Combat power (CP) can be an annoying requirement in Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon because it prevents the player from completing a lot of content if the value is too low. Fortunately, there are a ton of ways players can increase their CP fast enough that they can quickly start attempting those game modes again in no time at all. We’ve prepared a simple guide on the various ways the game allows you to increase your combat power without needing to spend real money in Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon.

How to Increase CP in Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon

CP is the average numerical value of your character’s stats and abilities. This means that the higher the CP value, the easier it is for your team or heroes to defeat enemies and clear difficult content in the game. Each hero has its individual CP value, but the vital thing to look at is the team CP. To increase your combat power, the player simply needs to improve their character’s stats, which we can easily manipulate by following some of the steps that we have below. 

Leveling Up

Leveling up is the most basic way to increase your CP in Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon. It might sound obvious, but many players miss out on this because leveling up has a different system in the game. In Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon, players need to manually level up their heroes at the Hero tab, where they’ll spend gold and hero experience as resources to upgrade those units a few levels at a time. Each hero has a level cap that they can’t surpass unless they undergo Advancement.

How to Increase CP in Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon

The problem with leveling up in this game is that it takes a ton of resources, and there’s almost never enough to upgrade five heroes simultaneously, not including backup units that you have if you shuffle your roster regularly. We recommend playing in weekly or daily dungeons in the Wilds to farm resources, or you can try finishing as many stages as possible by playing the main campaign. Always aim to have your heroes at the maximum level so that you can receive the highest amount of CP per unit.


Advancement is a process where the player increases the level cap of the hero by spending unique resources, as well as gold, to upgrade the hero. However, that’s only a part of what Advancement does to your hero to increase your combat power value. This process also upgrades or unlocks new abilities for your unit, adding to the total CP value. This process goes hand-in-hand with leveling up since you always need to reach the max level first before you can advance.

How to Increase CP in Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon

Just like leveling up, Advancement requires the player to farm-specific resources that they’ll need to initiate this process. This process is more expensive because the unique resources are a lot harder to acquire compared to experience and gold. However, it’s worth noting that advancing a hero is always at the top of their priority, with players expected to have their main team fully advanced after two months of playing the game. That shouldn’t put a lot of pressure on you. Just saying.

Better Heroes

It’s no surprise that better heroes = better CP. What we mean by this is that heroes of a higher rarity will always yield more CP compared to lower rarity heroes since they have higher base stats and better growth than those units. Even if you upgrade and promote a unit to match the star level of another hero, they’ll never be able to beat that hero in terms of raw stats because the game is designed to make 5-star units the pinnacle of what players need to collect for their teams.

How to Increase CP in Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon

In our Teambuilding Guide, we explained how hero rarity is an essential factor in assembling your squad. However, it’s also crucial to understand that raw stats don’t always mean a unit is better because players still need to look at how the stats are spread. For example, if you have five tank units that are all 5-stars, the fact that they’re of a higher rarity doesn’t always mean that they’re the “better” units to add to your team. However, they will yield more raw CP.

Hero Promotion

Promoting a unit involves fusing one hero with its copy or other heroes of the same rarity and/or elemental affinity. Each hero is ranked according to their star rarity or their rarity, as other players know it. We’ve been talking about 5-star heroes as the higher level that players can acquire from summoning or exchanging fragments, but their star level can be further increased by promoting those units to the next level, which boosts their base stats and often upgrades their abilities.

How to Increase CP in Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon

The resource that players need to promote a hero is other heroes of the same rarity, making this the most challenging way to acquire CP. For example, to upgrade a 5-star legendary hero, players need to fuse it with another copy of that hero and four or more other legendary heroes in your collection. The heroes used for fuse materials are lost forever, so it’s a good idea to continuously summon and collect 5-star heroes that you’re comfortable using as fodder for your other units in the team.


Gearing is an excellent way to acquire CP in the game. It’s pretty simple since all you need to do is collect armor and weapon pieces that you can find by completing stages in the main campaign, completing missions and achievements, collecting it from the idle rewards, and receiving them from events. There are many sources where players can start getting gear, so they don’t have to worry about doing this.

How to Increase CP in Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon

Gearing is a central part of upgrading CP. Like heroes, weapons also have star levels and rarities, with the higher-rarity and star value pieces giving more stats and bonuses than lower ones. Players can also fuse their weapons to upgrade them to the next level or just level up the ones that they currently have on. Players shouldn’t bother upgrading an armor piece until they’ve acquired at least a Legendary item since those will most likely stick until the end game.