In this CoD Mobile weapon guide, the topic is going to be the Fennec. It’s the most aggressive weapon in this game. It was added as part of the Season 11 Anniversary update. The Fennec was so highly overpowered with the Akimbo perk that many players complained about it. As a result, the Fennec got nerfed immediately in Season 13. So without the Akimbo perk, has Fennec become a balanced weapon? Is it still the meta of this game? 

The Fennec was a powerful SMG, but with the addition of the new perk Akimbo, it became a broken weapon. Back in Season 12, almost every player was running a Fennec with Akimbo perk, and any other gun could not stand a chance against this weapon. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Fennec Weapon Guide - Season 3 Made It Better

It was ruining the meta of this game before the nerf of Akimbo perk. The gun features the highest rate of fire of all guns at the cost of a huge recoil penalty. Combined with the top-class hip-fire accuracy, and good mobility, this is an extremely powerful submachine gun at close range. However, it has a decent amount of damage drop at range and players may struggle to kill enemies even at mid-range due to the low damage and large recoil. The performance of Fennec was quite impressive, it’s on the top pick list for close-range weapons. On any given MP maps, the Fennec is absolutely a beast. It dominates in close-range combat. It was also the very first Mythic weapon introduced in Call of Duty: Mobile, which was released in Season 12.

Fennec Stats

The Fennec has an extremely high fire rate with good accuracy and a huge recoil. By default, it has only 25 bullets in the magazine with a fire rate of 1111 rounds per minute. The default mag size is not sufficient for the weapon with such a high fire rate. Practically, as you will be running out of ammo very quickly, an extended mag or quick reload is always required for this weapon. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Fennec Weapon Guide - Season 3 Made It Better

The quick reload time of the weapon is 1.6 seconds, and the full reload time is 2.3 seconds. Its ADS speed is 234 milliseconds, which is about the average of SMGs. The mobility of Fennec is outstanding even among SMGs. The movement speed can reach 7 meters/second, and ADS movement speed is around 3.4 meters/second. The base weapon stats indicate Fennec is a very quick weapon. Actually, it’s the number one quickest weapon in this game, the only weapon with a fire rate higher than 1000 rounds per minute.

Fennec Damage and Range

The Fennec is a weapon with an overwhelmingly high fire rate compared to other SMGs. It can 5 shot-kill in close range, but the damage drops dramatically in the longer range. It deals 23 damage up to 7 meters, 21 damage from 8 to 11 meters, 18 damage from 12 to 16 meters, and 13 damage from 17 meters above. The weapon has 3 body multipliers: a headshot deals 1.1 times normal damage, and a leg shot has a 10% damage reduction. In MP, the time to kill figure is absolutely at the top level in close range. This makes it one of the most efficient killing machines in MP. However, in BR it’s a different story. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Fennec Weapon Guide - Season 3 Made It Better

Due to the extremely low damage, and the heavy recoil, Fennec is not feasible for long-range combat in BR. As a result, its effective range is within 16 meters. However, we can still rely on its good hip-fire accuracy and easy-to-control recoil. It might be not the main weapon you would pick, but it’s definitely the best secondary weapon that you can carry for the close-range fight. Practically, Fennec is still one of the top weapons in MP, even after the nerf of the Akimbo perk. It deals decent damage in close range, which can 5 shots kill up to 11 meters, and 6 shots kill up to 16 meters. To rank this weapon, it has low damage, fairly good accuracy, and great weapon mobility. The Fennec is not for beginners, as it’s not easy to use due to its high fire rate and huge recoil. If you can master it, it will become the most powerful weapon in this game. 

Fennec Akimbo

Before you start, take a moment to discuss the unique attachment of Fennec: the Akimbo perk. The Fennec becomes a dual weapon when equipping the Akimbo perk. It was too overpowered in Season 12 when it easfirst released, and got a huge nerf in Season 13. Now with the Akimbo perk, the weapon fire rate is the same, and it deals slightly higher damage than the default Fennec. However, the problem with the Akimbo perk is, you can only use hip fire, and reloading takes much more time. Highly recommended that you don’t use this attachment for Fennec anymore. 

Fennec MP Loadout

In MP games, weapon mobility is most important, it determines how fast you can kill. The goal of this build is to maximize the weapon mobility, to make the quickest weapon even faster. Use the Light Barrel and No Stock to boost weapon mobility. These two attachments can increase ADS speed, movement speed as well as ADS movement speed. Then you add the Granulated Grip Tape and the Tactical Laser to redeem the loss of weapon accuracy. To finish up the build, add the Light mag, which can further increase movement speed. You can also use an extended mag to solve the lack of bullet capacity issue of the Fennec. This build is geared towards giving you maximum mobility in the game. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Fennec Weapon Guide - Season 3 Made It Better

The default ADS speed is 14 frames which is 234 milliseconds. With this MP build, the ADS time is reduced to 11 frames. This is not the quickest among SMGs, but it’s quick enough. Besides, you will use hip fire a lot in close range, so ADS speed is not the primary concern here. With this MP build, you can move like a flash, rush your enemy in a second. The bullet spread accuracy of the Fennec isn’t too bad and the recoil is mostly vertical. Even though it has a huge recoil, it is not difficult to control it. It is worth mentioning that, the hip-fire accuracy of this weapon is really good. It is always recommended to use hip fire with this weapon. If rushing and shooting while moving is your play style, then Fennec is your best option in MP. To sum up, this is a max mobility MP build, that provides the best mobility and better accuracy, at the cost of recoil control. It is the most aggressive weapon in MP, and can be super powerful if you know how to use it correctly.

Fennec BR Loadout

Now let’s move on to the BR build. In BR games, the weapon damage range is always the primary concern. However, SMGs, especially the Fennec are not designed for a ranged fight. It is better to carry it as the secondary weapon and use its hip-fire and great mobility in close-range combat. To improve its hip-fire accuracy, use the Light Flash Guard and the Merc laser. They can improve hip-fire accuracy by 20%. Next, use the Steady Stock to improve weapon accuracy and flinch stability. It will help in horizontal recoil as well. The extended Light barrel is included in this build, is the only attachment that can help to improve damage range. To finish up the build, add an extended mag.

Call of Duty: Mobile Fennec Weapon Guide - Season 3 Made It Better

This is a versatile BR build focused to make the Fennec a secondary weapon. In this build, you sacrifice some mobility for better range, so ADS speed is 3 frames slower than the default. However, don’t worry too much about the ADS speed, as you will be mainly using this weapon for its hip fire.  Even though the bullet spread accuracy is improved, the horizontal recoil is still the problem here. As you will experience, the weapon has some horizontal recoil at the end of the spray. It’s recommended not to spray the whole mag of this weapon if you use ADS a lot. The default hip-fire accuracy of the Fennec is already good. With this BR build, the hip-fire accuracy is quite impressive, you can always rely on its hip-fire in close-range combat.

Call of Duty: Mobile Fennec Weapon Guide - Season 3 Made It Better

To sum up, this is a build with better range and good hip-fire accuracy, specially designed for BR. It is a powerful weapon in close range up to 18 meters. You can eliminate the enemy with hip fire while moving fast to dodge some bullets. Overall, the Fennec is still a meta in this game. The best fire rate and brilliant mobility make Fennec a top-tier weapon in MP. Plus, with good hip-fire accuracy, the Fennec can be a versatile secondary weapon in BR as well.