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The Most OP Characters in Astral Chronicles: An SSR Tier List

With every new gacha game, you can expect a tier list in the works. Regardless of how much the developers try to balance out heroes, formations, and class interactions, players will try to push each unit to their limit or use them in unexpected ways in order find out what works best. This is no less the case with Astral Chronicles.

The Most OP Characters in Astral Chronicles: An SSR Tier List

In fact, many individuals take a lot of pride in being among the first group of people to figure things out. For everybody else that comes afterwards, their hard work will clarify much of the gameplay experience and allow them to use their resources more wisely.

Before you go any further, though, you should check out our guide to re-rolling. Since you’re allowed 1 free pull to begin with, you might want to get the most of it. We know we did.

A Tier List That Keeps Evolving

The tier list we present below is in the works. Like most good things, it is a community-wide project. Anyone who is playing the game can submit feedback, as well as interact with the group of people behind these inventories by means of the official Reddit forum or Discord server. The characters we select are inspired by these contributions, as well as by our own gameplay.

The Most OP Characters in Astral Chronicles: An SSR Tier List

Without further ado, let’s delve straight into the best SSR characters you can get on your first gacha pull. If you don’t get either of these, don’t worry. As we also mentioned in our beginner’s guide, you’ll get plenty of Cosmic Tickets just by completing the main quest. Because SSR drop rates are quite generous in AC, there’s a good chance you’ll get your hands on strong units in no time.

The Most OP Characters in Astral Chronicles: An SSR Tier List

Top Tier Tanks

We all know how important it is to have a great tank in your party. With good enough gear and a carefully planned mastery tree, these characters will hasten your entire progression through the main storyline. Some of the best SSR tanks you can get are Ouroboros and Yoru Rumi. Unfortunately, Gillian was heavily nerfed, which made her less powerful than the other two.

Ouroboros’ undying passive, Dragonkin, makes him an exceptional Guardian. When dealt a fatal blow, Ouroboros instantly becomes invulnerable and recovers 30% of his HP while also increasing his dodge. On a 60 second CD, this ability is pretty OP.  His two AoE crowd-control abilities, Spirit Rain and Chain Reaction, are not bad either.

The Most OP Characters in Astral Chronicles: An SSR Tier List

If you weren’t lucky enough to get an SSR tank, there’s a decent alternative in the SR category, namely Ryuni Meikami. Aside from being the best defender of his quality, when properly geared, Ryuni gets better and better as you progress through the game. His Dragon Scale talent gives him 20% resistance to everything, while his Prohibition ultimate is a form of CC that cannot be dispelled. The latter is particularly important, as it will counter many of the abilities that normally kill your tanks.

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The Most OP Characters in Astral Chronicles: An SSR Tier List

The Best Warriors

Ryudo is, hands down, one of the best physical damage dealers in Astral Chronicles. He’s just head and shoulders above all the other warriors. He also greatly enables your warrior Main Character, if you decided to go that route, by means of his Speaker’s Majesty talent. Don’t forget that Ryudo is a ranged unit, so his AI will share the “suicidal” features of all rangers. Regardless, he makes a fine catch for a first pull.

The Most OP Characters in Astral Chronicles: An SSR Tier List

Nyx stands out from the currently modest crowd of SR warriors. She Weakens, Curses, and severely decreases your opponents’ chance to land critical blows, making her an invaluable choice for a PvP lineup. What’s more, most of her damage dealing abilities are AoE, which makes Nyx a great unit for farming.

Top of the Line Archers

Aside from being a community favorite, Netheria is an incredibly strong Ranger. She offers a fantastic array of offensive damage. Her Elemental Mastery talent basically ensures that all the elemental ultimates that are cast by any member in your party have their damage increased by 80%. This is not something you should pass up on. In addition, she’ll also provide you with a bit of Shackle and Freeze status effects, which are always good to have. Beware, however: her ultimate is a skill shot.

The Most OP Characters in Astral Chronicles: An SSR Tier List

Titan Cynthia is a strong contender if you’re looking for someone with good AoE DPS that can also buff your party. From the SR category, Kidd is not bad, but he’s not good either, since his talent basically recommends him as an off-tank, rather than a damage dealer.

Spellbinding Sorcerers

Sorcerers tend to be the highest damage dealers in Astral Chronicles, so much so that you can easily encounter 3 Sorcs, 1 Chanter, and 1 Tank builds. In this category, Zeus and Athena are somewhat on par, with very slight differences between them. Many consider Zeus to be the better of the two in PvP, while Athena has the upper hand in PvE because her attacks have a chance to root.

The Most OP Characters in Astral Chronicles: An SSR Tier List

We were fortunate enough to land on Athena, the DPS monster, on our third re-roll. From that point onward, we knew we’d have a great playthrough, so we just switched our MC to Guardian and never looked back. From the SR category, Shay is quite alright. You can get her from the gift box when logging in the second day for free, so don’t hesitate to pick her.

Charming Chanters

Last, but certainly not least, are the Chanters. These are your healers/buffers. Regardless of what composition you’re going with, they are a staple in most builds, which is why you’ll want to have a good backliner to support your formation. In this section, Kamiko pretty much stands out from the crowd. Nevertheless, players refer to her as a jack of all trades, but a master in none.

The Most OP Characters in Astral Chronicles: An SSR Tier List

For removing status effects, Undine should be your go-to choice, whereas Lars is godlike in formations that have undying passives, because her healing is massively enhanced on allies under 20% health. From the SR category, Alice is not bad, particularly for PvP. She’s also strong as a starting healer, so don’t pass her up just because she’s not SSR.

Now that you know the crème de la crème of the AC tier list, you’re ready to decide upon the best compositions for both your PvE and PvP line-ups. We’d love to stay and chit-chat for more, but there’s a Cosmic Rift Hell Mode party we just have to join.

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