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Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

  1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  2. Monument Valley
  3. Reigns: Her Majesty
  4. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
  5. Crashlands
  6. Assassin’s Creed Identity
  7. Stardew Valley
  8. Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder
  9. Vectronom
  10. Suzy Cube

Buying video games for mobile phones seems like a waste of money to a lot of people. When asked why this is, the usual line of reasoning is that a phone doesn’t provide the same experience as a PC or a console, so what’s the need of spending money? While to some extent this argument is correct – mobile phones cannot replicate the experience of a PC or console for various reasons such as inadequate specifications, controller support, small screen, etc. – there is another side to mobile games that is often ignored, which is the fact that they provide a unique experience to the user because of the fact that these games have been optimized for mobile devices. The same way a mobile phone can’t replicate the experience of a PC or console, the reverse is also true, and it is for this reason that buying high-quality games that you will have a good time playing is a great option for anyone that doesn’t want to spend hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars on buying a new PC or console.

Mobile gaming is also excellent for those who do not have the time to sit down for a few hours and play a video game but enjoy gaming all the same. Others still may be always on the move and can’t lug around with them a heavy console everywhere. If you fall into either of these two categories, mobile gaming may be for you. Now you may be asking, why not just play the millions of free games available on the App Store and Google Play Store if mobile gaming is the way to go? Well, you certainly can, and some of the best games available right now are free of cost, but most of them do come with in-app purchases and/or ads, which cheapens the experience of playing a video game since it gives you the impression that you can pay your way into victory. When you buy a video game and not the in-game currency, you know that every victory is earned by you. It also helps that purchased games don’t have ads, nor do they have constant reminders to buy the in-app purchases available in-game, both of which are things, most people would agree, that we can do without.

In this article, we’ll be listing the 10 best Android games that are worth buying. The list is a mix of genres, with many games not resembling each other in any way, but the common thread that runs between all of them is that you will not regret spending a single penny if you purchase these games.

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ($6.99)

Grand Theft Auto, or GTA for short, is one of the most well-known and best-selling video game franchises of all time, and GTA: San Andreas is a very big part of that. Originally released by Rockstar Games in October 2004 for the PlayStation 2, it is one of the best-selling games of the franchise, with an estimated 27.5 million copies sold worldwide according to a 2011 report. For this reason, it is safe to assume that most gamers have at least heard of the game and know what it’s about if they haven’t played it already. For those who don’t know, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an open-world action-adventure game that follows Carl, or CJ as he is better known, an ex-gang member who comes back to the state of San Andreas after the murder of his mother in a drive-by shooting. At the funeral, he meets his old friends, all members of gang families, called the Grover Street Families, and he realizes that all the Grover Street Families have lost the influence they once had over the city. CJ stays back in San Andreas until the issues of the gang are resolved, while also vowing to avenge the murder of his mother.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

The game is completely open-world, and the plotline progresses based on missions, so you are free to roam around the San Andreas, and the three cities contained within it, Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. The environment for each city is different, since they are all based on real-life cities, and you can cruise around the State in different vehicles including cars, bikes, bicycles, helicopters, etc. The game also has a good collection of weapons for you to choose from, including various rifles, sub-machine guns, pistols, shotguns, and more. The game works in essentially the same way as it did for the original PS2 version, except that the graphics have been improved to suit the new displays, and the controls of the game have been adapted to touch screen for smooth gameplay.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

A large aspect of the game, as the name of the franchise may suggest, is stealing cars, killing people, and just being a general menace to society. You have the ability to stop vehicles, pull people out of their cars, and then drive off, but this, and all the other crimes you commit, come at a cost: being chased by the police. The police are an important aspect of all GTA games, and San Andreas is no different. Committing crimes leads to you gaining Wanted stars, with one star being the lowest, where you’re only being chased by a couple of cop cars, and five stars being the highest, where you’re being chased by an entourage of police vehicles, helicopters, bikes, etc. and are being shot at from every direction. Evading the police by driving as fast and hard as you can is your best bet.

All in all, GTA: San Andreas on Android gives you the same feeling it once did on a console or PC. The story is still just as gripping, the cities still extremely fun to explore and drive around in, and the gameplay still just as enjoyable.

