Pro players weren’t just born top tier snipers. It’s not like they have super human genetics either. All of them are still human. Just humans that have learned all the ins and outs when it comes to using this gun and you can too. In this guide we’re taking a look at everything that you’re doing wrong when it comes to sniping. Also, how you can start carrying your games by using it.

It’s a fact that the DL-Q33 is one of the most difficult guns to use in CoD Mobile. Just because you know how to use the rifles doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to be a great sniper as well. It’s not just about spending enough hours playing and learning all the CoD Mobile fundamentals. You also have to learn a lot of DL-Q33 specific things. Spending all that time learning how to use just one weapon might seem like a bit of a waste but it is heavily rewarded in CoD Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile Sniping Guide for DL-Q33 Players, Sniping for Ranked

It’s no coincidence that the current top three players in the world swear by the DL-Q33. It is simply the most powerful sniper rifle in the game. It’s meta-defining both in the pro scene and in pickup games. Of course, this CoD Mobile guide isn’t just about how powerful the DL-Q33 is in-game. Even though there’s really only one main sniper per team and most players will still choose the DL-Q33. This guide’s main focus is about how to use the gun and why you’re probably thinking about it wrong.

Mistake #1

The biggest mistake that players are making in essentially all ranks of CoD Mobile is playing too reactive and static. Specifically in the MP Mode. It’s really common to see players playing the exact same position in the exact same way time and time again. To give you an example of what that would look like, you probably can imagine a sniper on the window of Crossfire playing there every round.

The same thing could also happen on Crash as well. It’s very common for people to hold the exact same angle every round if it’s working. Yes, if you keep getting picks that way then it’s fine. If your opponents keep peaking and you’re consistently getting one or two picks every round then keep doing what you’re doing.  More likely than not, that’s actually not what’s happening. After you’re able to get a multi-kill one round your opponents are just going to start straight up avoiding you.

Call of Duty Mobile Sniping Guide for DL-Q33 Players, Sniping for Ranked

As we all know the DL-Q33 is the big scary black gun. If someone is superb with it, you will want to go the other way. Well, your opponents feel the same. That means that you’re going to have to do just a little bit extra than holding your same angle. Just sitting there holding your standard angle isn’t necessarily wrong. You’re pretty much doing what’s expected of you and thus fulfilling your job.

There’s no doubt that you could be doing a whole lot more and with a DL-Q33 there’s nothing stopping you from carrying the game. The DL-Q33 is simply the most powerful sniper gun in CoD Mobile. It’s no coincidence that almost all the pro scene plays around their snipers at least in the MP games. The DL-Q33 is just so much better at holding angles than a rifle ever could be. A good snipe play is going to really force your opponents to stop just taking aim duels and instead play around their team with lethals.

Basically, with a DL-Q33 sniper, there’s no shortage in the ability to carry the game but you need to put yourself in the right positions with it. Just holding it from a window every round might be enough to repeatedly kill anyone stupid enough to peek at without smoking. However, even in the low ranks, it’s rare to see someone continue to run into the same wall like that. That means you gotta switch it up as a sniper. 

Call of Duty Mobile Sniping Guide for DL-Q33 Players, Sniping for Ranked

It’s your responsibility to see where the major issues are hiding. If you’re winning 50-0, you can

just keep playing standard and enjoy the quick and easy angle you know. That has to change when your opponents start winning a few rounds. You need to find out why are your opponents abusing mid by smoking you off. Are they simply just rushing spawn instead? Do they like to execute a rush with smokes? Maybe they have a strong defense or someone taking aim duels.

Whatever is happening and losing you the game, you need to find it out and fix it. If an opponent keeps lurking out of place, take your DL-Q33 and hop into battle yourself to stop the guy in their tracks before he even gets the chance to push. That way you’ll teach your opponents a quick lesson and they’ll think twice about going aggressive again. Even if they do, they’ll at least be a lot slower and much more careful.

If you keep getting smoked off you can do something similar. Wait until you get a half-decent spawn and jump out the window to catch your opponents off guard. Doing these types of plays is a great way to make sure your opponents know that neither smoking nor window peeking to give the mid map for free. Next time around they’ll need to invest even more for getting map control. Meaning, that by the time they’ll have cleared out all the potential angles, the smoke on your standard position is already going to have faded and you can go for that repeat kill.

Call of Duty Mobile Sniping Guide for DL-Q33 Players, Sniping for Ranked

Hopefully, with a nice little ‘nade assist from your friendly teammates. It’s not for no reason that it’s the most used sniper gun in CoD Mobile. If you really think about it, gun mechanics of CoD Mobile are balanced for professional play. As you probably know, the DL-Q33 is a lot less effective there. That’s not to say that it isn’t powerful enough. It’s still powerful hence why the double sniper setup in the MP ranked games are so common.

