Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon can give players a lot of tasks that they find challenging to complete daily. The number of things that the game requires you to do can be confusing, but as you play the game longer, it becomes a daily habit that you wouldn’t mind doing for just a few minutes. However, the longer you wait until you’re introduced to these tasks, you lose precious time that you can spend doing them already to gain all of the rewards that you do after accomplishing them.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon

We’ve compiled a set of tips and tricks to give players the means to get ahead of the competition. These tips provide helpful information if you’re starting the game from zero and want to start climbing the ranks so that you can be one of the top players on the server. It takes quite a lot of time and dedication to achieve this goal, so it’s a good idea to start today. Here are some of the best tips and tricks to playing Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon on BlueStacks today.

Dashing Through the Campaign

Dashing through the campaign should be a player’s top priority because it gives them so many benefits. Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon offers players a rewards system where they get free hero summons every time they complete a certain number of stages in the campaign. In addition, the player boosts the amount and quality of rewards they get from the AFK Income system. Players who read out Combat Power Guide know the importance of these resources in powering up your account.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon

Players don’t need to invest a lot of things when they run the campaign since the game doesn’t have an annoying energy system. However, they might reach the point where their team simply can’t progress because the enemies they need to defeat are too challenging to overcome. Despite that, players need to push through the main campaign constantly. A good habit is to start early is to complete ten stages every day so that they’re continually receiving upgrades in their account.

Save Your Gems

Saving your gems is essential in the game because it is a resource used for the player to summon new heroes. As you may already know, the game gives players a guaranteed chance to summon a legendary hero if they use the 10 summon option. This is extremely relevant because players will eventually reach the point where they are forced to sacrifice 5-star units to upgrade their other heroes. It’s a good idea to start collecting new heroes now, even if you don’t need the units that you get.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon

The game gives players gems by completing missions or achievements and participating in their events. Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon is exceptionally generous when giving players resources and heroes since there are mechanics where players will be forced to collect so many of these to progress. Players need to avoid spending their gems, summoning one at a time, or using them to buy unnecessary items in the Market.

Dismiss Heroes

Dismissing heroes may not be the most appealing idea in the game, but doing so has benefits that incentivize players to do it regularly. When a hero is dismissed, the player gains experience and, most importantly, hero tinder. Hero tinder is used as currency to acquire new heroes in the shop, which is relevant because we already emphasized the importance of collecting as many heroes as possible. Dismissing heroes also gives players space to acquire better heroes that they’ll be able to use.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon

Blue and green quality heroes are the number one target for dismissal because they don’t have any use for the team. It’s never worth adding a blue quality hero to your team, even if you plan to level them up and promote them, their base stats are simply too horrible for any player to use them efficiently in combat. Players can also choose to dismiss purple-quality heroes, but only if they’ve already collected enough legendary heroes that they can use to form multiple teams.

Complete Your Dailies

Completing your dailies is something that every idle RPG focuses on since it’s a task that allows players to collect the maximum rewards they can collect each day. Dailies refer to missions, dungeons, events, and other game modes that players can participate on with a daily reset. These are extremely important because they usually contain the most essential resources that players are required to farm. These typically get consumed pretty quickly if you’re playing the game seriously.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon

The most important dailies that players need to complete are the daily dungeons and missions. Players can acquire gold and experience, two of the most used resources in the game when leveling up their heroes. It’s a good idea to explore which parts of the game have a daily reset since those are the ones that players should prioritize playing every day. Even if you don’t have time to play much, completing all your dailies on time is still recommended.

Join a Guild

The final tip that beginners need to follow is to join a guild as early as possible. Joining a guild has its benefits. One of the benefits is that you can ask for 5-star hero shards that you can use to summon a random legendary hero. Other benefits include access to guild events and guild skills that can also boost your combat power. The most active guilds will give their newer members benefits such as advice and help with game modes that give them a hard time.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon

Players should raise their standards and look for active guilds instead of randomly joining guilds that might not offer them any good benefits. To look for active guilds, you should look for those with a higher level and almost a full roster. Empty and low-level guilds won’t give you any benefits since they don’t have anybody helping in donating resources and trading hero shards. Needless to say, you should help out your guild once you get accepted as a member as well.