It’s always an awesome thing when a game rolls out a new update. The thrill of discovering new elements, game modes, and characters as well as other items and gear is second to none. When it comes to gacha games like Aion: Legions of War, for example, some updates may offer new characters, each with their own unique skills, which can alter the meta and provide variety to the endgame (and even early game) builds.

Speaking of which, there’s a new update for this game, Aion, coming up shortly. According to the early previews, there are only a handful of changes, but they are significant enough to warrant our total attention. If you want to find out what’s coming in the next content update for this game, then look no further than this article.

Let’s get started!

Stat Reforging

Since this feature is technically not a part of the update, let’s get it out of the way.

In Aion: Legions of War, you can obtain gear such as weapons and armor to outfit your heroes. The said gear helps to increase your attributes and fighting power, and can even give you an edge when paired against an enemy with a similar team composition. However, when it comes to refined equipment, the stats of the gear you can create are usually random.

Each piece of gear has some base stats, which are outlined in white text. However, they also have other secondary stats, which are written in yellow text. These are the random stats that affix to every refined piece of gear, and that will determine their usefulness for the character in question. Currently, there’s no way to obtain the stats that you want, and if you get the wrong ones, then you’re stuck using suboptimal equipment.

With the arrival of stat reforging, you can use the new “Reforge Stones” to reroll the secondary stats for any piece of gear. These stones will become available as quest rewards and as purchasable items in the game’s premium bundles. While this is far from being the ultimate solution for randomized stat rolls, it gives players a chance to min-max their gear.

Lastly, the update is also making stat values easier to understand by modifying the tool tip info. Hopefully, this will make it easier to understand the weight of every stat increase and help players to devise their strategies accordingly. However, both the Stat Reforge and improved tool tips won’t come with the other features of the content update; it will be made available shortly after.


And now, the main attraction!

Rift is a brand new game mode that allows players and their guilds to dive into new grid-based dungeons in search of perils and riches. Up to 50 players can join up in this game mode and tackle the challenges that await in the rift.

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The objective is to travel through the grids to find and defeat the Rift Sentinel. Along the way, players can pick up Heavenly Relics to increase their strength. However, before challenging the main enemy,  they must also locate the Sealed Altars, which give buffs to the Rift Sentinel, and defeat the bosses guarding it. The players who fall in combat can be revived by their teammates but only through the use of a special item, Eustiel’s Grace. If you’re familiar with the game, this feature resembles somewhat the Arcane Labyrinth from AFK Arena, though we’ll have to wait until it actually launches to know for sure.

Once the rift is explored, and the sentinel lies defeated, all participating players will earn handsome rewards including Aether and Heroic Equipment. However, keep in mind that, as you progress, your heroes will become weary so having a large group is essential for covering the most ground possible. As such, these prizes will likely remain out of reach for all but the strongest guilds as many hands are required in order to completely explore each rift dungeon.


Do you have tons of heroes that are already maxed-out and gathering dust in your roster? With the upcoming Fate system, you’ll find a whole new aspect to keep improving and strengthening your characters. This feature is only available for heroes of 4* and above, and consists of exclusive quest lines that ultimately end up rewarding players with stat increases and other helpful goodies.

The beauty behind this feature is the longevity that it’ll provide to the game. Not only do you stand to increase the stats of each hero of 4* and above, you’ll also discover more of their stories and help them to grow stronger in more ways than one. However keep in mind that, as we mentioned above, each hero has unique requirements, which can go from recruiting a certain unit to your roster or defeating a specific foe, to acquiring a specific piece of gear, among others.

The new Aion: Legions of War update is shaping out to be awesome. We can’t wait until it releases to experience the wide slew of features that is has to offer. What do you like most about the new update? Let us know in the comments below!

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