Seldom do we see a game gain generational success in just a matter of time, a magnanimous rise to cross into the mainstream and become the talk of the town. Among Us though, has surpassed even the biggest of expectations, growing from a fad to creating a fandom of its own.

The latest update finally brought along a sense of belonging, with a personal accounting system, a battle-pass like tiered system, level-ups and achievements. But, the best part of the update was expanding the horizon of what being a crewmate and an impostor means, with new roles such as the Shapeshifter, Guardian Angel, Scientist and Engineer.

How to Become the Ultimate Saviour in Among Us with the New Guardian Angel Role

While all other roles might be inspired from some public mod or the other, Guardian Angel could be the only originally conceptualised role to be added by Innersloth. This Among Us role allows a crewmate to be useful even after getting eliminated or killed during the lobby, thus helping maintain the flow of interest in the eliminated players and preventing disconnects to an extent.

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A Guardian Angel is a role bestowed upon someone who dies or gets eliminated. The role once assigned, allows the said dead crewmate to protect a fellow crewmate from the impostor. The protect button when used on a crewmate, equips him with an invisible shield for a certain period of time.

The shield either goes away after the time lapses or shatters if the impostor tries to kill the said crewmate. This guide helps you on your journey to be the saviour of every Among Us lobby.

1. Read the Room

Once you are the Guardian Angel, you have to look at each incident on the map, read movements across the map, hear the conversations during the emergency meetings and the normal meetings to decide who to protect and when.

You also have to remember the shield only protects the crewmate for so long, making the timing of using the protect button that much important. Also, try and avoid shielding the suspects, for one of them could be the impostor. And, you would never want to protect an impostor, would you? Not that it would be useful to the impostor in any way other than your protect shield going to waste and being on cooldown for the next few seconds.

2. Memorize the Memories

Another thing you have to do during the lobby is recall everything that happened before you became the Guardian Angel, keep track of who the suspects are and who might be on to something.

This will allow you to use your protection right away if needed and make decisions with clear intent.

3. Prioritize the Closeted Crewmates

How to Become the Ultimate Saviour in Among Us with the New Guardian Angel Role

You also have to keep guessing and keeping an eye on who the Scientists or Engineers are. Perhaps, they will reveal themselves during the meetings themselves. But, you cannot ask them to come forward since dead crewmates are not allowed to talk.

So, in cases where no one comes forward, you have to identify them and prioritize protecting them just in case. Also, in case someone does come forward to identify themselves as an Engineer, you have to double-check whether he is what he says or is an impostor masquerading as the Engineer.

There are cases where other crewmates need more protection depending on the conversation during the meetings, so always know whom to prioritize and when.

4. Escape the Emotions

Guardian Angels should always remember the past, when they were a mere crewmate. However, after their mortality, they have access to the entire map as a ghost. So, it would be wise to double-clear any of the crewmates you cleared while you were alive, for you have more access to information than before.

This helps in preventing the marination of other crewmates. Always prioritize updated information over what you have gathered in the past.

5. The Protection fallacy

Sometimes, the illusion of threat is bigger than the actual threat. Hence, even if you don’t have enough information to protect someone, use it right away to prove your existence, with the idea of someone being protected popping up at the start of the meeting enough to scare the impostor into being more careful.

This also acts as pseudo communication to the lobby and other roles like Scientist and Engineer that there is a Guardian Angel, so they feel more comfortable in revealing themselves to the lobby.

There is lots that can be done with the Guardian Angel role and we hope this guide helps you on your way to becoming the star saviour.

You can also Play Among Us in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!