Do you lose in the Domination game mode in Call of Duty: Mobile more often than you want to? You have to fix that mental block. This CoD Mobile Domination guide will give you some tools to better help you win this unique game mode. In this guide, you will be going over tips that can really spice up your Domination gameplay. Domination is a three-point game mode. So with five defenders, it’s nearly impossible to hold all three sites for too long. The attackers will have a higher chance of running into smaller body counts to deal with. The defenders will have a higher opportunity to play aggressively and attackers have a higher opportunity to slow down the pace of the round.

Call of Duty: Mobile Domination Guide - Dominate Every Map Every Game

Some maps are also very small. So things can really happen in the blink of an eye if you’re not paying attention. Have you guys ever heard of the term that the best defense is a good offense? Well, this very much applies to Domination in CoD Mobile. As previously mentioned, because of the three-point site layout, it’s imperative that you find information earlier so that you can just rotate accordingly. This Domination guide is going to be covering how to find info early and when to find key information in the mid round or late round.

Taking Control

So let’s start with early information which is the most crucial part of the game. Every team in ranked will want to take control of areas early and fast. The player that is comfortable putting themselves out there to obtain that type of information will let you and your team rotate early and flank. Maybe even stack grenades. which greatly increases your chances of winning defensive rounds.

Pro players in ranked modes always try to do something early to get info. Sometimes they’ll get punished for it and sometimes they’ll even get killed, but they still do it. The core reason behind it is really to find out crucial information. Let’s just say that you know the enemy team is leaning heavily towards the A side of the map. You can rotate early to help your teammates. 

Staying stacked for too long is a big mistake. At some point, someone will need to obtain information with lethals or by physically peeking. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Domination Guide - Dominate Every Map Every Game

In this situation, you could peek or just follow the enemies if they’re rotating. Bonus points if you do this with a teammate. You have to rotate back if nothing is happening. On small maps, if you don’t rotate early enough or rotate back fast enough, the attackers can really find great timings on your team’s over-eagerness. 

Wall Bangs

Domination is a game mode that is mostly won by wall bang-able spots. You need to find those spots very quickly. Spraying the walls early on can be a big way to really press the defenders from playing too closely. You’re also going to want to know how to wall bang those cheeky spots, as well as wall banging the corners of the windows which you know a lot of defenders will have to play at. You have to use your intuition here.

Call of Duty: Mobile Domination Guide - Dominate Every Map Every Game

You don’t need to just keep wall-banging these particular spots. Once you have a better understanding of where the enemies tend to play, you can start doing this on those spots as well. 

Moreoever, if you show the enemy that you will wall bang these spots or if you’ve killed them with the wall bangs, they will be much less likely to replay in those positions. If you’re not sure where the edges of each map are, you can always just mark them on your mini map for easier visualization.

Call of Duty: Mobile Domination Guide - Dominate Every Map Every Game

You’re sometimes going to want to wall bang certain spots, especially if a player likes to give up side control and just play upside. By doing this you’re gonna make it harder for that player to do anything funny against you or your team. On the flip side, knowing wall bangs for each map on the defender’s side is important as well. By wall banging early game, you might persuade the enemy team to never want to peek. That is a very powerful thing.

Tighter Angles

Smaller maps come with a lot of tight range angles. You’re going to want to group up and just hit a site together. Too many teams tend to get lazy when the enemy team is playing at a disadvantage. They just often just run right into them. You should use some smokes, ‘nades and maybe a drone and the round should be free for the taking. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Domination Guide - Dominate Every Map Every Game

Lastly, if you’re playing defense in the Domination mode, make sure that you’re abusing the Echo on small maps, due to the tighter and closer range angles that they give the defenders. If you can master that weapon, you will be surprised at how scary it can really be. Alongside, try to find information early. You can couple this with an aggressive pushdown.

Call of Duty: Mobile Domination Guide - Dominate Every Map Every Game

Begin your push down at the start of the round to find great openings. It’s really important to do this as a mix-up. Starting off, you can cross over and just hide near a wall. You can even hug a wall as you push up. If you see nothing, you can even tuck yourself in a corner. If you’re coming from a spawn site, you can actually run-up to the enemy spawn just using the walls. If you have a teammate nading for you it will make things even better for you.

Call of Duty: Mobile Domination Guide - Dominate Every Map Every Game

If you’re able to pull off these types of plays, you’re going to create a lot of pressure for the enemy team. With these types of plays messing with their heads, it makes it easier for you to dictate the pace of each round, as they’re going to be more hesitant to take things extremely fast.