Everyone, the Queen has arrived.

After the much-awaited AFK Arena 2nd Anniversary Party Event (which was filled with a ton of rewards and freebies by the way), the game is introducing a new character as a post-party gift to all its players. The event ended last April 15 but it left fans with great joy and bliss to celebrate two years since AFK Arena‘s global release.

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Morael, the Queen of Stars

Now, the new hero Morael has been bestowed to all of us players after the recent ones like Peggy and RakuWe made a quick blog post about this pair which you can read from our previous entries.

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Morael, the Queen of Stars

If you are curious to know, the last Celestial hero we had was released late last year, which was Alna, the Frozen Mother. We also have a brief guide on her abilities and lore here.

Going back, let us take a closer look at AFK Arena’s newest hero.


Morael’s physical look is absolutely phenomenal — even out of this world, as we would like to say.

She embodies the galaxy and beyond with her purple skin and dazzling blue hair. You will also notice some sort of starry tattoos on her arms and face, kind of like constellations.

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Morael, the Queen of Stars

What’s noticeable in her outfit is this huge headpiece similar to a Bishop’s hat, only larger. Morael also wears a long white dress with shoulder pads shaped like wings. Her arms have been cuffed with gold bands. Aside from these accessories, she also has rings on both hands.

Morael is a mage under the Celestial faction as an Intelligence type. She can deal continuous damage against enemies.


Now, this star queen has a pretty interesting lore. Think of the Big Bang Theory (the scientific theory, not the television show) and how it formed the planet earth and the universe and everything in existence — Morael’s birth is similar to that.

As the Zohra Nebula came into annihilation, Morael became a strong force which resulted in her birth. This is why Morael has the essence of the Nebula in her heart.

At this point, you already know what Morael is — she is a god, not a human. The adjectives that her original lore would use on her were “haughty, irrefutable, detached and noble,” exactly just like a queen. When we think of Morael, we think or order and control, basically.

Her sister, Audrae, is the opposite of her. Reckless, bold, and rash — this is Audrae’s personality.

One day, an uncontrollable event occurred to the siblings. The Mirrah Nebula exploded, swallowing up all the stars and heavenly bodies around it. Morael tried to fight the force, but she too had been consumed by the explosion. For a long time, Morael’s consciousness just drifted through the universe.

That is, until the goddess of life Dura found her floating in the universe. She healed Morael and restored her original form, putting her up on the pedestal and making her one of the gods of Esperia. The tale addressed the Zohra Nebula and Mirra Nebula’s explosions as “Star Grave,” pretty much how we humans call it a Supernova.

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Morael, the Queen of Stars

After the Hypogean war, Morael left Esperia to be on the lookout for irregularitiesion the Void Realm to avoid another invasion or conflict of the Dark Forces.

“On a clear midsummer’s night, if you carefully watch the sky at the Giant Tree Observatory, you might just catch a glimpse of Morael’s long, starry hair.”

– The Star Gazers


  • Cosmic Field – At the start of battles, Morael creates a Star Core which remains on the battlefield. When Morael uses her Ultimate ability, a Cosmic Field is generated for 6 seconds by the Star Core, which traps any nearby enemies. While the Cosmic Field exists, Morael deals 120% damage per second to all enemies trapped by it. If an enemy escapes the Cosmic Field, Morael will deal 320% damage to them, also stunning them for 3 seconds.
  • Cosmic Motion – Morael commands her Star Core to move to the most densely concentrated area of enemies, which deals 60% damage to any enemies that are in its way.
  • Cosmic Fusion – Morael charges her Star Core with cosmic power, causing it to explode, dealing 240% damage to nearby enemies.
  • Celestial Blessing – During battle, the Star Core gathers cosmic energy over time from the galaxy. Once the Star Core has finished gathering energy, it respectively transfers 120 Energy points to Morael and all allies close to it, which consequently exhausts all of the Star Core’s energy. The Star Core is able to gather 10% of its total energy capacity per second.

Tips for using Morael

  • Morael is the star of the party, and we meant that literally. She basically gives life to your four other characters because she can generate Energy, give out Haste buffs, protect using her shield, and even cast an Attack buff. Protect Morael during combat by placing her at the backline.
  • As long as Morael scales early in the game, she should be a good addition to your team. She mostly deals damage and some decent crowd control against enemies.
  • Morael is quite fragile in PVP mode because her shield is the only thing protecting her from attacks. She can also easily be countered by Eirron, Ainz, or Athalia.

Heroes that can synergize with Morael

Obviously, with her kit, Morael would be a good partner to a five-pull team. Here are some AFK Arena heroes that can complement her abilities:

  • Lucretia – Morael would perfectly fit Lucretia’s five-pull team.

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Morael, the Queen of Stars

  • Daimon – The Graveborn hero Daimon might just work when paired with Morael’s abilities. He can give the extra protection that Morael is missing.

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Morael, the Queen of Stars

  • Skriath – Morael and Skriath could be the backbone of the team, the two are an ideal match.

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Morael, the Queen of Stars

We know Celestials can be quite difficult to pull from the AFK Arena gacha, which is why we built the Multi-Instance feature for situations like these! This BlueStacks feature lets you perform multiple 10x summons using different accounts in just a few clicks. Talk about effortless multitasking!

BlueStacks' Guide to AFK Arena's Morael, the Queen of Stars

Installing BlueStacks and playing AFK Arena on PC also enhances the game’s graphics by enabling the highest FPS. You can now view Morael’s upcoming release in HD with better graphics!

Be sure to check out our other hero guides to find out the best comp and hero synergies for this Celestial hero.