Are you ready to ride into battle with your battalion of heavily-armored tanks and take the fight to your enemy’s doorstep using heavy gunfire, airstrikes, artillery, and a whole slew of tactics and strategies? If so, you’re in luck as this is exactly what you must do in Armor Age: Tank Wars.

Beginner’s Guide for Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC

In this strategy game, you must take the role of a commander in charge of a unit of armored vehicles, and you must deploy your tanks to complete the objectives and defeat the enemy in every stage. Tank Wars plays like an RTS game where you deploy a number of tanks in every stage, and then must command them to engage and defeat the enemy units. You can order your units to move to certain positions and to focus their fire on certain enemies, and can even use special skills like ordering airstrikes to weaken an enemy unit before having your tanks sweep the area.

There’s quite a lot to this game, especially when compared to other, more simplistic RTS titles since there are also lots of RPG elements through which you can upgrade your tanks and increase their proficiency in combat. Today, however, we’re going to start by explaining the basics as well as a give a few tips for those who are just starting out in this awesome strategy game.

Beginner’s Guide for Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC

Combat Basics

The battles in Tank Wars take place in real-time, with your tanks automatically engaging the enemy as soon as they’re in range. Your job is to control each individual unit and give them orders to outmaneuver and defeat the enemy and complete the objective in every stage. However, these objectives usually involve a lot of combat and, while your tanks automatically shoot at the enemy when in range, there’s more to fighting in this game than simply sitting back and letting your units fight on their own.

The very first element that you’ll need to consider in combat is vision. Specifically, the battlefield is always covered by fog of war, and you can only see the immediate areas around your tanks. This means that, if you’re not careful, you might just walk right into an ambush and lose the round in a matter of seconds. Luckily, some tanks have better vision than others. Light tanks, for instance, usually have the best vision of them all, while heavy tanks and antitank units can’t see nearly as far. Medium tanks, however, are a happy mix of the two, sporting decent firepower, mobility, and vision.

Beginner’s Guide for Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC

A good scouting tank is a great addition to any team as, not only are they fast, they can also peer far into the distance, revealing enemy encampments and ambushes far before you run into them.

When you select a single unit, you’ll notice two rings around the tank, a yellow and a red ring. The former represents the tank’s field of vision. Any enemy that comes within this circle will be spotted immediately. However, the latter represents the tank’s attack range. This means that, while you can spot an enemy from great distances, you will need to move into range before being able to engage them.

Play Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC

This brings us to our next point, range. Like with vision, every type of tank has a different attack range, which makes them suited for different purposes. Antitank units, for example, usually have very long attack range, being able to destroy even the heaviest of enemies from afar. However, they are also very weak in terms of defenses and can get rushed easily if left unguarded. Medium tanks offer a good balance between range, power, and speed, while their heavy counterparts are deficient in all aspects except defenses and firepower. This last type of tank is ideal for rushing enemy encampments and engaging your foes head-on.

Beginner’s Guide for Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC

Tank Types

Once you’re in range, your tanks will automatically engage the nearest enemy. The damage is determined both by the level of your tanks, as well as their types. For instance, light tanks are among the weakest in terms of firepower, which they make up for in speed and maneuverability. Heavy tanks, on the other hand, are slower, but have much more durability and firepower. The true powerhouses, however, are antitank units, which have the weakest defenses, but the highest firepower and range.

Here’s a quick rundown on the four tank types in Tank Wars:

Beginner’s Guide for Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC

1. Light Tanks

Fast mobility and a wide range of vision. Ideal for scouting and flanking.

2. Medium Tanks

Balanced units, which offer average numbers all across the board. They can specialize in certain areas by activating their unique skills once their level is high enough.

3. Heavy Tanks

Slow, heavy, and easily outmaneuvered. However, Heavy tanks are the strongest units in terms of defenses and offer decent firepower to boot.

4. Antitanks

These tanks have similar durability to their medium counterparts, but have terrible speed and maneuverability. However, they’re absolute monsters when it comes to range and firepower. In fact, they’re the strongest tanks in the game in terms of sheer damage output. However, they are quite fragile and easily outmaneuvered, so you always have to leave them in the back and keep them well-guarded from flankers.

Tank Skills

As we said above, Tank Wars is not just about riding and gunning; there’s also an RPG aspect present in the form of tank skills that you can unlock when your units reach certain levels. These skills can significantly increase the effectiveness of your units, with some even changing the way they behave entirely. For instance, the light tank you receive in the tutorial, the BT-5, has a skill that increases its field of vision a bit if the tank has stayed immobile for at least 5 seconds. This skill further increases the tank’s effectiveness as a scout unit.

Beginner’s Guide for Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC

In order to activate a tank skill, you must first upgrade the unit to the levels specified in the tank info screen. For example, the Churchill III requires Commander level 4, Driver level 2, Loader level 4, and Gunner level 1 in order to activate its Field Maintenance skill.

While most tanks have skills that, once activated, can magnify some of their advantages, others have skills that can actually change the way they behave in battle or give them added versatility. For instance, the Panzer II light tank can increase the damage of nearby allies as long as it has an enemy within its range of vision. And considering light tanks have lots of vision, it’s quite likely that you’ll have this skill activated at all times.

Beginner’s Guide for Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC

Understanding the uses of each tank type, as well as how skills can affect their performance in battle is a key aspect to winning in Tank Wars. Luckily, with the info we’ve shared in this guide, you’re now ready to roll into the battlefield and defeat anyone who stands in your way.

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