The ASM10 is probably among the most difficult guns to use in CoD Mobile. However, by applying these simple tips you’ll be 10 steps ahead of your competition. So let’s get into it. There are actually a lot of things that aren’t instantly obvious and these tips will be useful at all ranks. 

Call of Duty: Mobile ASM 10 Weapon Guide - Learn How to Abuse This Weapon

So for the ASM10 there are tons of things to keep in mind as you’ll mostly be using it in the CoD Mobile MP mode. The first thing you should start to think about is not exposing yourself to multiple angles at a time. When watching your players play, it’s really common to see them exposed to two, three sometimes even four angles at the same time. Needless to say, that’s just not gonna get you a lot of wins. By exposing yourself to multiple angles at once you’re essentially forcing yourself to hit some perfect flicks or just get lucky with guessing the correct angle.

Call of Duty: Mobile ASM 10 Weapon Guide - Learn How to Abuse This Weapon

So there’s only one opponent left and you have info on them. You know for a fact that the teammate is covering your back and you don’t have to worry about the other angles. Sometimes even though a teammate is covering the other angle it’s still not the best move. If you played ranked more than once, you’ve probably been disappointed by your teammates plenty. If you rely on them like this you’re pretty much asking for it to happen again.

ASM10 Angles

Another thing that comes with that and is very important to make your ASM10 work is to only play favorable angles. The ASM10 is simply a worse gun than the AK-47. So you never want to take a fair fight against it. You’ll only be sabotaging yourself and your team. Of course, you still could go for an aggressive play now and then. When you do this try to use your grenades and mates to not make it a 50 50. Instead, consider playing angles where you can only be headshot and can peek or hide whenever you want.

Call of Duty: Mobile ASM 10 Weapon Guide - Learn How to Abuse This Weapon

It doesn’t just have to be a headshot angle, there are plenty of good positions on all maps that check the boxes. All you need to look for is a position where you have cover and can choose when you want to fight, while the opponent has to commit to a fight to clear you. Basically, you want to make sure that if you’re going to get killed, it’s because your opponent had to run out. You need to commit to your approach all the way and force a fight which isn’t just terrifying for them to do but also allows your team time to help you out.

For example, if you’re playing on Rust map and you’re fighting someone on the pipes, you could essentially just sit there indefinitely without fear of being killed. Of course, you could get mollied, but even then you could respond by smoking it. Then you’re back to safety. The only way the opponent could actually kill you there is either by peeking out wide or by running the whole way. In both of those cases, your sniper from top can easily kill them. Giving this tip oftentimes results in people taking it a bit too literally.

Call of Duty: Mobile ASM 10 Weapon Guide - Learn How to Abuse This Weapon

There’s a lot of people that will find a position they like to play at. Then proceed to play that exact same position literally every round. Don’t do that. If you want to play the same position multiple rounds in a row, it starts to become very predictable. You’re really opening yourself up to get encountered. It might not happen the second round you do it. Maybe you even get away with it a third time. However, if you keep doing the exact same thing over and over again you’re eventually gonna see yourself getting ‘naded, pre-fired, spammed off. You know the gist of it.

Let’s just say as soon as your opponent starts to see a pattern it’s gonna be a lot less fun to play that same position again. So your best bet is probably just to mix it up and try and surprise your opponents. At least every few rounds if you want to make sure that you’re playing right and aren’t predictable.

Call of Duty: Mobile ASM 10 Weapon Guide - Learn How to Abuse This Weapon

The final thing you should definitely think about when it comes to holding your angles is abusing the peeker’s advantage. You’ve probably already heard of it, but CoD Mobile like most other online FPS games has inherent peaker’s advantage. Due to the ping and the way the game works, whoever is the one peaking will see the opponent on their screen before the player that’s holding the angle will. That means that unless you have a strong off-angle or extreme confidence, you probably don’t want to be actually holding an angle; as in literally just standing there waiting for your opponent to peek you.

What you should do instead is pretty straight forward though. Simply unpeek and repeat the angle that you want to hold repeatedly. Doing this will achieve two things: Firstly, you’ll make sure that you always have peeker’s advantage because you’re never the one holding the angle. Plus, you’re always peeking. Second, it also allows you to get the timing on your enemy.

Call of Duty: Mobile ASM 10 Weapon Guide - Learn How to Abuse This Weapon

So, now instead of getting timing to yourself, you might finally time in someone else. The reason this works is that a lot of people try to clear angles really quickly. So they’ll pre-aim the angle that you’re playing and then quickly move on to the next one. Only now the catch is that you’re not holding the angle but you’re playing on peek repeat. Thus you’re able to catch him off guard. It’s a pretty simple strategy but it’s going to give you lots of free kills. So go try it out. 

