1. Town of Salem
  2. Hide Online – Hunters vs Props
  3. Granny’s House
  4. Betrayal.io
  5. Hello Neighbor
  6. Suspects: Mystery Mansion
  7. Triple Agent
  8. Similo: The Card Game

Innersloth’s Among Us has become incredibly popular over the pandemic. It was a good way for people to have fun together despite being under lockdown. Apart from the multiplayer aspect of it though, Among Us on PC has a lot to offer as a game, and these different aspects are a large reason that it blew up as much as it did. The mystery aspect of the game is great, as is the excitement and confusion that arises every time a dead body is found and players debate about who the killer might be. Another interesting component is the stealth that one must have as an imposter, trying to kill as many people as possible without getting caught. Finally, there’s the horror aspect of the game. Now, this may seem a little absurd. Among Us? Horror? But think about it. You’re playing a game about a crew of people in a spaceship in outer space, and one of the crew members is hell-bent on eliminating as many people inside the ship as possible, and this imposter could be anyone inside the ship. That sounds horrifying to some degree.

All these different aspects make Among Us what it is. In this article, we’re going to list out 8 games that are similar to Among Us in any of these various respects, and that you may enjoy playing if you enjoyed Among Us.

1. Town of Salem (Free)

The first game on our list of games like Among Us, Town of Salem started as a browser-based multiplayer strategy game that was released for Android and iOS in 2018. Bringing to mobile and PC the popular social-strategy game called Werewolf, Town of Salem is a game based on deduction, manipulation, and strategy, in which players are divided into three different factions, namely- Town, Mafia, and Neutral.

Top Android Games Like Among Us

The Town and Neutral factions consist of the larger uninformed majority, who know only their own role and nobody else’s. Players from the “Town” faction aren’t aware of other members who are in their faction either. The players in the “Town” faction, must try to deduce which players are from the “Mafia” faction, and lynch them accordingly, in order to save the town from being captured by the Mafia. 

The Mafia, on the other hand, is the informed minority, who know the members of their faction and must connivingly manipulate the Town faction and the Neutral faction to lynch the wrong people so that players from the Mafia faction outnumber everyone else at the end of the game and take over the town. 

Top Android Games Like Among Us

The Neutrals play an interesting role since their objective does not align with either the Town faction or the Mafia faction. Their objectives may occasionally align with a particular faction in some way, but it depends on which Neutral role a player finds themselves playing. For example, the role of Serial Killer is a Neutral role, and their objective is to kill both Mafia and Townspeople in the night. Since the Townspeople make up the majority, it is more likely that the Serial Killer will end up killing more people from the “Town” faction, rather than the “Mafia” faction. On the other hand, the role of Jester, which is also a Neutral role, has the objective of getting themselves lynched or killed under any condition, which helps out the “Mafia” faction since Neutrals are also counted in the uninformed majority.

While the game isn’t known for its graphics or visuals, it retains its old-school charm even after having been ported for mobile. An incredibly enticing and exciting game, you will love Town of Salem if you’re a fan of Among Us.

With over one million downloads, Town of Salem is rated 3.2 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

2. Hide Online – Hunters vs Props (Free)

Released in 2018 by HitRock Games, Hide Online – Hunters vs Props is a game that blends strategy and action and makes for a game that any fan of Among Us would love. One of the most enticing and thrilling aspects of Among Us is not knowing who the imposter is and when or how you might get killed as you try to finish all your tasks. With Hide Online, instead of being divided into Imposters and Crewmates, users get divided into Hunters and Props, with the Props trying their best not to be found, while the Hunters try their hardest to figure out where the Props are. The game takes place in various settings, such as inside a cafe or in an office, and within such settings, the Props must try to blend into their surroundings as much as possible to not be found by the Hunters. So, if the setting is an office space, the players who have been assigned the role of Props may turn themselves into a cup of tea or coffee that is sitting on the table in the office, or into an armchair that sits beside the table, or even a photo frame that hangs on the wall. In this way, the Props must try to be as inconspicuous as possible to avoid being found by the Hunters.

Top Android Games Like Among Us

The Hunters, on the other hand, must try to find wherever the Props are hidden in any given setting, and they can do so by shooting at the objects they find to be suspicious or out of place. So, if in the same office space setting the Hunter finds a football or a helmet placed weirdly in some corner of the room, they can shoot at it to find out if it is indeed just another object or a Prop trying to hide from the Hunters.

Top Android Games Like Among Us

The game begins with a short tutorial that explains all the basics necessary for you to begin playing it, such as the premise and the controls. The visuals are bright and fun, and every single object blends into its surroundings really well, which makes it less obvious where the Props are hidden. So, enjoy the battle by becoming Hunters and Props by playing Hide Online – Hunters vs Props on PC with BlueStacks.

