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Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG – Guide to Best Heroes in the Game

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

We’ve discussed Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG’s balance between p2w and f2p systems at length in our earlier review of the game. However, at its core, Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG is still a gacha game, which means that some heroes will most certainly be better than others. As such, knowing the difference between a mid-tiered and a high-tiered unit will greatly aid you in the long-run.

Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG – Guide to Best Heroes in the Game

For one, it will enable you to better invest your resources when upgrading units. Secondly, it will enable you to have a clearer picture about what else you need to include in your formation. As we mentioned in a previous article, formations are a key combat mechanic in Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG.

In what follows, we’ll start off with the absolute beasts in each faction and then we’ll give alternatives in case you’re not at godmode just yet. Settle in!


For the scourge faction, the ultimate units are as follows:

  • Tier S: Merlin, Focalor, Frost Gorilla. Our personal favorite is the Welsh mage, here envisioned as a woman. It’s not just the dev’s bold gender swap that brought it home for us. This powerhouse can hit 3 random enemies with 600% damage when fully buffed, not to even mention her high defense. She’s so good people put two or three of her in one formation. The more, the merrier.

Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG – Guide to Best Heroes in the Game

  • Tier 1: Dracula, Frost Dragon, Death Whisper. If you can’t get your hands on Merlin just yet, her Transylvanian sister, Dracula, can give your adversaries a run for their money. As you might have expected, this unit makes everyone bleed for additional damage, while buffing everyone’s hit chance, as well as her own damage on every subsequent turn.


Although this faction is not the first one that comes to mind in terms of godlike champions, they still have some strong choices if you happen to land on them as a result of a summon.

  • Tier S: Azazel, Baphomet, Abyss Lord, and Magni. Before Azazel was added, Baphomet was the go-to choice for PvE damage. However, this new demon wrecks everything with his Twining Shadow. 2000% Damage to all enemies: enough said. For PvE, you’ll definitely want to have Leraje. His Slyness gives immense value on hard bosses, but he requires a maxed out team to truly shine.

Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG – Guide to Best Heroes in the Game

  • Tier 1: Skeleton Queen and Baphomet. In PvP, Baphomet falls down here, which is why you’ll still want to keep him around. He is, after all, a Priest that greatly improves the impact of your other units with his +35% attack Cursed Mark.


As much as we love the faction, Darknight does not offer as much as the others, so their best heroes are not really godlike material. Even so, rank S Darknights are still better than any other tier 1s.

  • Tier S-: Arweil, Ancient Spirit. The latter’s CC potential is nothing short of astounding when it hits. AS’s first ability has a 35% to freeze either of your opponent’s units. If any enemies heppen to have more HP than he does, he has a 55% chance of icing them. Talk about a game-changer.

Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG – Guide to Best Heroes in the Game

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  • Tier 1: Masked Ninja, Elf Hunter, Psychic. Many considered Masked Ninja to be slightly better than this. However, experienced players often find that he falls off by comparison to the S-tier here. The main reason for this is that he often has to be paired up with other assassins in order to truly shine.


Much like the Darknights, Humans don’t count themselves among the pool of best units in the game. We wouldn’t exactly discard them, but if you want to top those leaderboards, you’ll have to find better solutions. The devs tried to give them a bit of oomph with Cassandra, but nobody really uses her.

  • Tier S-: Eugene and Sorceress. It might not seem like much, but Eugene’s immunity to an attack for two rounds can be really impactful if used properly. When paired up with the right support, his Aggression can get him to hit bosses even with 1000% bonus damage.

Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG – Guide to Best Heroes in the Game

  • Tier 1: Dragon Hunter and Imperial Defender. The latter is a great tank, not so much for his ability to completely silence the frontline – which is always nice – but more so because he is immune to bleeding, burn, poison, and wound effects.


As expected, you’ll find some of the best PvE and PvP heroes here and in the Light section.

  • Tier S: Erebus and Axemaster. These two have been topping the charts for some time now. They’re so good people are fantasizing about them on the Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG official discord channel. How can they not when Axemaster’s Howl from Hell poisons three units, making them take over 100% extra damage each round, and recovers HP for 200% of his attack value?

Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG – Guide to Best Heroes in the Game

  • Tier 1: Hell Guard and Chaos. The latter was just introduced and, although we figure he might be a bit better than Tier 1, he is still slightly under the best heroes from this faction. If you get him, keep him around for some formation buffs. It’ll be worth it.


Last, but definitely not least, these heroes are on par with Shadow ones. It’s a matter of preference, really. Well, that and whether you have the actual luck to get any of these in your draws.

  • Tier S: Light Ranger and Victoria. As a mage, Victoria has the reputation of dealing with the highest damage in the game. She only becomes stronger when CCed due to her Will to Win. If there’s someone that deserves to be on the Godlike list, it’s her.

Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG – Guide to Best Heroes in the Game

  • Tier 1: Paladin. When you can’t really get your hands on either of the two above, the Pala will get the job done. His Lease of Life will consistently heal your party when you need it the most, making sure your survivability is through the roof. Don’t worry if your units don’t have high crit as a thing, he’ll give them 30% damage and 30% crit with his Sacred Downpour. We did say he’s strong.

Trials of Heroes: Idle RPG – Guide to Best Heroes in the Game

Although we’re still testing Azazel out to see how he compares with the others, we wouldn’t rush to sell units for him just yet. He might dish out truckloads of damage but, as high-tiered players inevitably know, this is not everything that counts in the endgame. In fact, a balance between DPS and survivability is what usually gets the job done.

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