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Astral Chronicles: The Best Main Character Builds

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

From carefully scanning the official Reddit and Discord of Astral Chronicles, two major things stand out for us: 1) that AC has an incredibly active and helpful community and 2) that many players underestimate how awesome it is to be able to control a character in your formation. This much is apparent from the Character overview of your main character (MC).

Astral Chronicles: The Best Main Character Builds

Their Protagonist’s Aura gives them the ability to lean and use any of the other classes’ abilities. Basically, their only limitation is the range of skills that you’ve encountered through the characters you’ve summoned so far. This article fits nicely as a continuation to our beginner’s guide, as well as to our tips and tricks section for the game, so don’t forget to check those out if you haven’t already.

Mastery at Its Finest

Unlike with your other characters, your hero is not subjected to a bond. What you do have, instead, is a Mastery overview where you can see how much you’ve invested in each tree. Some abilities target your Talent passive, which is one of the most useful things in terms of Mastery. We suggest you prioritize these Talent boosters over everything else, as they enhance your overall versatility and will enable you to easily transition to another role should you need it.

Astral Chronicles: The Best Main Character Builds

As you might have expected, you can edit these skills to include whichever abilities might best suit your current line-up or the challenge that lies ahead. For now, we’re using Thunder Fang, Particle Smash, Magic Rays ultimate, Magnetrick, and Supression. Because we haven’t rolled many heroes, you can tell that we don’t have a lot of tank-specific abilities, except for the first and last skills. We hope to remedy this as soon as possible.

Astral Chronicles: The Best Main Character Builds

Throughout your playthrough of Astral Chronicles, you’ll encounter your fair share of taunts. We recommend you chose the ones that either do damage or have an incredibly good effect. We’re partial to DPS taunts, since they help speed up the fights and, generally, seem to have a better overall impact

Whatever you do, though, do not waste your Mastery dust to upgrade the talent of any character in the early game, except for, perhaps, your MC. For the love of everything that is chibi, these mats are extremely hard to get.

Astral Chronicles: The Best Main Character Builds

As you may have noticed, we don’t have any passives included. That is because we didn’t encounter many tanks so far. Just recently, we’ve gotten our hands on an H10, so our Guardian apprenticeship has just started.

The stats you ought to focus on are different for each class. Here’s a quick overview so you know what goes best with what:

Guardian – strength, defense, physical, block reduction, and block.

Warrior – physical, agility, crit, crit damage, attack speed, and dodge.

Sorcerer – intellect, attack speed, cooldown reduction, crit damage, and crit.

Chanter – cooldown reduction, intellect, attack speed. You might also want to add some physical after these, since it will allow them to survive better.

Ranger – crit, crit damage, attack speed, agility, and dodge.

Knowledge Is Power

Now, your next question is likely going to be: how do you get more skills? The way to do this is to increase your bond with various characters of the same class. If you head over to the bond section of any NPC character, you’ll see a range of options that are currently available for you to get. The tricky part is deciding which skills are worth the bother. In our case, we’d definitely want to get whatever passive is available, since we have none so far.

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Astral Chronicles: The Best Main Character Builds

Luckily, H10 has an amazing Mecha Hart passive which will increase our survivability tremendously. You can increase your bond level to access any of these by having the character follow you around, but also by fighting alongside them. To have somebody follow you, just head over to their character overview and press the “Follow” diamond at the bottom of the screen, next to their name. We wouldn’t recommend the item gifting system just yet, since it seems to be a little broken at the moment. If you’ve reached the desired milestone, 500 in our case, you’ll get a quest to unlock the ability.

Astral Chronicles: The Best Main Character Builds

The tricky part is that you can only equip skills from the same class, so you’ll want to get as many heroes from your MC’s specialization as possible. For starters, Stygian Bell’s Armor Master, and Ryuni’s Cure are strong choices. The latter is well worth the effort, as it will increase all the healing you receive by a whopping 20%. Ryuni’s Paralysis can also be good, especially if you pair it with Gillian’s Recovery Block, which will restore 1.5% of max HP every 4 seconds for each block.

Astral Chronicles: The Best Main Character Builds

And since we’re discussing Gillian, her Unyielding passive would do wonders to your team’s survivability. Being able to survive a fatal blow and recover 30% of max HP every 60 seconds is no joke.

As you can see, you can have an array of skills and passives equipped from many different heroes, regardless of their quality. Naturally, higher quality units will give you the opportunity to learn a wider range of powerful abilities. Because of the amazing versatility you can give your MC, they are also probably the best tank in the game at the moment. Gillian used to be the go-to defender, but she’s been hit quite hard by the recent nerf (hyperlink to: “Astral Chronicles – SSR Tier List”), so we wouldn’t really invest in her.

Build with BlueStacks

This is just one example of how to develop a main character build, namely the Guardian one, but you can easily switch over to Chanter, Sorcerer, Ranger, or Warrior at your own discretion. Just follow the stat priority and, after that, try to get together a group of skills that improve your role as much as possible. There is literally no limit to what you can do, which is part of the allure of Astral Chronicles.

Astral Chronicles: The Best Main Character Builds

By now, we really hope that we’ve managed to convey the amazing things you can do with your main character, so you really have no excuse to not turn them into a valued member of your party. Of course, their prowess will be limited by the range of skills you can acquire from the list of characters you currently own, but not getting the best things shouldn’t stop you from using your MC to the best of their capability.

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