BlueStacks now supports Gamepads – Here’s how to get Started

BlueStacks now supports Gamepads – Here’s how...

We at BlueStacks have always taken it in our stride to provide the best gameplay experience to our users while playing android games on PC, thus not letting the mobile platform limit their performance in the games they play.  No matter which game you are playing, you can control it with a keyboard and mouse: The freedom it brings makes you enjoy the games even more. Our latest update takes this freedom a step further: Now, you can use your gamepad to play Android games on PC.

Yes, we are talking about the gamepads you already use on your computer and consoles. Android games are extremely suitable for this control tool and using a gamepad allows you to get a more relaxed and enjoyable gaming experience. You no longer have to sit at your computer when using BlueStacks: Connect your PC to a big screen TV, sit on a comfortable chair, and start playing the games with your gamepad – it will be just like playing on a console. So, how can you do this and what does our gamepad support include? We’ve chosen the Brawl Stars game to tell you about this new feature: Below, you will find detailed information about how to play and configure this game with a gamepad. Please note that these explanations apply to all Android games that support gamepads.

Setup literally takes only a couple of Seconds

Launch BlueStacks as you always do and plug your gamepad into the USB port of your computer. BlueStacks will display a notification that it has recognized the new control tool. After that, all you have to do is choose one of the games that support the gamepad mode. If you see a tiny gamepad symbol under a game icon, you can play that game with your new control device. We’re rapidly increasing the number of games with this support, so don’t forget to check this list frequently.

We’re talking about this tiny little symbol. It will be displayed not only for your installed games, but for all games. So if you search for a game and you see this symbol in the results, it means that the game can be played with a gamepad.

Double-click on the Brawl Stars icon and start the game. You do not have to use your mouse to do this: You can activate the “mouse mode” by pressing the “Start” button on your gamepad. Doing so will release the mouse cursor. You can then move the cursor with the analog sticks and simulate a left click by pressing the “A” key. This feature allows you to continue to use your gamepad, even in games where you need to make “clicks” – so you can even play an RTS game, for example.

Play Brawl Stars on BlueStacks

Now we’re ready to play Brawl Stars and this will be easier than you think: The default controls will allow you to start playing with your new gamepad without changing a thing. You don’t have to navigate between the menus and waste minutes just to set up your new control tool: You can start playing all of the gamepad supported games in just a few seconds, BlueStacks will automatically apply all of the necessary settings.

Default Gamepad Controls And How To Change Them

First, let’s take a look at the Brawl Stars’ default gamepad control scheme. You can start playing the game with the following keys:

Left Stick Movement
Left Button Quick Attack (Nearest Enemy)
Right Stick Normal Attack (Aim & Shoot)
Right Trigger + Right Stick Super Attack (Aim & Shoot)
X Super Attack (Nearest Enemy)

Looks easy, doesn’t it? Indeed it is: Gamepad sticks are capable of 360-degree movement, so you’re not limited to just 8 directions, like a D-Pad. In other words, the movement is much more fluid and easier – we can easily say that it is much more comfortable than using the keyboard keys. Brawl Stars already looks like a game developed to play with a gamepad: The 360-degree movement boosts your control over your character and shortens your response time. We can easily say that you will be faster than keyboard users. Move with the left stick, use four buttons to switch between the fire modes: You are ready for a Brawl Stars marathon that will last for hours.

If you want to change the default controls for any reason, you can do so easily. Start by pressing the “Select” key.

Remember to click the “save” button after you have assigned the new keys. To do this, you can release the mouse cursor as described above.

It takes only a few minutes to change the control scheme: You can set any keys you wish, and you can assign a specific key combination to a function. For example, you can fire with X key, and use RT + X keys to activate your special attack. Your options are literally unlimited: With the help of modifier keys, you can control all the functions in a game with your gamepad.

Gamepad support is just one of the innovations we are proud of, and you can be sure that we will continue to develop features that will make life easier for our players. BlueStacks is not just an Android emulator, it’s a real Android gaming platform: You can turn your computer into a console at any time or enjoy competitive FPS games using a keyboard and mouse. Play as you like: You can be sure that BlueStacks has a feature that will make your job easier! What are you waiting for, plug in those gamepads and start Brawling. Don’t forget to share your experience and suggestions with us in the comments section.

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