Twinkle, twinkle little star,

How I wonder – are you Morael or Audrae? 

AFK Arena Hero Overview – A Guide to The Chaotic Star, Audrae

Audrae is the one of AFK Arena’s newest heroes. She is a Celestial hero and the sister of another hero, Morael.

If you will recall, Morael is called the Queen of Stars and embodies the galaxy and the stars with her out-of-this-world design. Know more about this heavenly body in the BlueStacks guide to playing Morael

Now, let us dive into Audrae’s appearance, lore, full abilities, furniture, signature items, tips and tricks, and team composition in this highly-detailed AFK Arena guide.


An overview of Audrae’s form shows the hero wearing a tight-fitting white suit with golden line details, paired with gloves of the same color and pattern. On her neck is a golden collar on the exterior along with mysterious clothing that seems to hold the cosmos on the interior.

AFK Arena Hero Overview – A Guide to The Chaotic Star, Audrae

Audrae has a pair of enormous, purple wings that matches the lavender shade of her short hair. She also has large powder blue eyes that can stare right at your soul.

AFK Arena Hero Overview – A Guide to The Chaotic Star, Audrae

Audrae is an agility-based Ranger hero of the Celestial faction.


Audrae’s lore basically shows her pure contrast against her sister, Morael.

Morael and Audrae were born from the same nebula star, however, they are two beings who are the exact opposites of each other. Morael is all about maintaining order, while Audrae is reckless, bold, and rash.

AFK Arena Hero Overview – A Guide to The Chaotic Star, Audrae

“Audrae, your recklessness will bring nothing but disaster,” warned her sister.

“But things change all the time, Morael. Perhaps randomness and disorder are the true nature of the universe,” Audrae retorted.

The sisters continued to argue and contemplate on their differences throughout Audrae’s lore. 


  • Cosmic Shower – Audrae fires a cosmic quiver into the sky, transforming the whole battlefield into a cosmic state. While the battlefield is in a cosmic state, up to 2 enemies are struck by falling meteorites every 2 seconds, with each meteorite dealing damage equal to 160% of Audrae’s Attack Rating. Falling meteorites shall prioritize enemies. After 9 seconds, a meteor shower rains down on the battlefield, dealing damage equal to 220% of Audrae’s Attack Rating 3 times to all enemies, after which the cosmic state ends. If “Cosmic Shower” is used again while the battlefield is already in a cosmic state, the meteor shower of the previous “Cosmic Shower” will be initiated early.
  • Level 81 – The damage dealt by each meteorite is increased to 190% of Audrae’s Attack Rating.
  • Level 161 – The damage of each meteor shower attack is increased to 260% of Audrae’s Attack Rating.
  • Cosmic Assault – Audrae leaps into the air and fires 5 cosmic quivers in quick succession. Each quiver deals 180% of her Attack Rating as damage to the enemy targets. This attack prioritizes enemy heroes that have yet to be attacked first. Once Audrae returns back to the ground, each enemy struck by a cosmic quiver is dealt an additional 240% of Audrae’s Attack Rating as damage, and are stunned for 2 seconds. Audrae is immune to damage and Control Effects while using this skill.
  • Level 21 – The damage of each quiver is increased to 200% of Audrae’s Attack Rating.
  • Level 101 – Enemies are stunned for 3 seconds.
  • Level 181 – The damage of each quiver is increased to 220% of Audrae’s Attack Rating.
  • Core’s Protection (Passive) – Audrae’s Normal Attacks prioritize the enemy farthest away from her on the battlefield, with the damage of the attacks increasing the farther away they are. Damage can be increased by a maximum of 100%. When an enemy is close to Audrae, she will spin her Star Core to push nearby enemies onto the other half of the battlefield, and deal 240% of her Attack Rating as damage to them. This effect may only be triggered once every 15 seconds.
  • Level 121 – Maximum damage is increased to 120%.
  • Level 201 – Effect may be triggered once every 10 seconds.

