He’s not an animal, neither is he a human — the rock-solid hero Granit has landed in AFK Arena, and he is looking pretty sturdy with his abilities and skills.

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Moving on to Granit, he was described as “once a gentle Elemental Guardian.” However, as the blood from war and slaughter soaked deep into the soil, Granit was inevitably affected by it, and suppressing his rage became increasingly difficult.

Here is the ultimate guide to playing Granit in AFK Arena.


Basically, Granit looks like one huge rock. If you have ever played League of Legends: Wild Rift, the closest champion that we can compare him to is Malphite. The only thing is, Granit is a little bit rounder and has fewer edges than Malphite.

AFK Arena Granit Guide by BlueStacks

Granit also bears a close resemblance to Pokemon’s Onix. 

Granit is nicknamed the “Desert’s Stone”. He is a tank hero under the Mauler faction and labeled as a Strength type.


You’ve already met the wind child Respennow get ready to meet the Desert’s Stone, Granit.

AFK Arena Granit Guide by BlueStacks

Granit was born of the earth. The first time he stepped out, nature instantaneously healed to a point where folds of the mountains were flattened, and the restless ground was restored to peace.

He was invited to live with the Wilders and settle into the Dark Forest, where he eventually grew restless and more war-like, just as the earth element does.

AFK Arena Granit Guide by BlueStacks

Like many other AFK Arena stories, a Hypogean was involved in Granit’s lore. He was betrayed by Khazard, which caused eruptions and earthquakes all over Esperia. 

He left the Dark Forest because of his anger, and settled to live in the desert instead. He befriended the Maulers and was welcomed by them. He used the power of earth and land to fight alongside his new companions, reserving his anger for any oncoming invaders.

Granit’s abilities

  • Sand Vortex – Granit is born from the earth and cannot be knocked into the air. Granit unleashes a tempestuous sand vortex that deals 320% damage to all enemies within its Area of Effect, interrupting their casting, simultaneously marking them with a mark of “Petrification”. If an enemy is already marked, the mark is removed, and the enemy is subsequently petrified, during which time they cannot complete any actions or recover Energy for 5 seconds.

AFK Arena Granit Guide by BlueStacks

Level 81 – Damage received by petrified enemies is increased by 40%.

Level 161 – Duration enemies are petrified for is increased to 6 seconds.

  • Earth Tremors – Granit causes surrounding enemies to fall towards himself, interrupting their casting, simultaneously dealing 140% damage to them. Shortly after, Granit smashes the ground, which deals 120% damage to the enemies in front of him and also sends them hurtling into the air.

Level 11 – Damage caused by smashing the ground is increased to 140%.

Level 101 – Every enemy hero struck when Granit smashes the ground, causing him to recover 60 Energy points.

Leve; 181 – Damage caused by smashing the ground is increased to 160%.

  • Stone Skin – Granit receives a shield that is able to mitigate damage equal to 280% of his own Attack Rating, which exists for 6 seconds. Soon afterwards, Granit transfers 50% of the shield’s value to the most injured allied hero, protecting, them for 6 seconds, knocking back any enemies surrounding them in the process. If there are no surviving allies on the battlefield, no shield transfer will take place.

Level 121 – Value of the shield is increased to 320% of Granit’s Attack Rating.

Level 201 – Duration that ally is protected by shield for is increased to 8 seconds.

  • Earthen Resilience (Passive) – At the start of battle, Granit receives a shield that is able to mitigate damage equal to 15% of his max health. The shield is reset once every 12 seconds.

Level 141 – Value of shield is raised to equal 25% of max health.

Level 221 – When Granit is using his shield, the damage he receives is reduced by 50%.

Tips for using Granit

  • Granit’s Signature Item skill, Earthly Rejuvenation, is absolutely insane at +30 Unlocks. At the start of battle, Granit marks all enemies with a mark of Petrification. Petrification damages enemies and also allows them to take increased damage. 

Petrified enemies cannot complete any actions or recover Energy for 5 seconds.

  • His 9/9 furniture set bonus is already overpowered, especially since it steals 10 Haste points and 100 accuracy points for a span of six seconds.
  • Overall, Granit is a very sturdy and decent tank that can fit well into the AFK Arena five-pull composition. However, he is a bit sluggish and slow which makes using his ultimate a bit tricky.

Heroes that can synergize with Granit

  • Eironn – The AFK Arena five-pull comp revolves around Eironn as the core. Eironn will be placed at the back to pull all of the enemy team’s five members.

AFK Arena Granit Guide by BlueStacks

In the meantime, Granit can act as a CC hero to buy Eironn time to pull off this big move and to protect him as well.

  • Skriath – Skriath’s Desert Vortex can act as the perfect support ability since it pulls enemies on the center, giving damage-dealers the ideal opportunity to attack.

AFK Arena Granit Guide by BlueStacks

  • Lucretia – Admittedly, Lucretia might not look like an ideal hero at first glance, but upon diving through her stats and abilities you’ll see that she’s the perfect unit to invest in when it comes to AFK Arena’s end game. She can debuff and deal damage against enemies, but the thing that we’re most excited about is her furniture set bonus.

AFK Arena Granit Guide by BlueStacks

At 9/9 Mythic pieces, Lucretia’s flames will become permanent to the arena once all enemies have used their ultimates a combined number of seven times. To top it all off, all enemies affected by the flames will not be able to cast their ultimate ability for a brief period of time.
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