AFK Arena is a game that keeps changing. It’s simple to get into, but difficult to master, so contrary to its name, you can’t exactly go AFK and hope that your core team is just as good a few months later. Plus, who do you even choose to level to begin with? Given how many resources you have to invest in each hero before they reach their maximum potential, you might want to think twice before you decide on the core group.

AFK Arena on PC: The Best Late-Game Heroes in 2020

To put you up to speed, we’ve scoured the forums in search for intel, tested dozens of heroes, and came up with a list of the best late-game characters for 2020. If you’re an F2P player, ready your QQs for these outrageously OP heroes:

1. Shemira (DPS)

Shemira is an insanely powerful mage thanks to her unique combination of DPS and sustain. Stuck with a team of nobodies that can barely climb the King’s Tower? No problem. Throw Shemira in the mix and she will single-handedly win battles for you.

AFK Arena on PC: The Best Late-Game Heroes in 2020

After level 160, Shemira’s Ultimate hits level 3 and she becomes a monster. All of the damage that she deals with her Ultimate is converted into health and she doesn’t even have to wait for the cast to finish before she lifesteals. She gets 25% of the heal as she begins to cast, which saves her in many clutch situations. Meanwhile, her Silence deals massive damage to an enemy caster and prevents them from using their spells, which is great in both PvE and the PvP arena.

2. Athalia (DPS)

This Agility-based Ranger is an all-out damage dealer that simply destroys enemies that are foolish enough to engage her. Her Judgment triples her damage on a single target when activated and prevents them from regenerating energy, while her Purging Frenzy stuns the opponent and her Ultimate hits all enemies on the battlefield with a guaranteed crit as a finisher.

AFK Arena on PC: The Best Late-Game Heroes in 2020

Unlike Shemira, though, Athalia needs some protection in order to work. She does have a damage mitigating ability, but her resistance is calculated based on the number of allies that are still alive. She’s also significantly more difficult to obtain, which makes ascending her an expensive endeavor. Still, she’s 100% worth it.

3. Gwyneth (DPS + CC)

Not quite as phenomenal as the previous two heroes, Gwyneth can nevertheless hold her ground when matched with the right teammates. Her strength lies in the fact that she doesn’t just do excellent damage, but CCs the enemies too.

AFK Arena on PC: The Best Late-Game Heroes in 2020

Her Ultimate reduces the accuracy of every hero it hits, while her regular attacks have a chance to become Flaming Arrows, Lightning Arrows, or a combination of both. When upgraded to level 3, Flaming Arrows reduce the target’s ability to heal, while Lightning Arrows deal AoE damage and stun all affected enemies. You want a couple of tanks that can keep opponents on their side of the battlefield, though, because Gwyneth gets additional accuracy and crit rating when there are no enemies in her vicinity.

4. Lucius (Tank)

Lucius is a Strength-based Tank with a focus on Regeneration and the best character to fill this role simply because he does it so well. He doesn’t have shiny DPS abilities, nor does he do a lot of CC, but when it comes to survival and the protection of his allies, he is a veritable beast.

AFK Arena on PC: The Best Late-Game Heroes in 2020

Lucius’ Ultimate is, by far, his greatest asset thanks to the fact that it protects the entire party from all sources of damage for up to 10 seconds (or 550% of Lucius’ attack rating). It doesn’t hurt that, once in a while, Lucius will heal the ally with the lowest HP and give them a defense buff, nor can anyone complain about his Blessed Shield, which reduces all received damage by up to 75%.

5. Brutus (Tank + DPS)

A bulky Strength-based Tank, Brutus is different from Lucius in that he sacrifices some survivability and party support for additional damage. Thanks to his well-rounded set of skills, he is often viewed as the single best hero in the game.

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AFK Arena on PC: The Best Late-Game Heroes in 2020

The ace up Brutus’ sleeve is the combination of Brutal Defiance, a passive that gives Brutus more attack and haste as his health is depleted, and Last Grasp, which ensures that Brutus does not die when mortally wounded, but instead stays alive with 1 HP and is immune to damage for up to 8 seconds. It doesn’t get more deadly than this.

6. Elijah & Lailah (Support + DPS)

The celestial twins form an awesome Support duo and even deal a fair amount of damage thanks to their Ultimate skill. When the latter is cast, Elijah and Lailah essentially become two separate heroes, each with its own DPS rating, while taking up a single team slot, which is great in any type of situation.

AFK Arena on PC: The Best Late-Game Heroes in 2020

But the real strength of this duo is the combination between Grace and Unity. The first ability heals the ally with the lowest health and replenishes the energy of the ally with the highest charge, while the second ability is a passive that binds the two teammates affected by Grace, reducing both of their incoming damage and increasing all of their attack stats.

7. Nemora (Support + Healer)

The perfect healer, Nemora is an Intelligence-based support that can help your team survive the toughest (and the longest) challenges in the Arcana Labyrinth and the Peaks of Time. Three of her skills, including her Ultimate, provide various degrees of healing to her teammates, while the Mother nature passive ensures that all overheals are converted into damage-absorbing shields.

AFK Arena on PC: The Best Late-Game Heroes in 2020

But what about that Beguile ability? At level 4, this crazy skill will entrance an enemy unit and have them cast their ultimate on their own team! Works wonders in both PvP and PvE encounters.

8. Tasi (Support + CC)

This Control-focused Support hero is equally impressive, albeit more offensive-oriented. Her Ultimate puts all enemies to sleep for 5 seconds on level 2, which is pretty much the dream as far as CCs go. Add to this the fact that all enemies who wake up take an additional 30% of the damage they were dealt while sleeping and you have a dreaded ability against all types of lineups.

AFK Arena on PC: The Best Late-Game Heroes in 2020

Plus, Tasi can banish an enemy from the battlefield for 4 seconds and, whenever she becomes the target of an attack, she ports around the map while giving allies additional haste and dealing damage to enemies. An elusive, but deadly addition to any team.

Some of these heroes, such as Shemira (whom you can buy in the Labyrinth shop) are easier to find, while others will take forever to upgrade. The one thing that we know for sure is that no matter how much you have to grind for these characters, you won’t regret the effort when they finally join your team.

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