On a previous occasion, we went over a few beginner tips, tricks, and strategies for the newcomers who are just starting their first farm in Big Farm: Mobile Harvest. And while the game itself isn’t overly complex or difficult to understand, there IS a certain order to things that you must keep in mind at all times, at least if you want to progress without getting stuck too much, and without having to spend a single dime on microtransactions. And while we already talked about this in our beginner tips guide, this time we wanted to share a few more tidbits of information and pointers for those who have already started, but want to optimize their progression in Big Farm.

The Best Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Tips, Tricks, And Cheats to Develop Your Farmstead

Read on to find a few more Big Farm tips and tricks to create the best farm.

Work With The Land That You Have; Expand Only When Truly Necessary

In other farming games, one of the main objectives is to expand your land as much as possible, since it’ll let you build more facilities to expand your production. And while the same is technically true for Big Farm, you have to consider a few things before expanding your territory here, particularly since you might not even need it at the time, due to your current production speed.

The Best Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Tips, Tricks, And Cheats to Develop Your Farmstead

In a nutshell, the way to create a good farm is to always keep your production buildings working, so that you can generate a wealth of resources in order to complete contracts and grind for experience, cash, and other valuables. However, the largest bottleneck to your production is not always your current facilities, but your production of raw materials. In other words, before expanding your territory to accommodate more buildings, you should work on increasing the production of your fields; only expand your territory if you need more space to produce raw materials, in order to keep all your other buildings running 24/7.

The Best Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Tips, Tricks, And Cheats to Develop Your Farmstead

The Best Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Tips, Tricks, And Cheats to Develop Your Farmstead

The truth of the matter is that expanding and upgrading is a drain on your resources. And considering that most things in Big Farm require money to function, you need to be very smart with how you invest said resources. Nevertheless, if you DO want to expand even when it’s not strictly necessary, the best times to do so are when there are discounts available. Whenever you see a “%” icon above the available terrain expansions, it means that there is currently a discount going on, and you can get a few expansions for a good price, as long as you meet the required level to do so, that is.

Work For the Long Term

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is NOT a fast game. It takes a long time to save up for most meaningful upgrades, and these upgrades are often very impactful, both for your wallet, as well as for their potential returns, when purchased intelligently. 

As such, a good tip is to adopt a patient mindset: calculate your potential returns on every investment not on what you’ll get back instantly, but in the long run. For example, try to calculate your potential production on an hourly basis, such as how many units per hour you can produce with a building, and how many units of raw materials it’ll need per hour to maintain a constant production. Moreover, when it comes to gauging potential returns, try to think about your production on a monthly basis, as this will give you a much better idea of whether an upgrade is worth it or not.

The Best Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Tips, Tricks, And Cheats to Develop Your Farmstead

Oftentimes, upgrading a specific facility is not the best choice, but rather upgrading a supporting technology that can boost the production of the said facilities, such as in the case of the Library and its boosters. A good booster purchase can significantly enhance the yield of your buildings, without even having to perform a single upgrade on your farm. And depending on your setup, you can benefit a lot from these boosters. And just like with the terrain expansions, these handbooks can sometimes be found at a discount, so keep an eye out.

Contracts Are Life

After hitting level 5, you’ll unlock the Market building, which is your main source of experience and cash, aside from your orchards, of course. This building is where you’ll find a variety of contracts that, when fulfilled, grant a variety of rewards. Plus, these contracts are always refreshing and updating every time you fulfill one, giving you no shortage of things to do in the game. In fact, completing contracts should be your main priority as soon as you unlock this building, especially since the main missions are often misleading and will only help to make you stuck due to lack of resources.

The Best Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Tips, Tricks, And Cheats to Develop Your Farmstead

However, make sure to only take the contracts that you can complete easily, without the need for constructing new buildings or performing significant upgrades—the idea here is to make fast and quick returns on your investments, and only upgrade as soon as your current production requires it. To this end, the contracts that you can’t complete easily can be trashed by clicking on the recycle icon next to the green “send button”. We recommend making ample use of this function in order to find more feasible contracts early on.

One last thing to mention about the contracts is that you should work to unlock more slots as soon as possible, since this will give you access to more contracts at the same time. You can find this enhancement via the building upgrades, which become available later on.

Buildings Aren’t Permanent

The key to maintaining a smooth production isn’t always to just build stuff and leave your buildings there. Sometimes, circumstances will drive you towards changing your current production type in lieu of fulfilling co-op projects or other big assignments. In these cases, the bulldozer is also a great tool since it lets you tear down your current facilities to make spaces for others that can adjust to the tasks at hand.

The Best Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Tips, Tricks, And Cheats to Develop Your Farmstead

To access the bulldoze feature, you simply have to long click on any free building, as if you were trying to reposition it. Keep in mind that this button only shows up for buildings that are currently inactive and not producing. If you’re manufacturing something, you’ll have to wait until it’s done before being able to remove the selected building.

Keep Your Happiness Up

Happiness is a resource just like any other in Big Farm: Mobile Harvest, though it’s not one that you’ll use directly. Instead, this parameter governs how cost-effective your buildings are: the higher your happiness, the lower your production costs. To increase this parameter, you must construct decorations, which provide a set happiness bonus per building. 

The Best Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Tips, Tricks, And Cheats to Develop Your Farmstead

However, like any other aspect of this game, you must be smart about how to increase your happiness efficiently, particularly since decorations occupy space in your farm that could be used for production. Specifically, each point of happiness is more significant the closer this stat is to 0. In this sense, ideally you’d want to keep your happiness at around 50—more than that, and you’ll be wasting space.