CoD Mobile has again reinvented itself again with the Season 1 update. Technically the game is not in its first Season anymore but the devs at CoD had other plans. The new update was a massive one and brought a ton of changes to the weapons among other things. For a game that is a battle royale and FPS multiplayer, weapons constantly need to be either buffed or nerfed to keep the game fresh. New guns have also been added in the game now and with the gunsmith you can make them suitable for most players. With that said, the update has made all the previous great guns to just guns. Some have been nerfed beyond usable, but there are still great guns that you can use for your loadout.

Call of Duty:Mobile Season 1 Weapon Guide, 10 Guns Ranked for Ranked Matches

So in this CoD Mobile weapon guide, we will be taking a look at some of the most powerful or rather useful weapons in the game after the update. These weapons have been chosen based on their usability in the game and how they stack up against other similar category guns. It’s not just the raw damage stats that matter but also how those stats translate in the game. A good example would be a weapon that has very high damage but using it reduces your sprinting speed by a huge degree or has very low accuracy. Those guns may be fun to play with but they can also cost you a match. Especially when you take into account that winning matches also means higher ranks plus more weapon XP for upgrades.

10. FR. 556

Coming in at the number 10 spot we have the FR. 556. This gun was introduced to the battle pass this season and is arguably the most accurate four shot AR on this list. That being said, it is a four shot kill, so you won’t be taking three shot kills. Also, the iron sight is not that good, but the main takeaway here is that the FR. 556 has excellent bullet spread accuracy and very little recoil at range, which is really important.

Call of Duty:Mobile Season 1 Weapon Guide, 10 Guns Ranked for Ranked Matches

For attachments, you should be using OWC Light Compensator on the muzzle. The Barrel attachment that you can use is the OWC Ranger. Both these attachments are for reducing recoil when you take the shots. Add the RTC Steady stock as the stock attachment. Then just add the OWC Laser -Tactical for laser attachment and Extended Mag A for extra bullets.

9. HVK – 30

Coming in at the number 9 spot we have the HVK – 30. The HVK -30 used to be the best gun back in Season 12 but after the damage and ammunition nerfs it received in Season 13, it no longer holds that spot. That being said HVK -30 is still pretty dominant because it is a 4 shot AR with a very fast fire rate and with a large caliber attachment. That means you will have a better time killing. The HVK -30 was and still is a great weapon in CoD Mobile.

Call of Duty:Mobile Season 1 Weapon Guide, 10 Guns Ranked for Ranked Matches

When it comes to using attachments, you can add OWC Marksmen barrel. Add the MIP Strike Stock and the Stippled Grip tape for stock and rear grip attachments. Use the large caliber ammo for the ammunition attachment and the OWC Laser -Tactical for laser attachment. Other attachments like the optics, muzzle, and the under barrel can be added based on the player’s preference.

8. LMG Chopper

The number 8 spot on this list goes to the Chopper. What makes the Chopper so good is the heavy handle attachment. With this attachment, you’re able to shoot without having to fully ADS. That means you’re going to be able to see more of your screen which means more visibility. Also, the Chopper has a really fast fire rate which is amazing for getting kills both close range and long range if you can control some of that recoil.

Call of Duty:Mobile Season 1 Weapon Guide, 10 Guns Ranked for Ranked Matches

The downside to the Chopper is the mobility which is why is it at this spot. You can’t increase your sprinting speed by a huge margin with the chopper but you can make it more deadly. Use the monolithic suppressor for the muzzle attachment. For the barrel, use the Chopper Heavy attachment. You can also use the OWC Laser -Tactical on this weapon as well. Then add the heavy handle in the under barrel attachment and 120 round reload in the ammunition attachment.

7. Arctic .50

The number 7 spot on this list goes to the Arctic .50. This weapon with the MIP Stopping Power Reload is able to get you a one shot kill no matter where you land your shot on the body. This could be considered a huge buff but people overlook the fact that Arctic .50 has really slow mobility. So your ADS speed even with all the attachments for ADS speed is not going to be as good as other snipers on this list. What can’t be overlooked is the one shot capability of this weapon. The only downside is that you only get five bullets in a clip which get it a lower rank on this list.

Call of Duty:Mobile Season 1 Weapon Guide, 10 Guns Ranked for Ranked Matches

Attachments that you can add to this weapon should ideally make it more mobile. So use the Assassin Short for barrel attachment. Don’t mess with the optics since the default scope on Arctic .50 is much better. Add the OWC Skeleton Stock to make more lightweight. On this gun you should use the perk Bullet Return. As mentioned above, add the MIP Stopping Power Reload in Ammunition. Lastly, for the rear grip add the Stippled Grip Tape.

6. QQ9

The number 6 spot on this list goes with the QQ9. With the Fennec being nerfed in season 13 and the QXR being introduced in season 13 there was a bit of competition. However, in the end it seems like the QQ9 is just a better SMG overall. The gun offers much more versatility than any other SMG. It has more range than the QXR, and it has less recoil than the QXR. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that as of now this is the best SMG in close combat. What you will need however to compete with the ARs is a ton of ammunition.

Call of Duty:Mobile Season 1 Weapon Guide, 10 Guns Ranked for Ranked Matches

For attachments, you should be focusing on bullets the most. Since the gun is an SMG, mobility is not going to be an issue. Use the Monolithic Integral Suppressor for the barrel attachments. Remove the stock since it isn’t necessary, plus it decreases the mobility as well. Your accuracy will decrease with the stock removed but the QQ9 fire rate compensates for that. The OWC Laser -Tactical can be used here as well. To increase the bullet capacity, use the 45 Round Extended Mag and then add the Granulated Grip Tape.

