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Calibria: Crystal Guardians – The Best 5-Star Heroes in the Game

In our guide to upgrading Calibria heroes, we mentioned how important it is to find the right units before you start investing precious upgrade materials in them. You wouldn’t want to waste all your Ascension Cats on a support unit that performs well in arena, but is marginally good everywhere else.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians – The Best 5-Star Heroes in the Game

To help you make the best decisions, as well as give you an overview of what you should aim for when re-rolling, we’ve compiled this list of the best 5-star units in Calibria: Crystal Guardians. We’ve also grouped them according to their roles, so that you can easily tell where your line-up might be lackluster.

The Best Tank and Defense Heroes in Calibria

Tanks are your front line. Their job is to absorb incoming damage and shield your party from enemy attacks as much as possible.


He is the ultimate tank and probably the best unit in the game at this time. Good luck summoning him, though. Athena and Necro are farmable units, so you’ll need 6 LD5s. The first players to have him are probably those who don’t mind generously investing in the game.

Aside from giving everyone 50% more HP from his leader skill, Hades’ attacks improve with his HP pool. He is a beast. Prioritize HP on him, then give him more of that and top it off with a bit more health.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians – The Best 5-Star Heroes in the Game


If you wanted a tank capable of dishing out a lot of DPS, he’s your guy. Most of his skills factor his attack and defense values towards the total DPS. If this were not enough, the first passive of his S3 ability, Kong’s Body, will have a 100% chance to reduce incoming damage (at level 5) by 50%.

What happens to the damage that Asura reduces? It is reflected at the enemy as additional damage. Give him speed, defense, and then HP to make him shine. Great all-round unit that will help you beat any content the game throws your way.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians – The Best 5-Star Heroes in the Game

Monkey King

Before Hades and Asura become widely available, MK is the best we’ve got. At level 5, his Pole Strike has 100% stun chance, while the Obscure second skill can reduce the target’s attack and energy significantly – which is why he is a core addition to any Arena attack and/or defense team. Don’t worry, though, MK is just as good in all other areas of the game, whether it’s regular PvE, C10, L10, or DLand.

Your go-to stat is speed, then crit damage, and, as a last resort, HP, since it will improve the DPS of some skills, as well as his survivability. With a 33% bonus to everyone’s HP, his leader skill is also excellent.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians – The Best 5-Star Heroes in the Game

The Best DPS Heroes in Calibria

Attackers are there to deliver doom and destruction to anyone who opposes you.


Widely acknowledged as being the strongest attack unit in the game, the only area where she’s not godlike is the Arena defense. Like Hades, she’s also claimable from Archives, but it will be a long grind. Her leader skill gives everyone a shocking 50% boost to their attack.

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The mechanic that makes Eve such a powerhouse is that all of her three primary skills are boosted by the total attack of your entire line-up. Talk about an OP unit. You should get her while you still can and, when you do, give her attack, then maybe some crit damage, and, thirdly, more attack.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians – The Best 5-Star Heroes in the Game


Although not as powerful as Eve, Loki is still an outstanding DPS. Like her, he has a fault in that Arena defense is definitely not his element. His trademark skill is the third option for your third ability, namely the Soul Corruption passive.

Soul Corruption has a 100% chance on level 5 to afflict anybody who attacks him with Mind Control. What does that do? Well, for one, it allows you to take less damage and speed run through catacombs. Then, the target also takes 30% more damage from all incoming sources. Stat priorities are attack, crit damage, and attack.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians – The Best 5-Star Heroes in the Game


Even though Lucifer is slightly less powerful than the previous two, you shouldn’t underestimate the lapsed angel. He truly excels when fighting against targets with high HP, since his Annihilation Shot reduces your target’s defense, as well as maximum HP. If you ever wanted to cheese a really tough encounter, he’s your guy.

The Best Support Heroes in Calibria

These units are your backline support. They give you the momentum to keep going, CC to withstand utter destruction, or debuffs to finish your enemies before they get a chance to act.


Michael is really used for his 33% boost to everyone’s speed, which makes him kind of broken in Arena attack and defense. In terms of supporting units, he’s one of the best. His attacks shield your low-health heroes, restore their HP, reduce your line-ups’ cooldowns, and even silence opponents. What more can you want? Give him speed, crit damage, and health.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians – The Best 5-Star Heroes in the Game

Dao Lord

Although not as exceptional in Arena attack as Mikhael, the Dao master is right up there. There are just too many good effects packed in one unit: he can slow and reduce enemies’ energy, but also their attack and defense, boost your attack and defense, grant invincibility and more. The only thing he needs is speed, health, and then more health.


She’s our last pick because her usefulness doesn’t really compare to that of Mikhael or Dao. However, her first S3 reduces your allies’ cooldowns and orders them to perform an S1, while the second and third options for the third ability have a low revive chance. She’s tremendous in Lair and really useful in C10, DLand, and L10.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians – The Best 5-Star Heroes in the Game

So far, this is our tier list for the best units in Calibria: Crystal Guardians. Remember that, while these may be the best and brightest, you can progress through the game with most heroes. This is just for those of you who really love those all-star line-ups.

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