Armor Age: Tank Wars is an interesting game that embodies the spirit of the RTS genre, with plenty of different and unique units deployed onto the field and battling against the enemy in true real-time. In order to win, you must closely monitor your tanks and issue orders to make them move across the field, engaging the enemy whenever they run into them. However, unlike most mobile RTS games out there, it’s not enough to just order your tanks to attack; you must also make important decisions about several elements in order to outsmart your foes and stay alive.

Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

Suffice to say, the combat in Tank Wars is quite complex, comparatively speaking, and merits an entire article of its own, which is why we decided to write this guide. In here, you’ll find five awesome combat tips that you can apply to any stage in Tank Wars, and emerge victorious even on the first try.

1. Scout With Your Light Tanks

In Tank Wars, the different types of tanks are suited to various purposes. In the case of light tanks, that purpose happens to be scouting and reconnaissance instead of fighting head-on. While some light tanks can be good flankers, these units are usually all about speed, maneuverability, and vision as they can spot enemies far before they are spotted themselves. Some tanks, like the BT-5 you receive from the tutorial, even have special skills that can increase their fields of vision, further improving their performance as recon units.

Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

Whenever you’re incursioning into a new level that you’ve never explored before, make sure to explore using your light tanks exclusively. A good idea would be to select these light units and take baby steps towards the unknown. If you’re careful enough, you will spot every single enemy tank before they’re able to see you, which will help to avoid ambushes and perhaps even set up your own traps. However, don’t let the enemy catch your light tanks without support as these units are flimsier than wet toilet paper and are quickly dispatched if caught off guard.

2. Use the Tactical Pause Mode

Luckily, if you DO get caught off guard, there’s a way to take a step back and regroup. The tactical pause option is ideal for stopping the action and giving you time to examine the battlefield in order to make the best decisions. This feature is like your regular pause function, with the main difference being that you can actually select your units and issue orders while the game is paused, which your units will carry out once unpaused.

Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

The tactical pause feature is best used during intense firefights where you need to make adjustments to your approach, as well as for minimizing damage from an ambush since you can just stop everything and issue the appropriate orders for the situation, without the pressure of having to act in real-time.

For best results, we recommend using the keyboard shortcuts assigned to the different combat functions, courtesy of the Keymapping Tool. By default, we’ve assigned the tactical pause feature to the Spacebar. In this sense, whenever you run into some baddies, make sure to press the Spacebar and take your time in order to make the best decisions.

Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

3. Face Enemies Head-On

While your tanks attack the enemy automatically when in range, there’s more to combat in Tank Wars than simply letting them duke it out until one of them lies defeated. Specifically, the direction in which your units are facing affects the damage they receive from the enemy.

Play Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC

Your tanks are the strongest when taking hits from the front, and weakest when getting shot in the rear armor. This is important to know as, when your tanks are moving into position, they can sometimes turn their backs at the enemy and engage them with a disadvantage. In order to maximize your survivability, make sure that your tanks are always facing towards the enemy when engaging them.

Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

You can always tell the directions your tanks are facing by looking at the green arrow on the ground around them.

4. Flank Your Opponents Whenever Possible

Conversely, a good strategy is to, whenever possible, flank the enemy and hit them from the sides or rear for extra damage.

Due to the inherent differences between the various tank types, some units are better suited for flanking than others. For instance, heavy tanks are slow and maneuver poorly; they exist only to absorb damage and keep the enemies distracted for the most part. However, your light and medium tanks, while not as strong as others, maneuver quite well and are suited for flanking strategies.

Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

Of course, flanking is not always necessary. However, when dealing with certain heavily-armored foes, the damage bonus that you get from attacking enemies in the flanks or rear will help considerably to speed things along.

5. Make Good Use of Your Airstrikes

In some stages, you’ll come across crates that contain airstrikes, which you can deploy in any location, at any time. While the airstrikes themselves aren’t too strong, they can help to whittle down foes across wide areas, weakening them enough so that your tanks can roll in and clean house.

Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

A good airstrike can usually mean the difference between a crushing defeat and an easy win, especially when fighting against enemies that are hunkered down in well-guarded locations and chokepoints that prevent your units from engaging them all at once, significantly limiting your damage output. For best results, try to use your airstrikes against several enemies that are bunched together instead of on individual units.

Of all the tools at your disposal when it comes to the combat in Tank Wars, the tactical pause is one of the most useful features in this strategy game. By using it, along with the other tips and tricks that we’ve shared in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to victory at every turn.

Armor Age: Tank Wars on PC - Combat Tips and Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

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