That being said, the DL-Q33 is devastating against five teammates that have never played with each other before. See, pro teams sometimes spend upwards of 10 hours daily practicing together with their teammates. Just so that they can deal with a DL-Q33 sniper and not give up free picks. Even then you will see the gun in every single CoD Mobile MP game. So imagine what it really should be able to do against players that are barely coordinating.

When playing with the DL-Q33 in ranked games, ideally you want to be doing plays all around the map. You constantly want to keep your opponents thinking about what you’re going to do and how they can counter it. You should not even be giving them time to play their own game.

Call of Duty Mobile Sniping Guide for DL-Q33 Players, Sniping for Ranked

Just because you have a sniper like DL-Q33 doesn’t mean you can get away with everything. Going for opening picks and making plays is great but throwing away rounds by simply going way too aggressive isn’t the best way to find this balance. What you should be doing is reviewing your demos. Then you will be able to get your own tips and advice on how to better your snipe skills. Watching your own gameplay will help you find what plays are good what plays are too risky.

You will even find out mistakes that you never even realized you are making. There are lots of little things in CoD Mobile and no matter if you’re just starting out and still have everything to learn or if you’re already a more experienced player that wants to start thinking like the pros. Seeing your games can help you out if you really want to improve your sniping with the DL-Q33.

Mistake #2

Aside from not making plays, another thing players often do wrong with DL-Q33 is exposing themselves to lots of angles at once. Essentially, trying to do too much when they don’t need to. Above we just discussed snipers not doing enough and just doing the same thing every round. This however is something different. There’s nothing wrong with jumping out of the window of Crossfire at the start of the round to try to pick a guy crossing mid point. You’re achieving a lot more doing this than by just sitting in a window waiting to get picked off.

Then again, you aren’t being needlessly risky either. After all, you’re only really just holding one angle. What is bad to do however is trying to hold four angles all at once. That’s just bad positioning. The reason it’s bad is pretty straightforward. You’re essentially relying on yourself to hit a difficult flick or you’re dead. Instead, you could also just play differently decide to hold only one of the angles. By doing so have a much easier shot and also significantly less risk of dying.

Call of Duty Mobile Sniping Guide for DL-Q33 Players, Sniping for Ranked

This usually happens for one of two reasons. Either the snipers are just expecting themselves to hit those insane shots. In which case it’s just a positioning issue and you should try to only hold one angle at a time. Alternatively, it could also be a peaking issue. The fact is that the DL-Q33 is so strong and will allow you to win fights against riflers even when you’re peaking improperly sometimes. This leads to a lot of snipers to peak very lazily.

Whereas with the rifle people try to be a lot more robotic in the way that they clear angles. Pre-aiming things perfectly and preemptively counter-strafing before they even see an opponent. Snipers with the DL-Q33 instead tend to be a little lazier. The truth is if you want to be a great sniper you need to make sure that you’re always peaking things decisively. Try to peak angles exactly the right way leaving no room for error.

One way to put it is that you should be peaking angles like you expect a DL-Q33 to be holding the angle that you’re peaking. Not in a way that you’re scared to peek and instead decide to keep holding a worse angle just to be safe. Rather in the way where you make sure that your pre-aim is really just perfect and you’re able to react faster than whoever is on the other side.

Call of Duty Mobile Sniping Guide for DL-Q33 Players, Sniping for Ranked

This style of peaking is not only important on every map of CoD Mobile but especially on the crossfire map. Most of the time you’re the one peeking into an angle rather than holding one yourself.

Which brings this guide to its final point, and that’s sniping on the Shipment map. Sniping on this map is a lot more difficult and situational than it is on the other maps. You can make the DL-Q33 work regardless of the map. If and when you do decide to use it, it’s important that you’re getting stuff done with it. The DL-Q33 is still the prime gun to win 50 50 duels with and you need to be using it as such. Generally, you want to take the duel first and then make a lot of space for your other teammates.

The DL-Q33 is a difficult gun to clutch with so you either have to get value by supporting

your teammates really well or you need to find the opening yourself. At the end of the day if the DL-Q33 and sniping really isn’t your thing it may just be better to get a rifle on that round instead. Else you might be a hindrance to your team rather than an asset. The DL-Q33 is hands down the favorite gun of CoD Mobile but sometimes it can be really intimidating to pick it up.

Call of Duty Mobile Sniping Guide for DL-Q33 Players, Sniping for Ranked

It’s really easy to make mistakes, so hopefully, you’ll learn something in this guide that will give you the confidence that you need to pick this gun up and carry your games.