With over one million downloads, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is rated 3.4 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

2. Monument Valley ($3.99)

An indie puzzle game, Monument Valley was developed by Ustwo Games and released in early 2014 for both Android and iOS. The game follows Ida, a princess on a quest for forgiveness, who must adventure through abandoned old buildings and monuments in order to place a geometrical structure on top of each of them in order to continue with her quest. The monuments are shaped in ways that are physically impossible, and the game relies heavily on optical illusions, which it calls “sacred geometry”, to build the monuments that Ida must travel through. The game has ten levels, which has been a point of critique by some users, who would’ve liked to see more levels in the game, but all ten levels are wonderfully crafted, and each has a unique aesthetic and feel to it, with the amount of time and effort spent on creating these levels being amply evident upon playing.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

As you move forward in the game you are introduced to Totem, who is an obelisk-esque creature, and also the Crow people, who block your path and keep you from moving in a certain direction. The way the game is played is that the user must interact with the monuments in different ways to find passages for Ida to pass through and venture on into the next level. These interactions include creating bridges, moving pillars, and platforms, etc. The game is presented to the user from an isometric point of view, and each level has a different central mechanism that the user must follow in order to complete the level. The game is very intuitive in its movement. To move Ida you must simply tap on the area where you want her to go, and she will move accordingly if possible. Of course, there are areas closed off, or those blocked by the crow people, but most areas are open for exploration. Ida also learns new moves as you progress through the levels, such as walking sideways, and her story becomes clearer too once you begin traveling through the monuments.

An interesting element of the game is that there are no competition indicators, as such, present in the game. Things such as an in-game currency, or a timer to mark how fast you’ve cleared a level, are all absent from Monument Valley, and this adds to the overall calm and relaxed aura of the game. The developers clearly wanted to create a game that people take their time with and don’t worry about finishing as fast as possible, which would inevitably take from the game’s beauty.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

Developed over a ten-month period, the game’s design was inspired by several different art forms, including prints, paintings, and other video games. The game’s art style is very reminiscent of minimalist prints and paintings, and games such as Windosill and Fez. The graphics are incredible to look at, and the gameplay feels smooth and intuitive, with a basic tutorial being enough to help you understand how the game works. The sound design for Monument Valley is exceptional as well and complements the way the game looks, moves, and feels.

With over one million downloads, Monument Valley is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

3. Reigns: Her Majesty ($2.99)

Reigns: Her Majesty is a premium strategy game developed by Nerial and published by Devolver Digital. The standalone sequel to its predecessor, Reigns, Reigns: Her Majesty inculcates the best of both old and new, keeping all that worked from the previous game, which itself was very well received by critics and players alike, and combining it with new elements and a new storyline that makes for an excellent strategy game.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

The way the game works is extremely simple. The user is the Queen of a medieval country, and the game operates by bringing forward different suggestions, questions, and news. These pieces of information are brought to the queen by her advisors, and she can choose to agree or disagree with them by swiping left or right. Although this may change from time to time, which is why it is important to read the instructions on each card, generally speaking, swiping right means agreeing with the suggestion, while swiping left means disagreeing with it. The four factions of your kingdom show you the consequences of your decision. The four factions; the Church, the Peasants, the Merchants, and the Army, all usually have differing interests, and making a decision in the favor of one may antagonize another and vice versa. If these antagonisms go too far you may be killed, such as by a revolt by the Army, or through the decree of the Church. Keeping all these factions happy and maintaining a balance between them is your job as the Queen of this land. It is just as dangerous to have any of the factions be too fond of you, however, since this could lead to your death as well, albeit in slightly different ways. The Peasants being too fond of you could lead to them trampling you to death in an effort to kiss your ring, or the Church could lock you in a tower without food or water as a test of your piety.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

This brings us to another important element of the game: replays. It is inevitable that the user will die several times throughout the course of the game, since figuring out how the game works takes some time in itself, and often, even after making the “right” decisions, death is inevitable. A new element added to the game, which wasn’t present in the original Reigns, is the zodiac sign, which progresses after every death, and changes the ending you play each time. The original game required you to do some specific activities at specific times to unlock the main ending, and if you missed that opportunity, there wasn’t much you could do, but with the zodiac system of Reigns: Her Majesty, the game becomes a lot more forgiving and you can, and will, play through several different zodiac signs and see how they differ from one another. The game has between 1200 to 1300 cards, up from the original 800, offering additional content and entertainment to the user, and many new scenarios upon which the Queen must pass her judgment.