5. RUS-79U

The number 5 spot on this list goes to the RUS-79U. This gun is by far the most versatile and therefore the best SMG in the game right now. Even when compared to the QQ9 the RUS-79U has a slower time to kill at close range. However, the RUS-79U has its own advantages. It offers more range and it has a higher ammo capacity than the QQ9 which makes it so high on this list. That means you can take multiple gunfights at close range. Since the magazine capacity of this gun is also higher than QQ9 and QXR, you won’t be running out of bullets soon.

Call of Duty:Mobile Season 1 Weapon Guide, 10 Guns Ranked for Ranked Matches

Attachments that will be used for this gun will be focused on making it more bare bones. Avoid using muzzle, optic, perk, laser attachments since they will only be a hindrance to this gun. Barrel attachment that should be added is YKM Integral Suppressor Light. Remove the stock to make it more barebones and add the Strike Foregrip for the Under barrel attachment. The ammunition attachment that you can add is the 50 Round Extended Magazine. The rear grip attachment that you can use is Stippled Grip Tape.

4. DL-Q33 & Locus

The number 4 spot on this list is a tie between the Locus and the DL-Q33. One of them could have been an honorable mention but the fact remains these are both amazing sniper rifles. There’s a reason why at least one person in a ranked match lobby uses the Locus. It’s because the Locus is smooth to use because the Locus has the highest mobility out of any snipers in CoD Mobile. Plus, with the stopping power attachment, it offers excellent damage. While it may not have the best ADS speed, it is amazing in mobility and that’s what makes it so good for spawn trapping. Even small things like turning around and sliding are so smooth. Similarly, there is the DL-Q33 which has higher damage and higher ADS time than the Locus. While it has less mobility it still dominates at a longer range.

Call of Duty:Mobile Season 1 Weapon Guide, 10 Guns Ranked for Ranked Matches

The attachments for Locus on the barrel will be YKM Lightweight Short attachment. As for stock attachment go for OWC Skeleton Stock. The Laser attachment that you should be adding to it is the OWC Laser -Tactical. Make sure that you add the OWC Stopping in ammunition. When it comes to DL-Q33 try going for MIP Light for the barrel and OWC Skeleton Stock for stock attachment. Definitely add the perk FMJ and for laser use the OWC Laser -Tactical attachment. Lastly, the ammunition attachment to add would be Extended Mag A.

3. ASM10

The number 3 spot on this list goes to the ASM10. The ASM10 used to be the best three shot AR in CoD Mobile. This season it received a nerf for the overall range which was very detrimental to the ASM10 because that really gave it a defining factor compared to the DR-H. Since it doesn’t have that range anymore it’s no longer that good but it still is a very dominant three shot AR. It has a lot of ammunition and you can really spray up. You just go to town with this still it doesn’t matter but just it’s not as good as it used to be and that’s why it’s at number three.

Call of Duty:Mobile Season 1 Weapon Guide, 10 Guns Ranked for Ranked Matches

Attachments for the ASM10 will start with removing the stock and making the gun as bare bones as possible. Similarly, you will be removing any muzzle, optic, perk, ammunition as well. The barrel attachment to go for is the OWC Marksmen and for laser stick with OWC Laser -Tactical attachment. Under barrel attachment will be Strike Foregrip and rear grip setup will be Granulated Grip Tape.

2. DR-H

The number 2 spot on this list goes to the one and only DR-H. It received a minor nerf for reload speed this season, and it does have pretty bad bullet spread accuracy at long ranges. However, there’s a reason why this has been one of the most widely used ARs in the game consistently since it came out. It’s because with the OTM attachment you can get a solid three shot kill.

It’s really dominant in those short to mid-ranges where you’re going to be taking most of your gunfights anyways. Lastly, its mobility is so good that it is probably the best AR in CoD Mobile to do drop shots.

Call of Duty:Mobile Season 1 Weapon Guide, 10 Guns Ranked for Ranked Matches

In the gunsmith menu, you will be stripping down this gun to barebones. There will be no optic, perk, underbarrel, rear grip, or stock attachments. The Muzzle attachment should be OWC Light Suppressor and the barrel attachment should be OWC Ranger. Laser will be the usual OWC Tactical and for ammunition, it has to be the 25 round OTM attachment.

1. Man-O-War

Let’s finally move on to number 1. The best gun in Season 1 of CoD Mobile is Man-O-War. This is because the Man-O-War received two buffs that it really needed this season to make it the best gun. The first one was for ADS speed. You’re going to have faster ADS speed which is something the Man-O-War lacked in the past. The second one is for ammunition. Now the gun has five more rounds in its base mag which makes it way easier to use. The Man-O-War now reminds of the old ASM10. It’s really good at close range and the hip-fire bullet spread accuracy is great as well. It’s known to have good performance in long range too. So having that faster ADS speed makes it much better at close range which is something it really needed.

Call of Duty:Mobile Season 1 Weapon Guide, 10 Guns Ranked for Ranked Matches

In the gunsmith the focus will be on making it very mobile. So for the muzzle attachment use the RTC Huge Suppressor. Nothing on the barrel and the optic. For the stock use the YKM Light Stock and for laser use the OWC Tactical. Under barrel attachment will be Tactical foregrip A and rear grip attachment should be Granulated Grip Tape. 

This ends the CoD Mobile weapon guide for the best weapons in Season 1. There were other guns that could have made it in the honorable mentions like the AK-47. It all comes down to the player’s personal preference as well but the builds given in this guide are based on stats and in-game performance. With all that said, you still need to know how you can use these guns in the game itself, especially the ranked games.