Keeping up with other players in Ace Defender takes a lot of time and effort but to be the best, you’ll need the knowledge to overcome the hurdles that come your way. The game has a really nice competitive aspect to it that motivates players to take the game more seriously so that they get recognized as a top name in the server. One of the best feelings in the world as a gamer is other people you don’t know recognizing your IGN for an achievement that you worked hard for in a game.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Ace Defender

Now that you’ve read our Heroes Guide and Tower Defense Guide, you’re probably all set to start your adventure to the top. However, there are some small details that you might also want to know about that are not included in the previous articles. These tips and tricks are extremely helpful for players who want to dedicate 100% of their time and resources to the game. Although, casual players can also benefit from these tips to give them a slight edge over their peers.

Completing Your Dailies

Daily missions and resets are the most important tasks that players need to accomplish to secure a lead against other players. Making sure that you finish all of your Continent dungeons, claim your daily rewards, and complete all of the missions are the primary objective that players need to do on a daily basis. If you manage to do this consistently, you’ll continuously gain the advantage in terms of resources which allows you to power up your units quickly.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Ace Defender

The task of completing dailies is a test of patience in itself because this involves grinding game modes that you’ve already done dozens of times before. Overcoming the boredom is the biggest challenge as the entire process of completing all your dailies only lasts less than an hour. Aside from the continent, players should also try to progress in the expedition, clearing as many stages as they can until their team can’t defeat the current enemy anymore so that the idle rewards continue to increase.

Activating the Wishlist

Summoning is the fastest way to earn a ton of heroes that the player will need to create the ultimate team. The problem with the summon gacha system is that everything you get is completely random which makes it difficult to get the units that you actually want. Aside from Rerolling, there is no definite ensured way to get the heroes that you want after you’ve begun playing the game and completed your initial summon but there are ways to increase your odds.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Ace Defender

The Wishlist is a feature that you can see when you go to the Tavern. Activating the wishlist gives the player an increased chance on pulling any of the 10 heroes they added to the list as long as all 10 slots are filled. Make sure to fill the wishlist with heroes that you actually need for your team and take note that the wishlist doesn’t activate if you have one or more empty slots. This is extremely helpful and players should activate it as early as possible so that they maximize their chances.

Using the Shared Crystal

The Shared Crystal is another useful structure that players need to take advantage of. As mentioned in our previous guides, players need to upgrade more than 6 heroes in their collection to allow them to mix and match lineups for specific opponents. The biggest problem with that plan is that it’s extremely difficult to level up more than 5 characters at the same time because of the limited amount of resources that the game gives you whether or not you grind regularly.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Ace Defender

Luckily, the Shared Crystal introduces a system where your heroes share the same level as the 5th highest leveled hero in your collection. By placing characters that you plan on using in the future, you save a significant amount of resources in leveling units. Make sure to unlock new slots until you get about 10-20 heroes in your crystal so that you can create a variety of teams while only raising 5 heroes using the resources that you currently have in your possession.

Visiting the Black Market

The Black Market is a place where you can buy useful goods that you can use in your account. This is the only shop in the game that doesn’t require you to use real money and uses in-game currencies instead. The shop sells a lot of stuff that the player will definitely use and it resets daily, giving the player brand new deals that they can choose to purchase or not. Since Ace Defender gives a ton of gold and diamonds, it’s a good idea to splurge some of those resources here.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Ace Defender

One of the best purchases that you can get in the Black Market is the Royal Recruitment tickets. Since the Tavern costs 250 per summon, getting 5 tickets for the price of 200 diamonds each is an extremely good deal that gives you more summons in the long term. It’s also worth spending your gold on some of the items in this shop since most of the deals have really huge discounts.

Joining an Alliance

Joining an alliance is something that players need to do as soon as they unlock the feature. The Alliance allows players to gain access to the alliance shop and purchase important items such as resource boosters and even Legendary Heroes. Once you’ve joined an alliance in the game, make sure to sign in every day and participate in the Alliance Boss so that you get contribution points which is the main currency that you’ll need to purchase items from the shop.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Ace Defender

Aside from the alliance, it’s also a good idea to keep your other socials active such as the Friends List. Adding active friends in the game allow you to give and collect Friendship Points, which is a currency that players can use to summon heroes in the tavern. Even if you don’t like to interact with other people, the fact that you can get free summons just by having names on your friends list is really beneficial.