Strain Spraying

It’s now time to think about another mechanic, that being strain spraying. This skill is extremely important to get down especially with the ASM10. With an AK you might be able to get away with just knowing how to tap and burst. With the ASM10 that won’t do. In order to be good with the ASM10, you really have to practice the spray pattern. To do that we’d advise hitting up the practice mode of CoD Mobile. There you’ll be able to intuitively and easily practice your spraying without the pressure of the real game. It’s great for isolated practice and is really beginner-friendly.

Call of Duty: Mobile ASM 10 Weapon Guide - Learn How to Abuse This Weapon

Another thing you should note in order to put your ASM10 to good use is how to use your grenades. The ASM10 is only half as effective if you don’t have the right ‘nades surrounding you. So it’s really important to get this right. Not only are ‘nades important to use to delay pushes but they should also be used to get out of bad situations, allow for peeks and also start retakes. It’s really common for people to use all the lethals out of spawn and have nothing left in seconds.

Alternatively, you have people that refuse to use their ‘nades at all. Oftentimes they’ll even dry peak snipers without ever having tried to use their flashes or smokes. Make sure to use your ‘nades but do have a goal in mind when you do so. Don’t just throw away your lethals without reason but also don’t save them for

Christmas 2030 either. They’re not collectibles, folks. 

Aim Placement

Something else that you should think about is crosshair placement. Crosshair placement when attacking versus defending is really different and not everybody realizes that. The truth is when you’re clearing angles, you’re pretty much always holding your crosshairs exactly next to the wall as you’re peeking into it. Thus you are probably holding an angle. You want to be holding your crosshairs not on the wall but quite a bit wider than it. 

Call of Duty: Mobile ASM 10 Weapon Guide - Learn How to Abuse This Weapon

The reason for that is because people are generally going to be peeking wide into you. If you’re holding an angle and if you’re doing the unpeek and repeating, people will generally be out a bit wider too. They have already had some time to get out of the angle. That means that you need to adjust for it with your crosshair placement as well. It’s very common to see people even in higher levels of matchmaking hold their crosshair pretty much at the edge of the wall. This is simply wrong. Unless you have a trigger bot, you won’t be hitting those shots. Assuming you’re not a cheater. You thus want to be holding a bit wider. Keep that in mind when holding your angles and you should see a lot of success pretty much instantly. 

Tricking Enemies

The next tip is a classic mixing it up and surprising your opponents. You can do that by going for aggressive plays every now and then. Even though mostly on CoD Mobile the opponents have to come to you. Going aggressive is something that you should definitely do every few rounds. By going aggressive ever so often, you put a lot of pressure on the opponents as they constantly have to be watching the flanks. Meaning that their pushes will be more telegraphed and they’ll feel less confident. If that’s not enough reason to do it, it’s also just a lot of fun. So maybe that’ll sell it for you. One thing you should be careful about though is that you’re not doing it every round. You’re just going aggressive to be unpredictable and apply pressure. Not to give up a free kill and make it obvious what you’re doing. There is a time to go aggressive and also time to scale it back.

Call of Duty: Mobile ASM 10 Weapon Guide - Learn How to Abuse This Weapon

Something that’s even more important than getting aggressive is just staying alive. In CoD Mobile and especially as an ASM10 player it’s very important. Games are mostly dictated by the sniper. In order for them to be effective, they need riflers to be alive and watch their flanks. If you as a rifler die early it becomes increasingly difficult for your sniper teammates to hold angles. At that point, the round is pretty much lost. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bait everyone and wait for your entire team to die before you do anything. What it does mean is that you should see what your snipers want to do and try and play around them. That way you’ll put both yourself and your teammates in the best position possible to perform and easily win the game.

The final tip we actually already mentioned a bit in the previous one. It’s playing as a team in MP matches. Pretty much everyone understands that CoD Mobile is a team game. Players try and work together but for some reason while defending it barely ever happens. The multiplayer mode is arguably even more reliant on teamwork. Alone it’s really difficult to cover a bunch of angles. If you have a teammate supporting you with lethals or just covering the angles that you can’t, it instantly becomes so much easier. Try helping your mates out in the coming games. You’ll see yourself having much stronger defense without that much hassle. 

Call of Duty: Mobile ASM 10 Weapon Guide - Learn How to Abuse This Weapon

So make sure you apply all these tips and keep your opponents on edge. If there’s any confusion about how to use them, remember you can always take a look at the other guides with in-depth tips. They got way more knowledge than we can cover in a single guide.