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Top 10 Adventure Games for Android (FREE to Play) 2021

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  1. Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games
  3. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion: Adventure RPG
  4. Shadow of Death: 2
  5. Alto’s Adventure
  6. Guardian Tales
  7. Oddmar
  8. Rusty Lake or Cube Escape Series
  9. Sky: Children of the Light
  10. 80 Days

We all love adventures and the series of thrilling events that they bring along with them. But going on an adventure is a tough task these days due to the busy city life and hectic schedule. But don’t you worry, we have got you covered with a list of the best adventure games for Android. These games are sure to give you the thrill you are missing in your life and make you feel good. Get the best experience of playing these awesome games with the best settings and big screen on your PC with the help of BlueStacks, the best emulator out there. Download these now and get ready for the adventures that are all set to unwind in front of you.

1. Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games (Free)

Playing Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games on your day off might sound like the best holiday ever.  In this game, you are sent to wild and crazy places around the globe and confront several different enemies in this new hot first shooter. The war for supremacy continues and rages all around, so you’re in demand with your ambushing skill sets. 

Top 10 Adventure Games for Android (FREE to Play) 2021

It’s simple to set up controls, but taking snipers from all over the world is another story. Upgrade and customize a variety of weapons to improve the accuracy and fatality of your shots while combating other players, drones, and even the undead, yes you heard us right, we got zombies in this game. Cover Fire is surely the future of modern battles. Play Cover Fire on PC at its best settings with BlueStacks.


Mortal Kombat X will bring back your memories of your childhood with its intriguing storyline and merciless battles. The characters are animations are good as anything you have ever seen, with an eye for detail, ensuring not to miss out on the realistic movement. This is particularly noteworthy because of how famous the game was in the previous decades, now the Shaolin Tournament has taken its way for the Android devices after its breathtaking success on console.

Top 10 Adventure Games for Android (FREE to Play) 2021

Mortal Kombat X is a great addition to the fighting games on Android. It not only has outstanding features and amazing visuals but also an appeal to the audience who were in love with it in their childhood, while giving it a modern touch. The gameplay is quite the same, clinging to that nostalgic value, sharing goosebumps down your spine.

Users can also choose to fight against other characters of similar skill using characters such as Reptile, Johnny Cage, Kitana, Smoke and who can forget Scorpion and Sub-Zero. In other challenges, your characters gain experience, and you can progressively even upgrade them. You can also upgrade multiple characters to form an initial squad for the tournament mode. Mortal Kombat X on PC also presents the options to unlock characters in the form of cards.

3. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion: Adventure RPG (Free)

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is a wonderful mix of Strategy and RPG, with lots of missions, wonderful graphics, and loads and loads of characters. A thrilling title which the fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise will especially appreciate.

Top 10 Adventure Games for Android (FREE to Play) 2021

The game normally starts from trying to get rid of everyone to steal an artifact with specific objectives in every mission. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion on PC gives you a great feel as every other person has unique abilities and characteristics, and each level can be finished in several different ways. For instance, you can sneak silently past some guards, or just go up to them and beat them to death. It is your choice to determine how every mission is to be completed. The best part about the game is the teeny-tiny characters present in it.

The character designs are not on the realistic side as compared to the previous versions of the franchise but more akin to a LEGO-like version, which makes the game more fun to play. You might not find even the killing of soldiers as gory or horrendous but rather cute. However, the gameplay is nice and you would love to be a part of the rebellion. It’s time to expand the brotherhood and free your motherland from the shackles of slavery.

4. Shadow of Death: 2 (Free)

Shadow of Death 2 is a fantastic role-playing action game. Controls are ideal in this game especially for the movement of characters and customizable settings. In the game, you will experience enemies from all around the world and equipment that you have never seen before. The graphics are also a treat for avid game players.

Top 10 Adventure Games for Android (FREE to Play) 2021

In Shadow of Death 2 on PC, there are over 50 different plagues of monsters with very high difficulty levels, ensuring to give you a challenge while you thrash each of them out. There are different leaders at some of these levels whose power and strength test everything you have.

Players can move their character by sprinting them through alleys, ducking from the enemy attacks, and using tonnes of attacks to give them a good beating, but wait there’s more, you have various special skills which you could use from time to time when you go berserk.   You can improve your abilities and buy new armor and weapons while you are upgrading and winning over enemies. 

5. Alto’s Adventure (Free)

As the name of the game itself suggests the characteristics, giving you a chance to meet Alto along with his friends on an amazing journey of snowboarding. Travel through the most beautiful and blissful mountains and the nearby towns and villages. Also, visit the ancient forests and the ruins of the old countryside by moving through them.

