The shelter survival games have been gathering momentum of late, with titles like Hustle Castle in the past making a name for themselves in the market and amassing quite a player base. In the case of Hustle Castle developers,, this company has already graced us with many different games. From zombie survival games and RPGs, to shelter development and MMORPGs, this is one company that has given us a wide variety of games. However, as it turns out, the folks at just released a new game based on the hit animated TV show, American Dad.

How to Win at American Dad! Apocalypse Soon on PC Using BlueStacks

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is the latest installment in’s catalog, which borrows many elements from Hustle Castle. This game is set in Langley Falls, the town where all the characters from American Dad reside, and which is the target of an alien invasion by creatures hellbent on brainwashing all the residents and making them do their bidding. Luckily, our hero, Stan Smith, is immune to their influence and is among the few people who has resisted their psychological warfare.

Now, as one of the lucky few to stay sane, it’s up to you to take control of Stan Smith and, alongside, Roger, his trusted alien sidekick, take the fight back to the aliens, and liberate Langley Falls from their grasp! To do this, though, you’ll first have to tidy up your house and turn it into a base of operations from which you can generate your resources, train your troops, and send them out to battle.

How to Win at American Dad! Apocalypse Soon on PC Using BlueStacks

However, any good base commander worth their salt uses only the very best tools for the job. In the case of American Dad Apocalypse Now, you can play it on your PC using BlueStacks to greatly enhance your enjoyment of the game. However, aside from playing on your big monitor, on your comfy gaming chair, and with your awesome peripherals, our Android emulator also has several tools that you can use to further elevate your gameplay.

Why Play on BlueStacks?

Gaming on your phone is great for many reasons, particularly for those who are always on the go. There’s nothing like having a few minutes to spare, pulling out your phone, and gaming for a bit before heading out. It’s great for doing something while passing the time. However, what about if you’re home with nothing to do? Will you subject yourself to playing on your phone with a small screen, or would you rather game on your powerful gaming PC?

How to Win at American Dad! Apocalypse Soon on PC Using BlueStacks

With BlueStacks, you no longer have to suffer from the limitations of your phone, and can enjoy playing mobile games on your PC, with all the benefits that come with it. These include playing on a larger monitor, as well as using your mouse instead of having to fumble on your phone screen trying to tap the right buttons.

Additionally, aside from the inherent benefits of playing on your PC, you can also find many tools at your disposal when playing on BlueStacks.

Play American Dad! Apocalypse Soon on BlueStacks

For American Dad! Apocalypse Soon, you will likely benefit greatly from our Keymapping Tool. Since this game is played mostly through menus rather than intense action, having all these screens just a button tap away can help to speed up the process of developing your base. Moreover, by being able to access the map with just a few button taps, you can also save a lot of time when clearing the stages of the campaign.

How to Win at American Dad! Apocalypse Soon on PC Using BlueStacks

Take a look at the image above to see how we configured our controls. With this setup, we can literally access any menu using only our keyboard, without having to manually click on any icons. For more randomized menus such as the enemy base icon that appear in different spots on the map, you can simply click on them. However, by adding shortcuts to every menu, you’re already saving a lot of time while also streamlining your experience with American Dad.

Automate Resource Gathering With BlueStacks Macros

In American Dad! Apocalypse Soon, you’ll need to periodically gather your resources when your storehouses are full. This is because, when the production storage is full, you can’t keep producing anymore, which would grind productivity of your base to a halt. However, you’re not always available to manually gather your resources and, while you can purchase a pet in game that would take care of these matters for you, wouldn’t you rather have it for free?

How to Win at American Dad! Apocalypse Soon on PC Using BlueStacks

With our BlueStacks Macros, you can record certain command sequences, and then reproduce them by pressing a button. In American Dad, you can record yourself gathering all your resources, and then reproduce this same action by pressing the corresponding key. Furthermore, you can configure these macros to repeat themselves after a certain time has passed. This means that you can setup your macros so that it automatically gathers materials a few hours after initially activating them.

How to Win at American Dad! Apocalypse Soon on PC Using BlueStacks

Imagine leaving for work with American Dad running on your PC with BlueStacks, and activating a macro so that, 5 hours after you leave, it automatically gathers all your cash and food. When you come back a few hours later, you’ll find your characters still hard at work producing resources—the way it’s meant to be.

And these two tools are only a taste of what BlueStacks has to offer when playing American Dad! Apocalypse Soon on PC. For these and many other reasons, BlueStacks is the ideal platform for enjoying your favorite Android games. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave us a comment in the section below!

How to Win at American Dad! Apocalypse Soon on PC Using BlueStacks

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