The gameplay is extremely simple, and so is the art style, and with the lack of ads, it is extremely convenient to play this game even in short stretches, when you might not have the time to put in several hours of gaming. Fit for anyone, from children to adults, Reigns: Her Majesty is an excellent game to buy.

With over one hundred thousand downloads, Reigns: Her Majesty is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

4. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour ($6.99)

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the fourth installment of Gameloft’s Modern Combat series, and was released in December 2012 for both Android and iOS. Zero Hour makes ample use of recent technological advancements, introducing high-definition graphics and real-time shadows to the game, along with motion blur and Havok physics, ensuring that users get the best possible graphic experience on their mobile devices. The game is divided into a 13-mission, four-hour-long campaign that is set in the year 2037, where the SGS, an undercover armed force, has taken over the world and is in constant combat with the Phantom Unit. The main villain of the game is Edward Page, a patriot turned terrorist, who will tell you – in ample detail – when you play the game, why he believes what he believes and what are the causes for his actions. The twist in the game comes when you are also made to play certain levels as Edward, the bad guy, adding an interesting storytelling element to the game not usually seen in other FPS games. The game takes you through Barcelona, through the streets of Seattle, and even Antarctica on your several missions to spoil Edward Page’s plans. 

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

Modern Combat 4 has a wide variety of weapons that you will come across and use as you play the game, including weapons such as the Black Mamba, Charbtek VECT9, a Charbtek-28, a CTK-88 Crumplor, the sniper E24 SASR amongst others. Throwing knives, grenades, and other perks are also included in the game’s weapons arsenal. The game also has a multiplayer option, as was the case with all previous iterations of Modern Combat. Multiplayer games allow twelve players to take part in a single match simultaneously. Based on the single-player campaign missions, there are several maps for you to play in and explore, with game types such as “Battle”, “Team Battle” and “Capture the flag”, all available for you to play. There is also a “class” system, which lets you create different combinations of primary weapons, secondary weapons, attachments for both, grenades, equipment, and perks. Users can also spend the money they earn by completing missions and killing enemies to buy new weapons that can be used in multiplayer mode.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

Playing an FPS game on your mobile screen is never a great experience, and a gamepad is almost always considered superior, but Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour tries to incorporate as many changeable and movable buttons into the game as possible for user convenience. You can choose to move around almost every single button available to you on screen in order to suit your playing style, which makes playing such a game on a relatively tiny screen a much more pleasant experience. As mentioned, the game brings forth the best graphics available at the time, and the sound design complements the graphics and gameplay very well.

With over one million downloads, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store

5. Crashlands ($6.99)

A well-designed crafting RPG, Crashlands by Butterscotch Shenanigans, was released in 2016. The user plays Flux Dabes, an intergalactic trucker who works for the Bureau of Shipping but encounters problems with his job when he realizes the antagonist of the game, Hewgoodoko, has been messing with his spaceship. Hewgoodoko’s tampering of your ship leads you to land on a strange planet called Waonope, which you must now find your way out of, figuring out how to fix your ship, deliver your packages on time, and also fight the menacing forces that will try their hardest to keep you on planet Waonope. Talk about a hard day at work! Like most other creations by Butterscotch Shenanigans, Crashlands brings to you a thoroughly entertaining and mesmerizing gaming experience, with incredibly well-made crafting elements, great graphics, and smooth gameplay.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

In order to fix his ship, Flux must find the parts that Hewgoodoko has stolen, but since this is a strange planet, he must learn how to craft the material. To do this, the game provides you with a saw when you land on Waonope, which you can then use to collect wood in the nearby forests. You are not provided a weapon at the beginning of the game, which means the only way to stay alive and not be a victim to the wildlife of this strange planet, you must stay out of harm’s way. The game makes it relatively easy to do this, however, by showing you red markers which demarcate an oncoming attack. You are provided a crafting station at the beginning of the game, which you can use to create any item you may require throughout the course of the game. The way crafting works is that you collect different raw materials, such as mud, wood, etc., and use your tools and your crafting station to break down the components of these materials and create the item you need. Crashlands has over five hundred different items for you to craft, along with an immense planet for you to explore and collect your raw material. The tools provided to you in-game do not break, so you do not have to constantly hunt for spare tools on your quest to craft new items. Crashlands is a combination of several gaming genres, including crafting, adventure, survival, etc. and the game provides you with ample opportunity to explore each of these themes when you play.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

