Once an Imperial Guardsman, Treznor is bound by his duties to protect his people even against the one who gave him orders and even after death.

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AFK Arena Treznor Guide by BlueStacks

Betrayed by his own King, betrayed by the people who he swore to protect, betrayed by his own comrades, and betrayed by his friend with whom he shared everything…what more can they take away from him? His honor!


Posture check! Treznor looks like a really worn-out imperial soldier that could use an hour of sleep or two or a MOBA player that’s on their 4th losing streak, but sleeping is a fine luxury only the living can get. Accompanied by his undead horse from the start of his Imperial duty to the..oh there’s no end. 

AFK Arena Treznor Guide by BlueStacks

Many have speculated that Treznor’s name may have been based on the real-life person Trent Reznor, the lead vocalist of the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails.


Treznor was part of a small unit of troops that defended their kingdom against the invaders who might have been their own fallen king Thoran. Treznor was betrayed by some of the people who were loyal to the falling king inside the kingdom when they opened the gates and let Thoran along with his hordes of undead soldiers enter the kingdom. Treznor could only watch the horror that occurred the next moment. Many innocent citizens were massacred and condemned to an eternal unlife. Treznor, along with his fellow soldiers who refused to submit their will, were tortured in a prison. 


  • Death Charge (first skill) – Treznor charges toward the enemy with the highest Attack Rating, dealing 220% damage to all targets that are in his path, knocking them backward and stunning them for 2 seconds in the process. Treznor then stops behind the target enemy and removes all protective shield effects they are currently using, and deals 240% damage to them, also knocking them backward. Treznor is immune to control effects while using this ability and the enemy target is unable to move. This ability prioritizes non-summoned entities

Lvl 2 – Damage dealt to target enemy is increased to 280%.

Lvl 3 – Damage dealt to target enemy is increased to 320%

Lvl 4 – Damage dealt to enemies in Treznor’s path is increased to 240%.

AFK Arena Treznor Guide by BlueStacks

  • Spear of Valor (second skill) – Treznor faces toward the direction where targetable enemies are standing and swipes at them with his spear, dealing 2 instances of 60% damage to the enemies in front of him.

Lvl 2 – Damage is increased to 280%

Lvl 3 – Damage is increased to 300%

Lvl 4 – Enemies that are struck are unable to be healed for the following 8 seconds.

AFK Arena Treznor Guide by BlueStacks

  • Soul Barricade (third skill) – While in a mounted position, every time Treznor deals 50% damage shall charge his mount with 15% energy. After the energy reaches 100%, it shall all be consumed to generate a shield that can mitigate 55% frontal damage over 10 seconds. This ability can be triggered once every 15 seconds. Treznor is immune to control effects while generating a shield.

Lvl 2 – Shield mitigates 70% frontal damage.

Lvl 3 – Shield mitigates 85% frontal damage. Lvl 4: Shield mitigates all frontal damage.

  • Purging Cleave (ultimate) – When Treznor’s health falls to 25% or below, he uses his spear to deal 500% AoE damage to a small area of enemies in front of him and then dismounts his horse, during which time he is immune to damage and control effects. While Treznor is dismounted he is only able to use his Ultimate ability and Normal Attacks. When this ability is actively used, Treznor will spin his spear around from a mounted position, knocking back and ‘knocking over nearby enemies, dealing 300% damage to them. While dismounted, Treznor swings his broken sword repeatedly at an enemy target 5 times, dealing 220% damage to them each time, with the final strike knocking them to the ground.

Lvl 2 – While Treznor is in a mounted position, the damage he deals with is increased to 360%.

Lvl 3 – While dismounted, the damage of each attack is increased to 240%.

AFK Arena Treznor Guide by BlueStacks

Signature Item

  • Blade of Promise (Oath of Faith) – Each time a shield is generated increases the Attack Ratings of Treznor and the closest 2 heroes by 40% for 6 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.

The amount of energy Treznor’s mount regenerates every second is increased by 3%. Can be unlocked at + 10.

The amount of energy! Treznor’s mount regenerates every second is increased by 5%. Can be unlocked at + 20.

While dismounted, Treznor is immune to damage and control effects for 4 seconds, and if his mount’s energy is fully recharged during this time, the duration of Treznor’s immunity is extended to 6 seconds. Can be unlocked at + 30.

Furniture Ability

Collect 3 out of 9 furniture to activate – While mounted, damage dealt by enemies can only reduce Treznor’s health down to 25% of his max health.

Collect 9 out of 9 furniture to activate – While dismounted, Treznor gains 30 Life Leech points, and his Energy regeneration is increased by 100%.

Heroes that can Synergize with Treznor

  • Alna – Alna the first winter from the celestial faction can do massive amounts of damage and can debuff the enemies very well so having Treznor in the front with his ability to survive can allow Alna to generate damage against the opponents.

AFK Arena Treznor Guide by BlueStacks

  • Mehira the mind cager – You can use Treznor as a shield for Mehira to ensure that she can activate her ultimate which summons 3 minions that can attack enemies and can heal which is great for sustainability.

AFK Arena Treznor Guide by BlueStacks

  • Kren – Kren from the Mauler faction can do continuous damage to the enemy team but Kren is a really squishy hero so if you pair him with Treznor that tank massive amount of damage and cannot be killed in a single hit and can knockback enemies towards you, Kren could surely hit like a truck.

AFK Arena Treznor Guide by BlueStacks

Many players liked the design of Treznor himself but disliked the design of his horse. Others even said that they will get him just for his design alone because they find him really cool. Which one of these kinds of players are you?