Brave Frontier (How to Use Element Tactics on PC)

Brave Frontier (How to Use Element Tactics...


Brave Frontier has sort of a nostalgic ode to Final Fantasy games on the NES console. Though it’s a strategy RPG with hundreds of heroes and plenty of items to collect and upgrade. In this Brave Frontier game guide video for PC you will learn of strategies to outmaneuver opponent’s using elements as implored by one of our avid gamers in our Community whose screen name is RevanTheLegend.

My Strategy

In the video we’ll be tweaking our units, diversifying the types of units in the army for better winning strategies. Heroes differentiate by elements based on a table. The Element Correlation consists of Water, Fire, Earth, and Thunder. Additionally we have Light and Dark elements. You deal more damage with a stronger element and you deal less damage with a weaker element. This correlates to Water is strong against Fire, Fire is strong against Earth, Earth is strong against Thunder, Thunder is strong against Water, Light is strong against Dark and vice-versa.

Each character is color-coded to denote their respective elemental correlation. Knowing which element to outwit the other is a great tactic for victory. You will also want to reserve your stronger heroes against your opponent’s stronger combatants. Battles are turn-based, meaning you execute all your strikes from each character and then your opponent is allowed the same (granted dealing you significantly less as you take them out first). At the end of the set of matches you encounter a boss.

Hopefully this guide and video illustrates how to use proper element strengths against weaker elements in order to win bouts in Brave Frontier. Of course there’s far more strategy as you progress, however, stay tuned for more game guides of this series.

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