The newest turn-based RPG by BILIBILI, the china based developer is none other than Artery Gear: Fusion, a waifu-collector RPG that follows an apocalyptic storyline set in distant future of planet Earth. The game features an array of a unique and beautiful set of mechanized girls which are called “Mechas” in official game terms and each of the mechas has a set of skills and abilities which are animated with special visual effects. Artery Gear: Fusion is set to release on 14th June 2022 for the global region as a free-to-play game on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. 

A Thorough Beginner’s Guide for New Players Starting in Artery Gear: Fusion

To give players a context of the story in Artery Gear: Fusion, a foreign alien species has decided to invade Earth and the current available machinery/weapons are ineffective against them. Calling themselves “Puppets”, these enemies of humanity are unable to reproduce so they inject a Puppet Seed inside humans to convert them into Puppets. With more than 50% of humanity already converted into puppets, the rest of the humans have collaborated and shared technology to form Artery Gear (AG), which is an administered organizational unit comprising of female warriors dedicated to destroying the Puppets. The player role-plays as the commander of the AG unit and he/she is tasked with training and recruiting the female warriors.

A Thorough Beginner’s Guide for New Players Starting in Artery Gear: Fusion

Artery Gear: Fusion stands out from other similar game titles but the core gameplay remains the same fun and casual turn-based style that we love. The game can be closely compared to the likes of Epic Seven or Summoners War strictly in terms of gameplay style and progression but it distinguishes itself by adding a multitude of Quality-of-Life features that are never seen before in turn-based gacha games. The game has a system called AFK Auto-Repeat which lets players farm the grindy stages an infinite number of times on repeat and this grind continues even after players close the application. Other distinguishable features include the amazing graphics and unique character designs which comprise of only female characters. The game runs on a full 60 FPS and we highly recommend installing and playing Artery Gear: Fusion on your PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse. 

In this beginner’s guide for Artery Gear: Fusion, we will be covering all the basic systems available in the game which are important to make progress and get stronger in-game.

The Summoning System

Artery Gear: Fusion is a gacha game that makes use of the different probabilities to collect the different rarities of mechas in-game. Players summon on the different summoning banners that are available at the start of the game and each mecha has a rarity attached to it. The different banners in Artery Gear: Fusion is as follows:

A Thorough Beginner’s Guide for New Players Starting in Artery Gear: Fusion

  • Beginner Recruitment Banner – Players can summon 3-5 Star Mechas but only a maximum of 10 times at the start of the game and players are guaranteed at least a single 5-Star on each try. Players can repeat this process infinitely until they are satisfied with their recruit. Only 1 5-Star hero can be summoned per roll, so do not waste time by trying to get multiple 5-Stars. 
  • Normal Summoning Banner – Players can summon 3–5 Star Mechas on this banner and this banner remains online forever.
  • Event Summoning Banner – Players can summon 3-5 Star Mechas on this banner and the specific rate-up Mecha on the banner have a higher chance of being summoned. These banners usually feature the newest Mecha. There is usually an expiry date for these event banners, particularly when the event ends.
  • Elite Recruitment Order Banner – Players can summon 3-5 Star Mechas on this banner and the specific rate-up Mecha on the banner have a higher chance of being summoned. These banners are similar to Event recruitment banners except the featured mechas are not new.

Players can summon different rarity of Mechas at different rates available in the game from the above-mentioned 4 banners. The rates vary depending on the rarity of the Mecha being summoned with the highest rarity Mechas having the lowest probability of being summoned while the lowest rarity Mechas having the highest probability of being summoned. The currencies used for summoning on these banners are called Gems and Gacha tickets. These gacha tickets come in different types, depending on the banner. For example, the Event recruitment order banner uses the event recruitment tickets that are available either through using Gems to purchase them or by clearing the different event missions. 

A Thorough Beginner’s Guide for New Players Starting in Artery Gear: Fusion

Luckily for players who do not like spending and want a guaranteed way to get their hands on their favorite mechas, Artery Gear: Fusion has a special pity system attached to it. The Pity system in Artery Gear: Fusion works in this way:

  • Hard Pity: Players are guaranteed to obtain a 5-Star mecha within 200 summons. They are not automatically given to the player, rather a currency called Event Order tickets are handed to players for each summon they make on the banners. Players can redeem 200 of these event order tickets to get any 5-Star mecha featured on the redeem shop.
  • Soft Pity: A soft pity exists in Artery Gear: Fusion where players are guaranteed to summon at least a 4-Star Mecha in the first 10 summons they make on every new event recruitment order banner or elite recruitment order banner. 

Understanding the Major Currencies in Artery Gear: Fusion

If you have started playing Artery Gear: Fusion, there’s a good chance you are aware of the different currencies that are required to play the game. Currencies play a major part in dictating the pace of your progression, especially in the early game for new players when all of the major currencies are available in abundance. These major currencies are limited and can either be refilled over time or can be purchased. A majority of the gacha games and/or online service-based games use these currency systems to limit the progress any individual player can make. In Artery Gear: Fusion, we will be taking a look at the 3 main currencies used for making progression in-game:

  • Stamina
  • Gold
  • Gems

A Thorough Beginner’s Guide for New Players Starting in Artery Gear: Fusion

Stamina is one of the most used major currencies in Artery Gear: Fusion as it is required to play a majority of the PvE game modes. The importance of Stamina further increases as Artery Gear: Fusion supports AFK farming which means players need a constant supply of Stamina in order to carry out these AFK auto-repeats. Stamina is refilled either automatically over a period of time or can be purchased using Gems. Players can also get Stamina from Stamina supply boxes which are available as rewards through different quests, event rewards, etc.

