Frogmind’s big hit Badland Brawl mixes many mobile game genres together. Mashing up the ingredients that make certain games great might result in a similar but appreciable mobile game. The idea is to gather what is good and make something even better than the original. Did Frogmind achieve this? Yes, we firmly believe so. Any mobile gamer who ever got their hands into a MOBA, card or destroy your opponent’s tower/base kind of game will manage to cling to Badland Brawl quite easily. Even though it might look easy at first glance, mastering Badland Brawl isn’t an easy task. “You just tap on soldier cards and deploy them to destroy the enemy, how hard could that be?” you might say. Yes, it looks that way but there is this small thing called ‘physics’. Badland Brawl uses an Angry Birds style physics engine that affects how your clones fight during the battle. In addition to that, there is a variety of different clone cards that go better with each other to result in devastating combos. Admit it, you thought you were ready to brawl and now you are hesitant. Don’t worry, this article is to help you become the best brawler out there.


Know your Clones

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the clones are the soldiers you use in Badland Brawl. Each one is unique and useful in their own way. Knowing how each one works will help you conquer the battlefield with more ease.



There is more than enough information provided for every specific clone card. Give them a quick glance and you will get the hang of things quickly. Trust us, knowing more about the clones means knowing more about the battlefield.

After learning the rudiments about the clone cards, you will be able to improve your attack, which is the essential thing to destroy the enemy base and defense, which helps you to avert the incoming enemy attacks. Some clones fly, while others use the more traditional walking method. It’s important to use the right clone at the right time.



Which clone is next?

You have a limited stack in hand. Even though your party supports up to 8 clones, you can use only 4 clones actively during the battle. Knowing which clone card comes next in your stack can be critical in the battlefield.



First, check the current situation of the battlefield. What are your deployed clones? Which enemy clones are marching towards your tower? Using the right card before the new one is essential. Why? Because of the combos, of course!



Some clones are fonder of each other compared to others. They do colossal damage when used together in a timely manner. Launching them together to the battlefield will improve your chances of winning.

Bombs are devastating. They deal big chunks of damage. But they won’t go where they need to on their own. Because of the physics in Badlands Brawl, you need some other clones to push them into the enemy tower. Choosing the right clone, launching it and the bomb respectively in a timely manner, will result in the most damage possible to the enemy. Choosing the right cards and dealing a huge amount of damage is what separates the pro from the rookie.


Play Badland Brawl on BlueStacks 4


This is where BlueStacks comes into play. Instead of tapping on the necessary clone card on your mobile phone and do a swipe to launch them afterward, you can use BlueStacks and have a huge advantage. Thanks to BlueStacks, you can bind the clone cards to your keyboard keys. For instance, you can bind the usable 4 clone cards to these keyboard keys: Q, W, E, and R. After choosing the required clone card with the help of your keyboard, you can use your mouse and launch the clones into the battlefield with ease. Use BlueStacks to quickly choose the necessary card with the help of your keyboard and launch them with the precision of your mouse. You can choose and send you clones to fight instantaneously, thanks to BlueStacks! Be fast and accurate! Don’t worry, you have BlueStacks to help you.


Best Clones

Even though every clone card in Badland Brawl is unique and useful in some way, there are a few that make a bigger difference on the battlefield compared to others. Before writing about a couple of must-include clone cards, we want to emphasize on the importance of using both air and ground clones to culminate the best outcome.



Bomb drone and spider drones are one of the most efficient clone cards in the game. They can deliver the devastating bombs to the enemy tower with a breeze, taking into account that you developed them in a strategic manner. Watch what your enemy has deployed. If he/she has committed an airborne card already, go for the bomb drone. If you use the physics smartly, you can launch your bomb drone in such a way that it will send the enemy’s air attacks back and leave the whole air space to you. If the airspace is free, your enemy should start praying. Because bomb drone is hard to stop and fast. Get ready to deal a ton of damage.


Choose Well

We already told you about some of the better clone cards. Therefore, it’s important to choose wisely. You can pick only 8 cards to fill up your party.

Include the cards we told you about. However, don’t forget about variety: Balance your party well, your clones should be both air and ground-based.



Like in most games, you can upgrade your clone cards in Badland Brawl using gold. The game will award you with gold after every single brawl. Win the brawl and you will receive more, of course! The key is to upgrade the cards you use.



Upgrading every single card and evening out the levels of your clones might sound tempting. But there is a big variety of cards here. You can’t afford to upgrade every single one. Choose what you want to upgrade wisely! Knowing which card suits you the best is the key to maintaining a healthy upgrade routine. Don’t just upgrade because you can. Save your gold and upgrade the cards that matter for you on the battlefield.


A Better Egg

Badland Brawl provides you with a constant amount of eggs. These are some sort of present boxes used for replenishing your cards. In addition to that, you can receive some other cool stuff too. Win a brawl and you will get an egg. You can instantaneously open your egg after you earn it. But if you let it sit for a bit, something better will hatch. You can enhance your eggs in Badland Brawl.



Just let it sit for some time and you will double the rewards. Be patient to earn more. Enhance your eggs to enhance yourself on the battlefield.

Badland Brawl provides the fun of many different mobile games in one single package. Implement these tips and tricks to your game and you will start to win many of your PVP brawls in no time.


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