Battlegrounds Mobile India has just released in open beta in India, and everyone can download and start enjoying all its awesome battle royale gameplay on their phones. Or better yet, you can download and play BGMI on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android app player is the only platform that supports this game. If you want to enjoy BGMI with the best possible graphics, and controls with which you will easily outplay the competition, then BlueStacks is definitely the way to go.

Battlegrounds Mobile India - The Best BGMI Tips and Tricks For Winning Endless Chicken Dinners

With that being said, as a game based directly on PUBG Mobile, you can expect much of the same blood-pumping action in BGMI. And with that being the case, here are a few awesome tips and tricks you can keep in mind when you’re in the battlefield, and which will help you to score some easy chicken dinners.

First and Foremost: Your Gear Matters

Arguably one of the most important parts of your kit in BGMI, even more important than your weapons, is your gear. Sure, while it’s great to have a powerful gun, or at least one of your preferred weapons at hand, you’re essentially good as long as you have ANY gun in the game, at least at the very beginning. However, running around without gear like a vest, a helmet, and a backpack, will significantly decrease your odds of survival. And while the backpack is superfluous compared to the other two, a vest and helmet combo will greatly contribute to winning firefights at any point of the match.

Battlegrounds Mobile India - The Best BGMI Tips and Tricks For Winning Endless Chicken Dinners

Even a level 1 vest and helmet can prevent you from getting eliminated in just a few shots. In this sense, the military vest and spetsnaz helmet can make you into a veritable tank, comparatively speaking. For this reason, your main priority as soon as you land should be to scour nearby buildings for a vest and a helmet. Avoid getting into fights until you find these pieces. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to hold out on fighting until you get a few bandages, first-aid kits, and some boosting items, as well.

ANY Gun is Better Than No Gun

When it comes to BGMI, there are some weapons that are downright unpleasant to use, and that could lead into an easy loss when going up against other types of weapons. Shotguns are a good example of this since they pale against weapons like SMGs and AR, and especially against DMRs and Snipers at medium to long distances. This is not by flaw of the guns themselves, but due to how shotguns actually work.

Battlegrounds Mobile India - The Best BGMI Tips and Tricks For Winning Endless Chicken Dinners

However, do you know what’s worse than having a shotgun for a mid-range encounter? Having no weapons for a mid-range encounter. 

Don’t be picky when landing; equip the first weapon you find, and look to replace it if necessary only when you’re safe and out of the red zones. Check out our weapon recommendations guide if you want to learn about the best guns in BGMI, or our comprehensive weapons list to find every single gun currently available in the game.

Play on BlueStacks to Enjoy Superior Controls and Performance

For battle royales and other types of shooter games, your personal skill goes a long way to ensuring your success. However, even if you’re the best player in the world, your skills can be either enhanced or diminished by the tools at your disposal. In this sense, if you’re used to playing on your PC, with your mouse and keyboard, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a hard time adapting to BGMI on your phone.

Battlegrounds Mobile India - The Best BGMI Tips and Tricks For Winning Endless Chicken Dinners

Luckily, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, BlueStacks is the exclusive Android emulator in which you can download and play Battlegrounds Mobile India on PC. Our app player not only gives you silky smooth performance at all times, but they also let you run, aim, and shoot using your mouse and keyboard for much better precision and playability. 

Check out our installation guide to learn how to get started with BGMI on PC.

Learn Your Engagement Distances

Aside from having different stabilities, firing and recoil patterns, and damage values, each weapon category is more nuanced than what can be apparent initially. One of the most important distinctions in this regard is the engagement distances. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India - The Best BGMI Tips and Tricks For Winning Endless Chicken Dinners

Every weapon category is suited for fighting at different distances, and while there are some outliers in each, they abide by some general principles. In this sense, the gun category in BGMI are suited for the following distances:

  1. Assault Rifles: Medium to long distances.
  2. Submachine Guns: Short to medium distances.
  3. Shotguns: Short distances.
  4. Designated Marksman Rifles: Long distances preferably, though they can also function at medium distances.
  5. Sniper Rifles: Long distances.
  6. Light Machine Guns: Medium distances.
  7. Pistols: Vary wildly depending on the sidearm. These weapons are usually pulled out in emergencies, and are seldom used regularly throughout a match.

Battlegrounds Mobile India - The Best BGMI Tips and Tricks For Winning Endless Chicken Dinners

Knowing the distances in which your weapons are most effective is important for winning fights. Using an AR for close-range indoors encounters against an SMG or shotgun can quickly cost you the fight. Similarly, trying to snipe people with an AR, or lay suppressing fire at medium distances with an SMG, are both recipes to get eliminated by enemy snipers. Know which weapons to use at all moments, and always pull out the corresponding gun for the situation at hand. Similarly, it’s worth having weapons for different ranges in your kit at all times, with two of the most popular combos being AR + Sniper, or AR + SMG.

Choose Your Battles Carefully

Winning matches in BGMI is about knowing how to pick your fights. By engaging other teams and winning all your encounters, you’ll eventually be the last one standing, and therefore the victors. However, many things can happen from the moment you land on the map and when you’re closing into the final circle of the match. In this sense, knowing how and when to fight is almost as important as having good gear and weapons.

Battlegrounds Mobile India - The Best BGMI Tips and Tricks For Winning Endless Chicken Dinners

As a general rule of thumb, you ONLY want to fight when you’re forced to, or when you have the clear advantage. In most cases, “having the advantage” means that you can ambush the enemy, as well as attack from a vantage point. Ideally, your enemy will also be caught unaware in an open field, with nowhere to hide. However, as long as you have the element of surprise, you will always have a huge advantage over the enemy.

Nevertheless, fighting is not always the way to go. Sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor, and letting enemies run by can lead to better results. If you’re in a bad position, and you see an enemy passing through without them spotting you, you could let them go and see where they move to. If you then see them fight against someone else, you can use this valuable intel to reposition to where you will have a better advantage against other enemies.

The same applies for the final stages of the match, where you’re often facing off against two or three other teams, without really knowing where they are. If you stay put and don’t draw any attention by making noise or shooting at others prematurely, you could let the others fight it out and weaken each other, before swooping in for the kill and snatching up the victory. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India - The Best BGMI Tips and Tricks For Winning Endless Chicken Dinners

Of course, this strategy relies heavily on having a good position before the circle actually closes, so always move with the circle and make sure not to fall behind. This is another good reason why you should never engage in unnecessary fights. Sure, while they might be fun and all, you’ll find yourself lagging behind the circle and constantly running away, only to get eliminated by other squads that are already safely in the vantage points in the safe zone.

Between having the right gear at all times, picking up the correct guns for your playstyle, knowing how and when to use the said weapons, and fighting only when strictly necessary, you can work your way through all your matches and win many chicken dinners in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Being proactive and getting into good positions within the safe zone is also tremendously important as it will allow you to get the drop on unsuspecting teams who are lagging behind against the shrinking circle. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India - The Best BGMI Tips and Tricks For Winning Endless Chicken Dinners

And in those final stages of the match, your ability and precision when shooting will be the defining factor and will seal the deal, which is why using the best controls is so important. For this reason, we strongly suggest playing BGMI on PC with BlueStacks whenever possible. You’ll thank us when you’re in the middle of a winning streak!