Gold is also a major currency in Artery Gear: Fusion as well as the most abundantly available one in-game. Players can purchase a lot of things with Gold in the Mystery Shop. However, the main use of Gold remains to upgrade your mechas and train them. Almost all of the enhancing processes consume gold and large quantities of it are required when your Mechas are at a high level. Gold is primarily obtained through quests, missions, event rewards, story stages, daily resource challenges, etc.

A Thorough Beginner’s Guide for New Players Starting in Artery Gear: Fusion

Gems are one of the most if not the most premium currency in Artery Gear: Fusion. Players can acquire Gems abundantly at the start of the game but this acquisition rate depletes as they progress farther into the game with less story content to clear. Gems are primarily obtained through purchasing packs, missions, quests, maintenance rewards, main story stages, etc.

Make your Mechas Stronger in Artery Gear: Fusion

Mechas in Artery Gear: Fusion is your bread and butter in order to progress fast in-game. To progress faster, players would need to have a strong formation of 4 Mechas that are well trained and equipped with strong gear. In the beginning, players will only have access to 1 or 2 5-Star Mechas, depending on how their rerolling process went. The game gives a free copy of the 5-Star unit that can help clear the early game content and act as a fodder farmer due to her powerful AOE damaging skills. Players can level up 4 different mechas to create their first strong formation and focus on clearing the main story content.  

A Thorough Beginner’s Guide for New Players Starting in Artery Gear: Fusion

However, as they progress further into the game, they will need more and more mechas to make more formations for different content – Arena, Target Elimination Bosses, etc. There are various methods to empower and enhance your Mechas like the following:

  • Leveling Up
  • Ranking Up
  • Limit Break
  • Tech Node
  • Skill Enhancement
  • Gear

Leveling Up is one of the most important ways to enhance your Mechas and make them stronger. Each Mecha has a specific level limit and they cannot be leveled beyond that level. This is because of the Star value of each Mecha. Mechas can be leveled from Level 1 up to a maximum of Level 60 depending on their current Star rarity. For example, a 5-Star Mecha can be leveled up to a maximum of Level 50 while a 6-Star Mecha can be levelled up to a maximum of Level 60. Leveling up directly increases the base stats of the mechas exponentially and is the best method for making them stronger in the early game. 

A Thorough Beginner’s Guide for New Players Starting in Artery Gear: Fusion

Ranking Up your Mechas is also a very direct and important way of making your mechas stronger. It is often considered a whale/pay-to-win method since it requires the player to use the duplicate of that particular mecha in order to increase her base stats. This base stat increase depends from mecha to mecha. For example, an Attacker mecha will rank up its Attack base stat. After certain boosts, these rank-ups will provide additional base stats for the entire formation. Players can also purchase universal duplicates for 4-Star and 5-Star mechas from the Seasonal Arena Shop.

Limit Break refers to breaking the current Star limit of your Mecha. This means players can increase the star value of any Mecha using this method. For example, a base 3-Star mecha can be powered up to 4-Star mecha. This method directly increases the level limit of the mecha as well as increases the base stats of the mecha. To do so, players will need their Mechas at the current highest level possible according to their star value. Players can further add the number of fodders according to their star value to promote the mecha to the next star value. We recommend players to use duplicates of the mechas if they have since this will save your fodders.

A Thorough Beginner’s Guide for New Players Starting in Artery Gear: Fusion

Tech Node is permanent stat boosts provided to the mecha. They require Node Chips of the same color as the mecha to upgrade. There are 6 nodes in total. They are locked at the start and will sequentially become upgradeable as the mecha’s level increases. The first node unlocks at Level 10, the second node unlocks at Level 20, the third node unlocks at Level 30, and so on with the final node unlocking at Level 60. Once the 3rd node of a Mecha’s Tech Node has been unlocked, it will upgrade one of her skills and unlock the ability to upgrade that mecha’s skills. 

Skill Enhancement refers to upgrading the skills of the particular mecha. Each mecha possesses 3 different skills, with the 3rd skill being the ultimate ability. As mentioned previously, players will unlock the ability to upgrade their mecha’s skill after unlocking the 3rd tech node of the mecha. The skills of the different rarities of mechas can be upgraded using different materials:

  • Base 3-Star Mecha require Blue Skill Chips
  • Base 4-Star Mecha require Purple Skill Chips
  • Base 5-Star Mecha require Gold Skill Chips

Gear is the equipment that is equipped to the Mechas in order to provide them with bonus stats and attributes. Every gear comes in different shapes and styles and fits in one of the 6 different equipment slots provided for each Mecha:

  • Gun
  • Core
  • Plate
  • Thruster
  • Scope
  • Chip

Gears can be acquired by completing the various missions like Reputation missions, Queen missions, main story stages, event stages, and mainly from Target elimination by fighting the different bosses. These Gears further are branched out in different rarities and different sets. They are complex to understand and incorporate in this brief introduction for Gears but keep in mind to equip them on your Mecha to increase their strength.


Missions come in different types of sub-sections:

  • Reputation Missions
  • Daily/Weekly Missions
  • Achievements
  • Queen Missions

A Thorough Beginner’s Guide for New Players Starting in Artery Gear: Fusion

Daily missions are those missions that reward the player and can be completed infinitely every day. They reset each day. Some of the Daily Missions are as follows:

  • Complete 1 round of Data Collection (awakening mats)
  • Complete 3 story stages
  • Complete 1 round of Target Elimination (gear dungeon)
  • Complete all 3 daily tasks

Weekly missions are those missions that reward the player and can be completed infinitely every week. They reset every week. Some of the Weekly Missions are as follows:

  • Upgrade 1 4-Star fodder to 5-Star
  • Upgrade 3 fodders 4-Stars

To Play Artery Gear: Fusion on your PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse for the most optimized and lag-free gameplay experience is highly recommended.