With over fifty million downloads, Hide Online- Hunters vs Props is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

3. Granny’s House (Free)

Subliminal horror is an undeniable part of Among Us. While the game as a whole may be very lighthearted and fun, situations, where you’re alone in an area of the map with another player who seems to be following you, get your heart racing and leave you with a sense of anxiety. Granny’s House, released by SUPERCAT, takes this sense of dread and heightens it a hundredfold since the game is an all-out horror game that cuts no corners when it comes to scaring its audience. What is even more interesting about Granny’s House is that it is actually an online game of tag, but is simply set in a horror setting. In a town somewhere, a rumor is quickly spreading that there lives somewhere a Granny who has been kidnapping children. You and your friends play the part of these kidnapped children and must escape Granny’s House as fast as you can. If you are caught by Granny, however, you must take her side and hunt down all who remain and are trying to escape. 

Top Android Games Like Among Us

This is not the only way to play the game though. You have several other modes such as the Story Mode which takes you into the history of the house and its owner, the titular Granny, and why and how she began kidnapping children in the first place. You can also play Survivor mode, in which you must try to escape from Granny’s clutches for as long as possible, or you can play the PvP mode with your friends in which one can either play the Survivor or the Pursuer. There is also the Infection Mode, in which Pursuers and Survivors are randomly selected, and each time a Pursuer catches a Survivor their roles are switched. Along with these, there are several other modes for you to play, such as the Ignition Mode, Occupation Mode, Craft Mode, and the Red Light Green Light Mode, all of which are incredibly fun and equally scary.

Top Android Games Like Among Us

The game’s graphics and sound design are both incredible, and the game wouldn’t be what it is if either department slacked off a little. From jumpscares to hair-raising laughter from Granny herself, the audio-visual aspect of the game turns the scare level up by quite a lot and makes the game incredibly fun and exciting to play. Multiplayer mode allows up to 8 users to play together, and you can also collect characters and dress them up as you like. Try playing Granny’s House on PC by using BlueStacks Android emulator for an immersive experience on bigger screen.

With over ten million downloads, Granny’s House is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

4. Betrayal.io (Free)

If you’re looking for a game that closely resembles Among Us, with only minor changes and additions, End Game Interactive’s Betrayal.io is the game for you. Mirroring the setting of a spaceship in which the crewmates have an imposter amongst them (except in this game the imposter is termed betrayer), Betrayal.io also adds some interesting twists into the game that makes it slightly different from Among Us. First amongst these differences is the addition of a few other roles apart from that of crewmate and betrayer. While crewmates try their best to finish their tasks and not get killed or ejected from the game, and betrayers try their hardest to kill crewmates and disrupt their tasks, roles such as Jesters and Sheriffs spice up the gameplay and add another aspect to the game. The role of the Jester is simple yet confusing; the user who plays the Jester must try their hardest to get themselves eliminated from the game. This can be done outrightly, by saying that they’re the Jester, which of course is not very fun, or it can be done in subtle ways, by hanging around dead bodies to make it seem like they’re the betrayer or other such tricks. The user who plays the Sheriff has a very important role to play in the game. They must eliminate the betrayer as fast as they can, but they must be careful when doing so since accidentally eliminating a crewmate instead of a betrayer would mean that the Sheriff also gets eliminated.

Top Android Games Like Among Us

Apart from these changes in roles, Betrayer.io also adds an additional game mode known as the Hide and Seek mode, in which crewmates are not only hunted by betrayers but also by a monster that is roaming the aisles of the spaceship. The gameplay is simple and easy to learn especially if you’ve already played Among Us. The graphics are bright and fun, and you can customize your (human) characters as much as you like.

Top Android Games Like Among Us

With over one million downloads, Betrayal.io is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

5. Hello Neighbor (Free)

Released by tinyBuild for Android in 2018, Hello Neighbor is stealth and survival-based horror game which sees Nicky Roth, played by the user, breaking into the house of his neighbor known as Mr. Peterson, after Nicky witnesses Mr. Peterson locking someone up in his basement. The game is divided into four acts, Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, and Act Finale. The first act takes place when Nicky is a child and is curious as to who exactly is locked up in Mr. Peterson’s basement and why. To find out, Nicky breaks into his home and goes down into Mr. Peterson’s basement to find that it has been converted into a dungeon, but with no signs of a prisoner. Nicky is then found by Mr. Peterson who proceeds to lock him up in the dungeon, and Nicky must somehow escape and return back to his house. Act 2 takes place when Nicky is an adult and returns to his family home after having been evicted. It is suggested as one plays the game that Act 3 and Act Finale both take place in Nicky’s head and not in real life, and are in a way Nicky’s coping mechanism in order for him to come to terms with his imprisonment in Mr. Peterson’s basement in his childhood.

Top Android Games Like Among Us

Hello Neighbor’s gameplay involves solving several puzzles in order to collect the items necessary for doing things such as unlocking Mr. Peterson’s basement. The user must maintain stealth in order to not be noticed by Mr. Peterson, and in case they are noticed, must escape him somehow or the other, lest they be caught and imprisoned. In Acts 1 and 2, every time the user is caught, the game shows Nicky having nightmares in which Mr. Peterson’s dark past is revealed, showing the user how he got to where he is and who exactly he is keeping locked in his basement. The game’s AI also makes note of your moves every time you try to break into the neighbor’s house and are unsuccessful and sets up traps in those specific areas so that you can’t follow the same pattern every time you attempt to break-in. The game has been praised for its storyline as well as its unique art style, both of which make it an incredibly interesting and fun to play escape and stealth game. So, play Hello Neighbor’s on PC with your family and friends on the big screen with your favorite combination of mouse and keyboard. 

