Call of Duty: Mobile seasonal updates have been changing the weapon roster every season. Weapons like the PP19 and Fennec have been known to be the crowns of their respective seasons. However, some older weapons also deserve attention. That’s why in this weapon guide the topic is AK117, a fast assault rifle that was a top-tier weapon for several Seasons. There’s no update for this weapon recently. So after the new weapon balance update, as well as the emerging of many new weapons, is AK117 still one of the meta in this game? Without further ado, let’s find it out. You can also Play Call of Duty in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

Call of Duty: Mobile AK117 Weapon Guide - Aged Like a Fine Wine

AK117 has a great fire rate with low recoil penalty, which allows it to beam enemies at close to mid-range. Back in Season 9, its hip fire and recoil got a huge nerf. However, its damage received a buff in Season 12, strengthening its combat ability at the mid-range. The weapon stats and damage range remain the same as they were in Season 12. 

AK117 Weapon Stats:

AK117 is a fast weapon. It has the second-highest fire rate among all assault rifles, just a little slower than Type 25. By default, it has 30 bullets in the magazine, with a fire rate of 766 rounds per minute. The quick reload time of the weapon is 1.8 seconds, and the full reload time is 2.9 seconds, which is below the average. Its ADS speed is 284 milliseconds, which is about the average of assault rifles. 

Call of Duty: Mobile AK117 Weapon Guide - Aged Like a Fine Wine

The movement speed is 6.4 meters/second, and the ADS movement speed is 3.1 meters/second, which is the same as CR-56. Back in the old days, the AK117 had low recoil, high damage, and almost no hip fire spread, which made it the best AR in the game. After a few nerfs and buffs, this weapon has become a balanced AR, but still, there are many players who fancy using it.

AK117 Damage and Recoil:

Now let’s take a look at the damage and range of this weapon, to see how it performs in terms of time to kill in different ranges. AK117 is a high fire rate assault rifle with comparatively lower damage and its TTK drops significantly along with the range. This means AK117 is only effective in close to mid-range without any range boost attachment. It deals 25 damage up to 4 meters, 22 damage from 5 to 21 meters, 19 damage from 22 to 36 meters, and 15 damage beyond that. The weapon has 3 body multipliers: a headshot deals 1.3 times normal damage, and an upper-body shot deals 1.1 times normal damage. 

Call of Duty: Mobile AK117 Weapon Guide - Aged Like a Fine Wine

It can only 4-shot kill within 5 meters; it is like the AR version of Fennec. In MP, its TTK is very average, except for the super close range. There are better options for assault rifles that beat the AK117. In BR, it’s a different story. Due to the damage reduction from the vest, weapon damage is not consistent in BR. It has 1 floating damage in all ranges. Even though there is damage reduction, the TTK of AK117 is still quite impressive up to 21 meters. However, the damage range of AK117 isn’t as good as other popular weapons in BR, such as AK-47 and Man-O-War. 

Call of Duty: Mobile AK117 Weapon Guide - Aged Like a Fine Wine

It is effective in close to mid-range combat and can be used in longer-range as well, only if we equip the range attachments. To rank this weapon, it has good damage and accuracy, with great weapon mobility. It is worth mentioning, the recoil pattern of AK117 is unique. It is completely random each time: it can go up then to the left, or to the right. So it is hard to master the recoil control of this weapon, as the recoil is unpredictable. It’s clearly not the meta of this game anymore, but it’s still a powerful weapon in close-range combat.

AK117 MP Loadout:

In MP games, weapon mobility is very important, it determines how fast you can kill. Normally, you would try to improve the ADS speed of a weapon. However, for AK117 it’s different, as it’s super aggressive in close range, you will be using it as an SMG most of the time. You should be focused on improving the hip-fire accuracy instead. By using the MIP Light Flash Guard, Merc Foregrip, and the MIP laser 5mW, the hip-fire accuracy is boosted by 36%. To boost the weapon mobility, use the No Stock and Stippled Grip tape. 

Call of Duty: Mobile AK117 Weapon Guide - Aged Like a Fine Wine

These two attachments will make AK117 much faster, in terms of movement and sprint to fire delay. This is the best hip fire build, let’s see how it performs against the default AK117. First, the hip-fire accuracy. The hip-fire accuracy of the default AK117 is not bad. With this build, the hip-fire accuracy is improved significantly, which is as good as the SMGs. The AK117 has a very good TTK in close range, with good hip-fire accuracy it can smash the enemy in the face. Next, let’s compare the recoil patterns. Since we focus on hip-fire with this build, there is not much improvement in the bullet spread accuracy. Even though the recoil of AK117 is completely random, it is mostly vertical and it doesn’t bounce a lot. So it is not too bad in terms of recoil control. To sum up, this is the best hip-fire build, that provides the best hip-fire accuracy and better weapon mobility. It is designed for close to mid-range combat and can melt the enemy with hip-fire within 5 meters.

AK117 BR Loadout:

Now let’s move on to the BR build. In BR games, the weapon damage range is always your first concern. Since the default damage range of AK117 wasn’t very good, you will have to use all the range attachments to improve it. The Monolithic Suppressor and the OWC Marksman barrel, together, they can increase the damage range by 60%. However, the downside is also severe, there is a huge impact on mobility. Next, choose the RTC Steady Stock for its flinch stability and horizontal recoil improvement. To finish up the build, add the OWC Laser Tactical and Granulated Grip tape to improve the weapon’s accuracy. One thing that this build is missing is the extended mag. Even though the build is missing it is a highly recommended addition to the AK117. 

Call of Duty: Mobile AK117 Weapon Guide - Aged Like a Fine Wine

This is a max range BR build, let’s see how it performs against the default AK117. First, the ADS speed. You’ll trade weapon mobility for better range and accuracy in this build, so ADS speed is 2 frames slower than the default. It is not too bad in BR though, and you should try to use hip-fire as well in close range. Next, let’s compare the recoil patterns. As you will see, the bullet spread accuracy is significantly improved with this build. You’ll notice a slight improvement in horizontal recoil as well, which will help you with better control of the weapon. This can help you to eliminate our enemies in a longer range. 

The AK117 is available as Uncommon and Epic blueprints on the floor and can be found from the Airdrops as a custom weapon. To sum up, this is a maximum range build, specially designed for BR. It improves the damage range, and provides better accuracy and control of the weapon, at the cost of weapon mobility. Overall, AK117 is still one of my favorite weapons in BR, even though it has been overcome by many new weapons. You can also Play Call of Duty in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!