Innersloth already teased the addition of the Shapeshifter role in the upcoming Among Us update during the Halloween celebration. However, the latest mega-update is an unprecedented one, featuring a lot of new roles, account linking and leveling up mechanism, in-game currency, cosmic cubes, a store, and more for the enthusiasts. 


Cosmicubes are purchasable commodities where users can incur Beans, the in-game currency that users will acquire through gameplay and XP, or Stars, the currency that can only be topped up with real money. 

Cosmicubes are basically cubes that contain sets of cosmetics. When a certain cosmic cube is purchased or unlocked, so to say, through the currency, users can then unlock the content within the said cosmic cube by earning pods through gameplay. Each cosmic cube will have a different pod attached to it and pods cannot be transferred between two cosmic cubes.

Cosmicubes are a brilliant way of adding more free and premium cosmetics in the game for Among Us enthusiasts to enjoy while also generating some revenue through the freemium model.

In-game Currencies

There are basically four in-game currencies that have been introduced – Beans, Stars, Pods and XP. Beans are only acquired through gameplay and completing certain objectives and achievements. Stars, on the other hand, need to be purchased with real money. Pods are exclusive to each cosmic cube and can only be earned if a cosmic cube is activated. Pods, like Beans, are accredited based on gameplay. XP is the experience gained, once again, based on gameplay. However, XP will only be concerned with character leveling and granting bonuses and multiplies to increase Pod and Bean earnings through matches. 

There is one restriction across platforms. Despite the introduction of the account linking feature, stars, pods and beans earned or purchased on Nintendo Switch are not transferable or will only be visible on the device. However, down the line, Pods and beans will become transferable while stars still remain exclusive to the Switch.


Coming to the most important part of the update, roles have been introduced by the developers for the Among Us community to enjoy without the need for mods. Currently, four roles have been added – Scientist, Shapeshifter, Engineer, and Guardian Angel.

Among Us Introduces New Roles, Account Linking System and More in Latest Mega Update

Shapeshifter has already been teased and is a role that grants impostors the power to shapeshift or turn into one of the remaining crewmates during that round. It has a timer and also leaves behind shapeshifting evidence that can be seen by crewmates. 

The scientist is a crewmate that has access to the vitals of the entire crew at all times and can see whether a death has occurred or not by accessing the vitals. The Scientist must complete tasks to recharge the battery of the vitals screen that he has access to.

An Engineer is a crewmate that can access the VENTS. Yes, a crewmate that can access the vents just like an impostor. As for the Guardian Angel role, it is given to one of the dead crewmates who can then cast a shield of protection around one of the remaining crewmates that prevents the impostor from killing the protected for one attempt, which adds more spice to the entire gameplay.

All of these roles are customizable in the lobby as to the max number of such roles the group wants in their lobby and the probability of it appearing once the match loads. 

Account Linking, Achievements and more!

Account Linking has arrived, which means cross-device account maintenance. However, players must read the directions carefully so as to not override the wrong account. Once the accounts are linked, all the in-game currency, achievements, and every other statistic will be stored across the devices under a single account. As mentioned above, Nintendo Switch will have certain restrictions around the in-game currencies, for now.

Among Us Introduces New Roles, Account Linking System and More in Latest Mega Update

Achievements will be available on all platforms that have them and all statistics that have a bearing on achievements will be stored or linked to your account.

Certain controller changes have also come into effect, with keyboard and controller players getting access to easier and cleaner controls to enable efficiency during the game.

All in all, this Among Us mega update looks set to be popular, especially with the festivities right around the corner. Brace yourselves for another winter barrage of content in and around Among Us!