Flux is also joined by Juicebox, a handy robot companion who keeps you company as you explore Waonope, and helps you fix your spaceship. Waonope has three vast continents which are populated by four different races, and as you progress through the game you will come across various characters from all four races, who will further the storyline. Some of these will be friends and some not, which brings us to the combat element of the game. Flux can learn and absorb the skills of his enemies, and also enhance his abilities and strengthen his attack by crafting items that will be useful in combat. You can stun your enemies, set them on fire, and also flip to slow motion. 

With over one hundred thousand downloads, Crashlands is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

6. Assassin’s Creed Identity ($1.99)

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Identity was released worldwide in 2016 and is the second Assassin’s Creed mobile release by the company. One of the best selling franchises of the gaming industry, Assassin’s Creed has released several different types of games, including the original PC and console games, multiplayer arena games, tabletop-style card games, and more; Assassin’s Creed Identity is the first Assassin’s Creed mobile game, however, to offer 360-degree control over the game’s environment, replicating the console and PC versions of the game.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

The game’s plot revolves around the Mystery of the Crows and takes place during the time of the Italian Renaissance, a time period beloved by Assassin’s Creed fans. The plot runs parallel to those of Assassin’s Creed 2 and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, and mentions have been made in the game to Ezio, who is a central character in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. The game is divided into Episodes and Levels, with each Episode containing ten Levels that require you to accomplish various tasks such as assassinations or escort missions. A replica of the original console and PC series, Assassin’s Creed Identity does suffer a little bit due to the platform itself and its inability to support functions that consoles are capable of, which is why the game is a lot more automated than its predecessors. Climbing up walls, which used to require skill in the previous iterations of the game now happens automatically when you run towards a wall. This may turn off some players but isn’t as big of a deal as it seems since the rest of the mechanics, including those of combat, are the same as the PC and console games. You can assassinate a guard by getting close to them and pressing the Action button once the Hidden Blade icon pops up above their head, and you can run from the guards or the templars by breaking eye contact for a period of time or by blending into the crowd. The game’s missions are incredibly exciting, blending together combat with skills and stealth, allowing the game to flourish as a combat-centered game that also requires strategic thinking and gameplay.

The game also has a class system that enables you to choose between four different classes – Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster, and Thief – with each class serving a different function and providing you with different abilities. Customization is also an important aspect of the game. You can choose to customize your character with unique outfits, with different color variations. Along with this, you can also forge new items with which to customize your character and make it more unique.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

The game has been widely praised for its stunning graphics and smooth gameplay. The buildings as well as the NPCs are well-designed and feel real, most of the game environment can be interacted with, and it is still just as fun to take a Leap of Faith on this game as it was on the previous ones. Although platform limitations do keep it from being as fun to play as it possibly could have been, it is still a very good mobile version of an internationally acclaimed series.

With over one million downloads, Assassin’s Creed Identity is rated 3.7 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

7. Stardew Valley ($4.99)

Published by Chucklefish Limited, Stardew Valley is a widely acclaimed simulation RPG that was released for mobile in 2016. Inspired heavily by the Harvest Moon game series, Stardew Valley is an open-ended role-playing game in which the user takes over their deceased grandfather’s old farm (which is not in a particularly good condition), and the main objective of the game is for the user to fix the dilapidated farm, grow crops, raise livestock, and live a peaceful life in the countryside. The game also contains various social aspects, allowing the user to engage with NPCs who make up the population of the town and also partake in activities such as marriage and raising children.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

The game begins with the user creating a unique character which they will be using for the rest of the game and selecting the type of farm they would like to work on in Pelican Town, the town in which the character’s grandfather lived. Each farm type comes with its own pros and cons. The Standard farm, for instance, is great for farming the widest range of crops, and also for rearing animals and poultry. The Riverland farm, on the other hand, has limited space for crops but ample water bodies for you to fish in. Whichever farm the user chooses, it will initially be marred with weeds, trees, boulders, etc. and the user must work to clear these in order to properly begin their farming work. Farming is fairly simple, although it does take some time initially to get your farm going by getting the right number of seeds, figuring out irrigation, etc. Users can also take on various quests to earn additional money in the game. You can also restore certain items – called bundles – to the town’s Community Centre, which earns you a wide variety of items including seeds and tools, both of which are extremely important for your farm. Completing several bundles also earns you access to new areas of the game, such as the desert.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

