There are more than 100 characters in Aion: Legions of War. There’s no doubt about the fact that even the most experienced of gamers will initially feel a bit overwhelmed regarding this set-up. Because the game heavily relies on good combinations of heroes, the initial learning curve can be a bit too steep. Have no fear, though. We at BlueStacks did the research, the grinding, and the trials necessary to check which are the best heroes and why.

With this guide, you’ll find out the characters that are most likely going to help you win the game and stay on top of those leaderboards.

Strong Adventure Heroes

The following characters are most useful in the adventure section of the game wherein you explore certain regions as part of the story mission, in order to gain some equipment, or if you’re a completionist that has to have everything done perfectly.

1. Dark Ren

Dark Ren is one of your starter heroes and he will carry you through the whole game. His high survivability and DPS make sure that he is as good in PvE as he is in PvP. Completing the entire Act 4 of the story mission will enable you to awaken him for free, which is a much-welcomed reward, as the shards for evolving Dark heroes are incredibly hard to come by.

2. Leona

Another starter hero that’s good in both PvP and PvE is Leona. Her high DPS and massive ultimate, which you will unlock quite early in the story for free, make her a valuable addition to your 5-man team up until you get better 5-star heroes.

3. Fire Praedo

This one is actually a hidden gem. What makes Praedo so good is his leader ability. Albeit active only in story mode, the latter passively buffs your party with 30% more damage.

4. Tanku

As inoffensive as Tanku looks, he sure packs a great deal of value and survivability for your party. He’s the best early tank you can get due to an incredibly high block percentage, as well as his ability to shield the entire team.

5. Water Leah

Leah is widely acknowledged as one of the top three healers in the game. If she dies to a pesky assassin, she can always res herself, whereas her awakening ability pretty much overpowers her into being able to resurrect your entire party. If this were not enough, she can also help airborne heroes recover quickly.

6. Absalom

Although he doesn’t feature on everyone’s list, Absalom is quite amazing for endgame bosses due to his remove terror ability. Overall a strong healer, Absalom also has the ability to resurrect himself, much like Leah.

7. Fire Nora

If you find yourself lacking in DPS, Nora’s an amazing ranger choice.

8. Dreadnought

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by magical attacks, the Dreadnought is ready to step up with his noteworthy increase in the percentage of the team’s magical defence.

Overpowered PvP Heroes

You won’t get most of these heroes up until later in the game. However, when you do get your hands on one of these, either through summon shards, gems, or rare confinite, they’ll pull your entire team through.

1. Bloodfang

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Bloodfang is a double-knockdown capable hero that dishes out a ton of damage both to monsters and players alike. His leadership skill applies at all times and it basically provides extra defence to your entire team. Few melee heroes match his strength.

2. Odium

In terms of ranged heroes, none can rival Odium’s DPS output. His AoE nuke is a sight for sore eyes and is more than capable of turning around a bad fight. He gets a lot of stacking debuffs that amplify his damage the more the fight lasts. When faced against Odium, the only way to beat him is to finish him off as soon as possible.

3. Jorgen

Although not as strong as Odium, Jorgen can still do the job as a hidden AoE nuker. What he lacks for in damage, Jorgen compensates in versatility, as his debuffs can disarm melee heroes for up to 10 seconds. For PvP setups, he’s a must-have.

4. Candor

We’d take any Candor at any time, but the Light version truly surpasses any expectations. His ability that simultaneously shields and nukes the enemy team is a cornerstone of progression through next-to-impossible content. The fact that he also has a lot of HP and a taunt skill is the icing on top of an already amazing cake.

5. Cassius

Regardless of affinity, Cassius is a decent early-on choice due to his instant interrupt skill. Starting at three stars, many turn to him as a late-game PvP core when he happens to fall into the Dark affinity.

6. Viper

An often overlooked hero, Viper can easily be a PvP cornerstone due to his ability to stall the other team’s speed by prolonging their cooldowns. In the right circumstances, a Dark Viper is a veritable end-game boss for arena matches.

7. Milla

Either in the Wood or Water affinity, Milla is an effective back-line killer that can easily take care of a glass cannon or a pesky healer. Her ability to stun and silence enemies is a great plus, whereas her conceal ensures she can stay alive enough to take care of business.

Other Strong Characters

1. Velvet

Velvet’s special effects make her a favourite among certain PvPers. Although quite lacklustre as a healer, Velvet boasts numerous debuffs and can be useful in several counters.

2. Charlotte

Many refer to Charlotte as one of the best healers in-game. A good counter, as well as a removal tool, she pretty much ensures your party stays alive through hell and back.

The Road So Far

The game has seen numerous new heroes, so by no means should you take this as a final and definite list. As you play more and the game itself evolves, other noteworthy heroes are likely to enter the hall of best heroes in Aion. Although more time is needed in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses, Furvus and Myria are two such examples.

As we have already discussed in our BlueStacks playtime optimization guide, these characters are strictly keepers. The only way you’d want to use one of them for advancement is to upgrade a higher level, identical one. You can also read more about hero progression and other features on our dedicated BlueStacks guide.

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