In this CoD Mobile weapon guide the topic is PP19 Bizon, the new SMG introduced in Season 3. As a new weapon, the Bizon provides a high fire rate with decent damage, high magazine capacity, and better overall stability, due to lesser recoil. Some players think this is an overpowered weapon that has dominated the game, others say it’s not as good as other meta in this game. So what’s Bizon truly like? Is it good or bad? The new SMG Bizon is available at Battle Pass Tier 21 as a free reward, and it is quite impressive how good this weapon is due to the fascinating stats it provides. Call of Duty Mobile has a wide range of weapons belonging to various weapon classes. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 PP19 Bizon Gunsmith and Loadout Guide

Each weapon class has a specific usage, and often aids players with different strategies. Among these classes, the SMG has been really versatile and impressive. Along with decent attachments, any SMG can prove deadly for enemies. In this guide, you will be learning about the new Bizon with other popular SMGs, to figure out the pros and cons of this weapon. Unlike other popular SMGs, the Bizon doesn’t have a low mag capacity issue, which means you don’t have to worry about reloading the weapon during the action. It has become the new meta of this game. It is a balanced weapon in every aspect and a user-friendly weapon that is easy to use for beginners. 

PP19 Bizon Stats

The Bizon has a high fire rate with good accuracy and less recoil. By default, it has 64 bullets in the magazine with a fire rate of 656 rounds per minute. The default mag size is amazing, it is more than enough for players to spray the weapon. Practically, you can finish 3 to 4 enemies in a row without reloading the weapon. The quick reload time of the weapon is 1.4 seconds, and the full reload time is 2.8 seconds. Its ADS speed is 234 milliseconds, which is about the average of SMGs. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 PP19 Bizon Gunsmith and Loadout Guide

The mobility of Bizon is absolutely at the top level, even among SMGs. The movement speed can reach 7.1 meters/second, and ADS movement speed is around 4.2 meters/second, which is incredible. The base weapon stats indicate Bizon is a super quick weapon in terms of mobility. Its movement speed even beats the quickest SMG Fennec. However, being the quickest weapon, Bizon is kind of slow in terms of fire rate. Its fire rate is below the average of SMGs, but is still better than most assault rifles.

PP19 Bizon Damage and Range

The Bizon is an SMG with decent damage and good damage range. It can 4-shot kill in close to mid-range, but the damage drops dramatically at longer ranges. It deals 26 damage up to 17 meters, 24 damage from 18 to 20 meters, 22 damage from 21 to 30 meters, and 16 damage from 31 meters above. The weapon has 3 body multipliers, a headshot deals 1.2 times normal damage, and a leg shot has a 20% damage reduction. Its time to kill figure in close range is not outstanding, compared to other popular SMGs, like QQ9 or Fennec, due to its moderate fire rate. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 PP19 Bizon Gunsmith and Loadout Guide

However, it has a better range cover than most SMGs. It is also the most stable SMG, with good accuracy and easy to control recoil, which makes Bizon the most user-friendly SMG in the game. In BR, thanks to its longer range and good recoil, even with the damage reduction from the vest, it is still a viable weapon to use. It performs better than most SMGs in mid-range, and it beats most assault rifles in close range. It’s time to kill figures are very similar to average assault rifles, such as BK57 and KN44. The Bizon can be treated as an assault rifle with better accuracy and mobility in BR. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 PP19 Bizon Gunsmith and Loadout Guide

Practically, Bizon has become one of the most popular weapons in MP, even though it’s time to kill figure wasn’t at the top level. It deals decent damage in close to mid-range, which can 4-shot kill up to 17 meters, and 5-shot kill up to 30 meters. To rank this weapon, it has good damage, very good accuracy, and the best weapon mobility. The Bizon is an easy-to-use weapon, it can help players to dominate any game, even for beginners. However, it is not as deadly as other meta weapons in this game, which can 3-shot kill in MP. It is still a powerful weapon due to its good reliability and stability.

PP19 Bizon MP Loadout

Before you start, you need to learn about the unique attachment of Bizon: the Large Caliber Ammo. The default Bizon has 20% damage punishment when hitting legs. This is a huge drawback of the weapon, makes it less efficient in any range. With the large caliber ammo, the weapon damage is consistent across the whole body. With that attachment, it deals 26 damage to the legs, the same as the body damage. Even though the Large Caliber ammo comes with a 20% range nerf, it is still a must-have attachment for Bizon. The good base damage range is the advantage of Bizon over other SMGs, which makes Bizon capable of mid-range combat. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 PP19 Bizon Gunsmith and Loadout Guide

To redeem the loss of damage range, you will have to use the extended light barrel. In MP games, weapon mobility is most important, it determines how fast you can kill. The No Stock attachment is chosen to boost weapon mobility. Then use the granulated grip tape and the tactical laser to improve the weapon accuracy, as well as ADS speed. This is a well-rounded build. When compared with the base PP19 Bizon, it performed outstandingly well.  The default ADS speed is 14 frames, which is 234 milliseconds. With this build, the ADS time is reduced to 11 frames. This is not the quickest among SMGs, but it’s quick enough. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 PP19 Bizon Gunsmith and Loadout Guide

Besides, this build has the best ADS movement speed among all weapons, which is a huge advantage in MP. The bullet spread accuracy of the default Bizon is excellent. With this build, the accuracy is even better, and the recoil is mostly vertical. The horizontal recoil is very tiny and can be ignored most of the time, and the vertical recoil is not huge either. This makes the weapon very easy to control, even for beginners. To sum up, this is a well-rounded build, that is specifically designed for MP. It provides better damage, better accuracy, and good mobility. It is the most balanced SMG so far in this game and is a very stable weapon that is easy to use for all players.

PP19 Bizon BR Loadout

Normally, one will use SMG as a secondary weapon in BR for close-range combat. It is usually recommended to use a hip-fire-focused build in this case. However, the hip-fire accuracy of Bizon is not as good as other SMGs. On the other hand, Bizon has a good damage range and low recoil, which can be used as the main weapon for longer-range combat. In BR games, the weapon damage range is always your first concern. That is what you will focus on: improving the damage range in this build. To achieve that, we use the marksman barrel and monolithic suppressor. Together, they can increase the damage range of this weapon by 60%. Next, use the steady stock to improve weapon accuracy and flinch stability. This will help in managing horizontal recoil as well. Then you can choose the tactical laser to boost weapon accuracy as well as the ADS speed. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 PP19 Bizon Gunsmith and Loadout Guide

To finish up the build, add the large caliber ammo. This is a versatile BR build that has outperformed the default Bizon for the BR games. In this build, you will sacrifice some mobility for better range, so ADS speed is 2 frames slower than the default. As an SMG, Bizon’s ADS speed is faster than all assault rifles. As you can see, there is only vertical recoil of this build, and it’s not huge. This is so far, the only weapon with good accuracy and easy to control recoil. It is like the SMG version of AK-47, only with better mobility but less damage. To sum up, this is a build with max damage range and better accuracy, specially designed for BR. It is a powerful weapon in all ranges, the effective range is up to 42 meters with this build. This makes Bizon a versatile weapon in BR.

Overall, the Bizon has become the new meta in this game. Its good fire rate and excellent mobility beat most assault rifles in MP. Its good damage range and easy to control recoil beat most SMGs in BR as well. Not to mention its great stability and sufficient mag size. Bizon will surely be the new weapon on your favorite weapon list.