The characters of Pelican Town are also an interesting selection of people, and interacting with each one gives you insight into the daily lives of these people, as well as their goals and aspirations. As mentioned, the social aspect of the game is just as important as the farming and foraging aspect, and the game encourages this social aspect by letting the user marry NPCs, which eventually leads to them also working with the user on their farm. The game has twelve different characters that can be married, and they receive more screen time than other townspeople. To earn the trust and affection of the townspeople, you must simply present them with gifts twice a week in order to get on their good side. Giving them items they dislike will lower affection and vice versa. 

Another important and enjoyable aspect of the game is the calendar system and the seasonal changes that periodically occur in the game. The game works on the basis of seasons, and the environment changes from hot and sunny to dark and snowy periodically, along with changes in the theme music to accompany the visual change. Each season lasts 28 days and comes with its own preferred crops, fish, and festivals to keep you engaged. Stardew Valley is a 16-bit wonderland that lets you grow your own food, earn your living, and build a community in Pelican Town. Accompanied with a brilliant soundtrack and smooth gameplay, it is a must-buy for any old-school RPG enthusiast.

With over a million downloads, Stardew Valley is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

8. Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder ($8.49)

Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder, developed by Shiro Games and published in 2015, is the sequel to 2013’s Evoland, and both games have been very well received by critics and the gaming community at large.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

Just like its predecessor, Evoland 2 is a mix of several different genres and game styles, and it pays homage, in a way, to all the games it has been clearly influenced by. The game revolves around a very simple yet fulfilling to play storyline in which the user plays the role of the protagonist who has been transported through time into a different era and now must find his way back to his own time period which takes him through a journey of various adventures. In the course of these adventures, he meets and befriends several characters who help him on his journey, and he also meets foes who stand as barriers on his way back home. As he finds his way back, he finds himself in different places and time periods, which is when the game changes its visual style. Although the bulk of the game is in a top-down view, akin to Legend of Zelda or Secret of Mana, you will also play the game in 3D graphics, 8-bit and 16-bit graphics, and many more as you continue through the levels, on your quest to get back home. Not only does the art style of the game change as you play it, the challenges and the various actions you need to perform in order to complete levels and move forward also change. So, you won’t be fighting monsters all throughout the game, but you will also have to solve puzzles, partake in bullet hell shooting, slay bosses in dungeons, and finish a host of other unique challenges.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

Evoland 2 is a much larger game when compared to its predecessor, with over 20-hours of gameplay time as compared to Evoland’s 4 hours. Another huge difference between the two games is that Evoland 2 takes its storyline a lot more seriously than Evoland did, which also explains the enlarged gameplay time. Although both games function on the same basic principles, and both rely on the ever-changing art style of the games as their major selling point, Evoland 2 takes the time to explore and explain why these changes occur in the game at all, while Evoland would just run with the change and barely mention its significance to the overarching story of the game. As a result of this attention to detail and to the storyline, in particular, the sound design and dialogue of Evoland 2 have also evolved significantly and now play a larger role in the game. Characters are constantly making cheeky remarks and breaking the fourth wall, but it never gets to be too much since the story moves swiftly with each interaction, and no dialogue is wasted on useless banter.

A mix of several art styles, gameplay modes, and game genres, Evoland 2 also has running underneath it a strong storyline that blends together all the elements that make it such a thoroughly enjoyable game to play. From a side-scrolling platformer to a match-3 puzzle game, each and every art style and gameplay style introduced in Evoland 2 is extremely fun to play.

