There are few games that involve teamplay as much as Among Us does. In fact, we’d say that playing as a team is closely tied to the game’s core design. Regardless of if you’re a crewmate or an impostor, you need to collaborate closely with your team, either to complete your tasks, or to deceive them and create a false sense of security, only to pull the rug from right under their feet and eliminate them from the match. Learn more about how to optimize your Among Us experience on PC.

Among Us on Mac and PC - BlueStacks Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

While most of your success (or failures) in this game will stem directly from your interactions with the other players, there are some things that you can do on your end to improve your odds of success. Namely, playing Among Us on PC with BlueStacks nets you an inherent advantage since you’ll be able to play on a much larger screen than the one on your phone, while also controlling your character with your keyboard, allowing you to get around and complete tasks much faster. Furthermore, as we mentioned in our beginner’s guide, you also get to play the game on PC for free, whereas you’d usually have to pay for the Steam version, so there’s that.

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In this guide, however, we’ll take a deeper dive on the things you can achieve by playing Among Us on BlueStacks as well as give some useful tips and tricks for general gameplay.

Let’s begin!

Run Around Faster and Easier With the Keymapping Tool

One of the best parts about BlueStacks is its Keymapping Tool, which gives you the ability to control all your favorite mobile games using your mouse and keyboard. This means that, instead of swiping and tapping on your phone screen to control the action, you’d be using your PC peripherals with much better success and precision.

Among Us on Mac and PC - BlueStacks Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

Simply put, the Keymapping Tool is a BlueStacks feature that allows you to create custom control schemes for any mobile game. At its most basic, you can walk around the map using the WASD keys and interact with objects using other buttons. However, this feature also allows you to freely place additional shortcuts and bindings on any part of the screen, giving you greater control over your game using only your keyboard.

For Among Us, this means that, while you have superior control in-game, you can also enjoy better navigation while browsing menus or completing certain tasks. And as you continue to play and grow familiarized with the different assignments you need to complete in every match, you can add more shortcuts to the screen that will allow you to complete most tasks using your keyboard, saving you precious time and bringing you much closer to victory.

To access the Keymapping Tool, you simply need to run the game, and press Ctrl + Shift + A. In this screen, you can freely modify the existing bindings, or even add new ones by dragging the predefined functions on the rightmost panel to any part of the screen and linking them to a button in your mouse or keyboard.

You can also Play Among Us in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

Among Us on Mac and PC - BlueStacks Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

We recommend taking your time to familiarize yourself with the keyboard controls, after which you’ll have a much easier time getting around the different maps and become a much better crewmate or impostor because of it.

Automate Certain Repetitive Tasks With the Macro Recorder

Now, when it comes to the meat of the actual game, most of the fun in Among Us doesn’t come from completing the different assignments that you’re given as a crewmate or impostor, but from the interactions with other players and the intrigue as you try to stay alive and figure out who the murderer is.

As a crewmate, the tasks themselves are a bit on the simple side, if not a bit repetitive. From swiping your keycard in consoles, filling up gas containers to refuel the engine, and cleaning out trash chutes, to scanning your biometrics in the Medbay or diverting power to certain rooms, among many others. These tasks are usually very simple to complete, often taking just one or two clicks. Nevertheless, you’ll always want to do it as fast as possible in order to stay focused on figuring out who the killer is. After all, you can’t really see what’s going around you if you’re stuck interacting with a console or control panel.

Among Us on Mac and PC - BlueStacks Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

The BlueStacks Macro Recorder allows you to streamline certain tasks by essentially letting our emulator do them for you. The way this works is that you can record yourself doing them once, and then using the resulting macro to automate it in every subsequent attempt.

These macros are particularly useful for certain tasks that require precision such as swiping your keycard. While the assignment itself is not complicated at all, it requires a bit of finesse since swiping it too fast or too slow will result in failure. However, if you record yourself doing it right just once, you can just the macro to get it right in every subsequent attempt with the simple press of a button.

Tips and Tricks for Winning

While the fun of the game is mostly in its journey and not so much the destination, there are a few tips that you can follow to improve your odds of success.

  1. As a Crewmate
    • A good way to orient yourself around the ship, at least in the beginning, is by following the yellow arrow that points you to the closest objective. That way, you don’t have to rely on your map as often and can keep your eyes peeled for the killer.
  2. Try to complete visual tasks in view of other crewmates to prove your innocence, since impostors can’t complete these tasks. Visual assignments include “Clear Asteroids”, “Submit Scan”, “Prime Shields”, and “Empty Garbage”. Similarly, pay attention if players are trying to fake completing these tasks since it’ll most likely indicate they’re the impostor. Call for an emergency meeting immediately if you spot this.

Among Us on Mac and PC - BlueStacks Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

  1. In the same vein, if you’ve seen someone completing a visual task, and they’ve seen you completing one as well, then stick together as much as possible as you’ve both proved your innocence and can collaborate in finding the killer.
  2. As an Impostor
    • Don’t EVER try to fake completing a visual task, especially in view of another crewmate since this is a dead giveaway to your true identity.
  3. A good way to earn people’s trust is by fixing a room that you’ve sabotaged. To this end, if you sabotage the lights, you can waltz on over to the electrical room and fix them yourself. This should buy you a bit of trust from other crewmates.

Among Us on Mac and PC - BlueStacks Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

  1. Avoid following crewmates too much as they might get suspicious and call for an emergency meeting to eject you from the game.
  2. Try to build a case against your crewmates to shift the blame on them instead of you. To this end, accuse them of closing doors or of loitering in rooms without doing anything. However, this can work against you at times if there were witnesses to disprove your claims. Regardless, if you play it cool, you can still get away with falsely accusing someone by claiming it was a mistake.
  3. Whenever possible, try to sabotage the O2 or reactor rooms, and pick off the crewmates that rush to fix them. These two rooms are important since you will automatically win if the crew doesn’t fix them in time, guaranteeing that at least one member will swing by to fix them.

Among Us on Mac and PC - BlueStacks Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

These are just a few tips and tricks that you can use in Among Us to win every match. Remember, the most important part is to always keep your cool, both to prove your innocence as a crewmate, or to shift the blame on others as an impostor. Feel free to share your own tips in the section below!

You can also Play Among Us in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!