Top 10 Adventure Games for Android (FREE to Play) 2021

Moving further in Alto’s Adventure, you will have to save yourself through rushing flames, rattle towers, and buildings, jumping over terrifying chasms, and other fascinating things. The elements are always changing and nothing is fixed and constant in Alto’s Adventure on PC except the fun. 

6. Guardian Tales (Free)

If you are on a hunt to play one of the best retro-styled games with simple controls, then Guardian Tales is a game for you. The game is filled with hack-and-slash playing techniques while treating the retro-loving kid inside you. The game is sure to bring back memories and give you a good treat for the amount you will spend on it. The game allows the player to progress by solving different puzzles and uncovering the mystery around the land.

Top 10 Adventure Games for Android (FREE to Play) 2021

You could kill enemies in a flashy 90s manner and build your castle to reach the top-tiers. The game also challenges you by bringing in boss fights to test your progress between levels. The overall storyline of Guardian Tales on PC is also good, making it all the way more interesting. You can also chat with the other players in the game by joining the same guild. This will help you improve your social circle and give you a great experience when you play it on a big screen of your PC using BlueStacks as an emulator. 

7. Oddmar (Free)

All hail to Odin! In Oddmar you play as a Viking, who is on a quest to remove the disgrace he has caused to his bloodline and restore the lost honor. This is where your adventure begins and what might come in your way to achieve your quest is still unknown. 

Top 10 Adventure Games for Android (FREE to Play) 2021

The gameplay is as smooth as silk and controls are simple. The game would be a treat for the Mario Bros fans, as the gameplay will bring back some memories due to the similarity between the two. But this game pushes everything to a new level bringing a good challenge for the players. Moreover, Oddmar on PC is not strictly online and you could play it without any internet connection when you have all the data for the game. The game is not as long as Mario Bros and contains around 24 levels, each of which is playable again, giving you to enjoy the game again when you feel like it. 

8. Rusty Lake Series (Play for 2.99 $ to 3.99 $)

Rusty Lake has been a fan favorite for a long-time for the mystery-adventure vibes the game series brings to the table. The game series is a real mystery that brings out your skill as a player by making you solve puzzles to progress. The series contains some of the best games including, Rusty Lake: Hotel, Rusty Lake: Root, Rusty Lake Paradise and many more. 

Top 10 Adventure Games for Android (FREE to Play) 2021

The great part about the game series is that it brings simple controls and easy-to-learn mechanics, helping even the absolute beginners to play it without having any problem. Each time you solve a puzzle, you will move further in the game and hence escape the dreaded situation you are in. The game series is like a heaven for the people who hate in-app purchases. Rusty Lake series on PC is free of in-app purchases and you can play the game without spending any money after you have bought it for the initial prices for the different games of the series. Enjoy the different games from the series in their absolute best form on BlueStacks on your PC.

9. Sky: Children of the Light (Free to Play)

Calmness or tranquillity is the word we would use to describe the feeling we experienced when we played Sky: Children of the Light. The game is brimming with everything you need for a good adventure game, be it a great soundtrack, nice graphics, or a fun-filled story. Explore the seven worlds of the game, while chatting with the other players.

Top 10 Adventure Games for Android (FREE to Play) 2021

Move in the dreamlike world of this awesome game and find what happened to the ancient kingdom which once stood great in these lands. The game is much loved by the audience because of the social element it brings to the table. You could play the game with your friends while being at your house, which is quite important during these times. Download Sky: Children of the Light on PC using BlueStacks and explore a world full of wonders.

10. 80 Days (Play For 5.99 $)

Have you read the famous novel, Around the World in 80 Days? If yes, good. If no, there is something we could do to help you. Now don’t read the story, but live the same in this spectacular game named 80 Days. The game is a great way to learn the story written by Julius Verne. 

Top 10 Adventure Games for Android (FREE to Play) 2021

In 80 Days on PC, you take the role of an assistant named Jean Passepartout, who is a partner to Phileas Fogg, the man who took the challenge to visit the globe in 80 days. You need to help him in this adventure and note down the events that take place in the journey. Help Phileas to catch different vehicles to move as fast as you could around the globe and reach the finish point before the time runs out. You could also compete with other teams, who are trying to race against you to go around the globe as fast as possible. Race around the different parts of the world in this adventure-filled trip. 

These are some of the best adventure Android games that you could play on your PC. These games will always keep you on the edge of your seats and make serotonin run through your veins. Play them on your PC with BlueStacks, the best emulator for playing Android and iOS games.

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