With over one hundred thousand downloads, Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

9. Vectronom ($5.49)

Vectronom is a rhythm-based platformer created by Ludopium and published by ARTE France, and it is easily one of the most simplistic, yet exciting games on this list. The game is presented from an isometric point-of-view, and you play the role of a cube that has to, as with any platformer, move from one point of the screen to the other without crashing into obstacles or falling to your “death”. Vectronom, however, brings an interesting twist to this age-old concept of a platformer by integrating sound and sight into the gameplay and making both an important aspect of the game, central to how and when the cube will move.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

Vectronom does not feature any sort of storyline to the game, and it doesn’t have a lot of variety when it comes to game modes either, which is something that users have critiqued and something that the developers will hopefully look to fix in the future. The game is divided into levels, and completing each level requires simply directional movement and jumping, in conjunction with the rhythmic aspect of the game. Keeping the gameplay and the game design simple looks to be one of the central principles of the game developers, and to their credit, it works extremely well, keeping the game from being too convoluted and maintaining focus on the amalgamation of movement and sound. Each section of the game has a particular theme and challenges you in different ways. For example, one particular section keeps you from seeing your cube entirely, which leads to the user relying on the rhythm of the music to move forward and make their next move. The first few levels introduce the game and its rules to the user and the later levels work around those rules and make the game an extremely challenging yet fun playing experience.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

One may wonder what the point of spending money on Vectronom is if there aren’t many different game modes for users to play and if the game has limited levels. Well, worry not, since Vectronom has a ton of replay value, even without a bunch of different game modes. The way the game achieves this replay value is through success measurement after each section of the game is completed. This measurement is done by evaluating the number of attempts required to complete the section, the number of items picked up by the user when playing through the section, and also how precise the movements of the user were with regards to beat and rhythm. These three aspects alone make you want to play sections of the game several times over so that you can achieve a perfect or near-perfect score. Another way Vectronom maneuvers around the lack of game modes is the sheer difficulty of some of the levels of the game. Replaying levels over and over again just so you can finish them for the first time around takes a ton of time and effort, so finishing these levels for the first time and then replaying them to get a better score will keep you engaged for several hours. The game also looks so good and plays so well that you will find yourself coming back to easier sections of the game just to experience the unique design and gameplay of that section once again.

With over ten thousand downloads, Vectronom is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

10. Suzy Cube ($3.99)

The final game on our list is developer NorthernBytes and publisher Noodlecake’s Suzy Cube which is also a platformer, but one that resembles Super Mario 3D Land or World more than it does Vectronom. The reason comparisons are made to the aforementioned games is because of the camera angle, which is fixed and only moves when there is a change in perspective, lending the game a 2D environment with 3D movement type feel. Originally designed for the Nintendo 3DS, the fixed camera view would have had some help from the 3D view of the screen, but it still works extremely well and feels natural to play on mobile devices.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

In the game, you play the titular character of Suzy as you venture through various levels of differing difficulties and varied scenery and background, all of which contain various elements meant to slow you down. Enemies and obstacles abound, and the game’s environment also contains several secrets that you must uncover as you advance with your quest. The game’s controls are very simple and do not take any time for you to get used to. Suzy moves using the left-hand side of the screen, and tapping on the right-hand side makes her jump. These are essentially the only two controls you will need to learn to play the game and controlling Suzy is an absolute dream since the control systems are very well calibrated and handle very well even on mobile screens.

Picking up different hats in the game lends you different powers. One hat may grant you an additional life, while another may help you jump higher, while another still will help you crush your enemies underneath you. New hats frequently make their way into the game to keep the user engaged and to keep the gameplay fresh. For that same reason, there are several puzzles for you to solve as you progress further into the game, and landscape changes along with a wide variety of enemies and obstacles also keep you focused on what’s ahead.

Top 10 Android Games Worth Buying

The game contains five different worlds, each with five separate levels for you to complete to move forward with the game. The five worlds all have different environments and enemies, along with varied powerups. The environments of these worlds also nudge you towards different playstyles, where you may be very aggressive in one world and more relaxed and slow in another. Each world also has an additional level that can be accessed once you collect enough stars. Finally, there is also a Secret World with eleven different levels for you to unlock and play.

The art style for Suzy Cube, as one may gather from the game’s title, is filled with cubes of different sizes and designs. Suzy herself is a rather simple character, but the world around her, including bosses, other enemies, obstacles, and the game’s environment such as rocks and mountains, all are very well-designed, clearly showing the significant amount of time and effort it has taken to craft these different elements of the game.

With over fifty-thousand downloads, Suzy Cube is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

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