Top Android Games Like Among Us

With over ten million downloads, Hello Neighbor is rated 3.9 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

6. Suspects: Mystery Mansion (Free)

Another game that is very similar to Among Us in the way it functions is Suspects: Mystery Mansion, released by Wildlife Studios in 2021. Instead of taking place in a spaceship, Suspects takes place in an old mansion. The game requires at least four people to play at once and can have up to ten people in one match. The roles assigned to players in this game are one of three: you are either a Guest, whose main objective is to finish all of the various tasks assigned to them, or an Inspector, who must use their deduction skills as well as other features given to them by the game, such as the scanning feature, to figure out who the assassin is and to then convince everyone to vote the assassin out. The Assassin is the final role in the game, and as one may have guessed, their job is to take out as many Guests as possible, as stealthily as possible, before getting caught and voted out.

Top Android Games Like Among Us

The game functions in the form of rounds, and after each round there is a voting session, which is aided by the game’s native voice chat feature, and someone is kicked out by the group’s decision. This means that you no longer have to use third-party applications and websites in order to be able to voice chat while playing such a game, Suspects already has you covered. You can choose to play with your friends, or you can be matched with other players online who are close to your skill level, as assigned to every user by the game. The character models in the game are all animal-based, and the entire aesthetic of the game is very cute and cozy, making for an excellent gaming experience, especially if you’re playing with family or friends. The game is also always under development, and new maps, features, and tasks are being added to the game with every update. So, play Suspects: Mystery Mansion on PC and have a fun time with your gaming buddies using BlueStacks with its Macros feature to record a combination and recall it with a single keystroke.

Top Android Games Like Among Us

With over ten million downloads, Suspects: Mystery Mansion is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

7. Triple Agent (Free)

Triple Agent by Tasty Rook is a board game for your phone that is excellent for parties that have the potential to get boring. The game is very obviously influenced by other social deception board games such as Werewolves or Secret Hitler, but by bringing the game to a mobile app, Tasty Rook has unlocked a new section of users. Triple Agent can be played between 4 to 9 players, and the game sees you being part either of the Agency (or the good guys) or the V.I.R.U.S (or the bad guys). The task is simple. As the device is passed around, the different players get to know their roles and they try to play the rest of the game in order to make sure their team wins. The game also introduces some curveballs in terms of role reversals or changes in objective. For example, during the Operation phase of the game, in which players get to go on different missions, the game might reveal to Player X that their role has been switched with that of Player Y, or the game might tell you that the only way for you to win is if you get Player Z eliminated from the game. In this way, Triple Agent breaks away from the monotony and keeps the game from being boring.

Top Android Games Like Among Us

The game’s design is three-color based and is pleasing to look at. There’s not much else apart from the game itself that demands your attention, even in terms of sound design. It is only when the timer comes on that you realize how crucial sound design was to this game, though, since it adds an additional layer of anxiety as you’re trying to play the round and make the best and most informed decision.

Top Android Games Like Among Us

With over five hundred thousand downloads, Triple Agent is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

8. Similo: The Card Game ($1.99)

One of the most important aspects of Among Us is figuring out who the Imposter is once a meeting is called. Tensions are high, and each player is accusing each other of being the Imposter and giving reasons as to why they think this. It is only after careful deliberation over each other’s arguments that a decision is reached and it is decided that a particular player will be kicked out. This atmosphere and the skills of deduction required in it are replicated in Similo: The Card Game, released in 2020 by Horrible Guild. An extremely underrated game, Similo is sure to become very popular in the coming years simply because of the game’s premise, its gameplay, and the wonderful artwork that makes up the game.

Top Android Games Like Among Us

A 2-player game, Similo is a game of identification and deduction, in which one player picks up a card on which will either be a historical figure, a fictional character, or an animal, based on which deck you play with, and the entire game is spent on helping the other player figure out which card the first player picked up. This is done by placing the card amidst 11 other cards. Player one, the one who picked up the card, must now also pick up 5 new cards, and, one by one, place each one on the table and tell Player 2, the one guessing, whether this new card is in any way similar or different to the original card they picked. For example, if the original card was Abraham Lincoln, and the first of the 5 new cards is Marie Curie, Player One is most likely going to say that there is no similarity between the two, helping Player 2 eliminate one card that they think is most likely to not be the original card, such as a card that has a man on it, or another US President. While this description sounds confusing, it is incredibly easy to grasp once you play the game.

Top Android Games Like Among Us

The artwork for all of the cards is incredibly beautiful, and so is the overall look and feel of the game. The three different decks make the game a lot more fun and add a lot of variety since you can also mix these three decks in different ways.

With over one thousand downloads, Similo: The Card Game is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars.