will give us eight 4-star Darknight shards. That’s more than 20% of the materials required to summon a powerful hero with very little effort and a bit of patience.

Mastering the Game

As with many gacha games, Trial of Heroes is all about how well you spend your premium resources – in our case, diamonds –, as well as about how good you are at coming up with different strategies in terms of battle formations. With a great team that is properly arranged, you can easily beat Dark Tower levels that are way above your group’s total power.

For example, we managed to beat this 9125 group with our 7828 arrangement. It’s all about how well you set-up your units for an upcoming battle. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses definitely helps. You can find out more about this in our BlueStacks guide to the best formations for beginners.

Knowing that strategy matters is greatly rewarding when playing any game. It basically gives players the feeling that they can have a significant and outstanding impact on the state of the game without having to pay real money. This is the main reason why we find Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG so enjoyable despite it being so similar to so many games of its kind.

Plus, there is an eerie Heroes of Might and Magic feel to the home screen. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but it’s definitely there. Any developer that takes their cues from such classic hits is definitely on the right track. See if you can also spot it.

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