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Astral Chronicles: The Nifty Beginner’s Guide

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

All good games have their own mechanics. Whether we’re talking about levelling, playing with other individuals, team composition, or any of the myriad of things you can do at any given point, mobile app developers have truly stepped up their game. Astral Chronicles is no different. In fact, we have argued in our game review that it’s bound to become one of the best mobile RPG games of 2019.

Astral Chronicles: The Nifty Beginner’s Guide

Having said this, before we move on to our beginner’s tips for a great experience, you might want to first check out our guide to re-rolling and playing AC on BlueStacks. If you want to start your account on the right SSR foot, the guide is worth every second of your time.

This will help out in the late game much more than in the beginning. That and it will put your mind at rest if you’re a bit obsessive-compulsive and you can’t deal with not getting an SSR hero on your first pull, much like we couldn’t.

How to Get a Good Head-Start

You’ll be asked to choose a character class before anything else. Although we’re not keen on making choices when we don’t have all the stats, variables, and hours of theory crafting behind us, we did welcome the idea from a role-play perspective. We went ahead with Warrior because we like to be the damage dealers.

Astral Chronicles: The Nifty Beginner’s Guide

Turns out that Guardian and Warrior are some of the best choices you can make early on. You will easily find Sorcerers and Chanters (the healer class in AC) to complement your main character early on. The Warrior also dishes out a fair amount of damage, which will make it easier to go through the early stages of the game.

Rest assured, you’ll be able to change your class at will after completing just a few quests, so the decision is not as impactful from a gameplay perspective as you might think. In fact, we found that it gives us a lot of freedom in terms of experimenting with different team compositions.

Astral Chronicles: The Nifty Beginner’s Guide

Throughout your first hour in the game, you’ll receive a number of Cosmic Tickets. Using these will also give you a percentage back. Because there is a reward after you do 10 pulls, namely a guaranteed SR or above character, you don’t have to wait until you accumulate 10 CT to use them. Go ahead and gacha at your own discretion. Who knows what you’ll land on?

Also, read the dialogue. We know, we know – you’re not always in the mood to chit-chat. Sometimes you just want to level your group and do some hard mode Cosmic Rifts. However, aside from introducing you to the alluring world of Astral Chronicles, the dialogue will help you get a better grasp of the NPCs you’re dealing with. Believe it or not, some of them are scammers and will not hesitate to take your items away – you can even lose legendary gear like this.

Astral Chronicles: The Nifty Beginner’s Guide

Play Astral Chronicles on BlueStacks

Spoiler Alert: Roshi is not the innocent old man he claims to be. He’s more like an old master just waiting to have some fun at the expense of an inexperienced padwan. It sounds like the devs already knew we’ll try to just glide through the game without engaging with the story at all, so they built in a fail-safe to make us pay for it. Not a lot, just enough for us to feel the burn.

Mistakes We Made, But You Don’t Have To

One thing we’re definitely excited about is the Bond system that Astral Chronicles implemented. Although by no means an innovative mechanic in mobile games, we’re pretty stoked at the possibility of increasing our relationship with particular heroes and gaining benefits from it. However, you should pay attention to what gifts you give away in this manner, since there’s no way of getting them back. At all.

Astral Chronicles: The Nifty Beginner’s Guide

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that you should always double check the points you get from gifting something. Broken heart items, for instance, only give you 1 point, but their icon looks strikingly similar to a full heart one.

Astral Chronicles: The Nifty Beginner’s Guide

Much like any mobile game currently on the market, Astral Chronicals will reward you for logging in every day. In fact, this game takes daily rewards to the next level by giving away a free SR hero in the second day of playing the game, as well as material to awaken your favorite SSR hero for logging in 7 days straight.

If we were you, we’d chose Shay. She’s by far the best SR you can get from the list. There are very few ways in which you can get the Gold VEVE awakening character without opening your wallet, so why not just log in and check out your team for a full week? We guarantee it will be good, clean, chibi fun.

Astral Chronicles: The Nifty Beginner’s Guide

Speaking of Gold VEVE, the other way you can get her is by fishing or, as many have referred to it, exploring one of the best reasons for playing Astral Chronicles. This mechanic basically allows you to awaken your SSR characters without paying real money, so don’t miss out on the fishing event. Do not. Any points you get from here, make sure to invest into your current and next level of bait. Once you’re at fishing level 4, stop buying bait and, instead, save for that juicy level 8 Advanced Fishing rod. Believe us, you won’t need the level 5 one.

Astral Chronicles: The Nifty Beginner’s Guide

Last, but certainly not least, you should explore the Phantasm, which is AC’s version of a tower-combat system. Now, you might be spending a lot of resources to pass a certain level thinking that you’ll be rid of it, but AC’s system is incompatible with that strategy. The Phantasm will push you back down 5 floors every day, so you might not want to force that 10-floor mark boss if you’re not sure you can defeat it tomorrow as well.

A Chibi-Gacha to Remember

And one more thing! The Dual Rift Ticket can basically consolidate two runs into one so that you save some time. We recommend you save these for those encounters you can’t normally do on your own, but are able to in co-op mode, as this will help you make the most out of your coordinated assault.

Astral Chronicles: The Nifty Beginner’s Guide

With this in mind, you’re now ready to tackle the enthralling world of Astral Chronicles. We’ve already passed the level 20 marker in a matter of hours and we foresee many an evening spent in the midst of our squishingly cute team of chibi heroes. Also, be sure to check out our tips and tricks article for even more awesome instructions that will save you bundles of time and in-game resources.

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