AFK Arena Hero Overview – A Guide to The Chaotic Star, Audrae

  • Focus Fire – Audrae locks onto an enemy target with her Normal Attacks. and begins focusing her energy. Damage dealt is based on the amount of time Audrae focuses her energy for, with a maximum of 4 instances of damage possible, and each instance of damage dealt to the enemy will be 100% / 120% / 140% / 180% of Audrae’s Attack Rating. While Audrae is focusing her energy, she is immune to the first Control Effect she receives. While focusing her energy, if the Immune Control Effect is triggered or Audrae receives a total amount of damage that exceeds 20% of her max health, she will cease focusing and immediately fire her cosmic quiver.
  • Level 141 – Based on the amount of time focused, each instance of damage dealt to the enemy is increased to 110% / 130% / 150% / 190% of Audrae’s Attack Rating.
  • Level 221 – Based on the amount of time focused, each instance of damage dealt to the enemy is increased to 120% / 140% / 160% / 200% of Audrae’s Attack Rating.

Furniture Set Bonuses: Astral Force 

  • [3/9 Mythic Pieces] While focusing the energy of her Normal Attacks when using “Focus Fire”, excluding the target Audrae has locked onto, all the damage she receives from other enemies is reduced by 50%.
  • [9/9 Mythic Pieces] The damage value of the fourth instance of the skill “Focus Fire” is increased to 360% of Audrae’s Attack Rating, dealing AoE damage to the target it hits.

Signature Item: Stellar Bow and Arrow 

A bow and arrows formed from the condensed residual energy of the Zohra Nebula. The light and power of past stars are contained within, and only in divine hands may its true power be awakened.

Skill: Astral Closure

Enemies that receive damage from “Cosmic Shower” have their Received Healing reduced by 50 points for 6 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.

  • [+10 Unlocks] The time interval for falling meteorites caused by “Cosmic Shower” is reduced to 1.5 seconds.
  • [+20 Unlocks] Enemies that suffer damage from the meteor showers of “Cosmic Shower” lose 20 Crit Damage Resistance points for 6 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.
  • [+30 Unlocks] The cosmic battlefield state of “Cosmic Shower” causes an! additional 1 meteorite to fall each time it is used.

Tips for using Audrae

  • If you are looking for a decent and reliable AFK Arena hero, Audrae is the answer to your dilemma. While she is not really meta-breaking, her Cosmic Shower ability gives you the Area of Effect (AoE) you need during battles. It makes meteorites rain down on the battlefield for about nine seconds. What’s really good about this ability is its prioritization feature, which means if the skill has to choose between attacking an enemy or attacking an object like a totem or something it will attack the enemy.
  • Having doubts in your heart if Audrae is worth all your gold and materials? The answer is yes, she is! Audrae can be very helpful in the Celestial Tower or the Celestial Sanctum, which opens every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. In the Celestial Tower, players can only use heroes from the faction that the tower is themed after.
  • In AFK Arena, positioning is key. Audrae can be the perfect counter to backline killers. You can place her on one of the corners and she will delete any jumping characters out of the field.

Heroes that can Synergize with Audrae

  • Athalia – You can use Athalia as a backup to Audrae. Athalia is pure damage and a ranged hero that is viable during the early game. Her +30 Unlock is pretty overpowered and can be a good pair with Audrae’s abilities.

AFK Arena Hero Overview – A Guide to The Chaotic Star, Audrae

  • Flora – Who better to team up with Audrae than another Celestial hero, Flora? She is a hard DPS hero which can drown enemies in a ton of damage using her AoE ability Sea of Flowers. She also grants a thick shield to her allies for about five seconds.

AFK Arena Hero Overview – A Guide to The Chaotic Star, Audrae

  • Talene – Of course, with Flora in the team composition, you can never go wrong with Talene. Talene can also be utilized as a damage dealer for the team, where her Meteor Shower ability can deal up to 280% damage when maxed out.

AFK Arena Hero Overview – A Guide to The Chaotic Star, Audrae

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