The one thing that makes a BR game or any multiplayer game interesting is the competition. Every time you enter a match, the one guiding force that is on every player’s mind is coming out on top. If you look at most of the high ranking players, they all have certain rules of their own that they follow. Those rules become a habit over time and sometimes players do catch some bad ones too. That is what this Call of Duty: Mobile guide is going to address. 

This guide is going to talk about some of the bad habits that you should stop right now in order to get better in CoD Mobile. There are definitely some interesting things in the list with number five not being talked about much in the gaming scene. Not only that, but the guide is also going to discuss how you can correct these mistakes. To elevate your level of gameplay, the simple and the most mundane things actually have the biggest impact. 

Warming Up for Ranked:

If you’re getting ready to finally push for the Legendary rank, grinding out some points or you want to make sure to have a good game in your team scrims, the worst thing you can do is not warming up. Not doing so can cause you to play badly in your opening games and that might get you frustrated. Next thing you know you will be blaming your aim, your sensitivity, or anything else you can think of. Your hands sure could use some warming up and no it’s not what you’re thinking. You don’t need to warm up for hours but taking a few minutes before you start playing intense games is good enough. 

Doing a warm-up allows you to get your fingers going and your brain to relearn the mechanics. One of the most effective ways you can do a warm-up before playing a ranked match is going into the public games. Doing so will improve your aim and make your mind ready for the grind. If you’re about to play in a tournament, warming up in ranked games would be a good idea as well. The reason you do a warm-up is to get your confidence in terms of your mechanics and get your aim and movement on point. One thing that most players do is looking down while running around the map. This is one of the things that you need to stop doing ASAP. All that does is increase your reaction time. 

Meaning, you’ll have a slow reaction to your surroundings. With CoD Mobile being a fast-paced game you need to keep in mind that most of the players are standing up and assume they are already aiming at you. How are you going to react quickly if you’re looking down you because you can’t. You’ll lose the gunfight 9 times out of 10, especially if you’re playing against good players. So to avoid this remember to always keep your crosshair up to chest level. This allows you to have a clear view of the map and the enemies and also to have a faster reaction time compared to when you were looking down. This immediately gives you an advantage before a gunfight even begins. Not only your reactions get faster, they also get a lot smoother. Instead of swiping diagonally, you just have to swipe left or right whenever you see an enemy. 


One of the most valuable pieces of information in the game, the mini map is also one of the things that’s most overlooked. Looking at the mini-map can help you identify where the enemies are located when they fire, so you know how and where to anticipate the enemies from. It also gives you your teammates’ location, thus giving you the info where you need to be to fill in the lines of the map. With this information, you can support your team in more ways than one. You can do so by finding a buddy within your team and make entries for them or let them make entry for you. 

Another thing you could do is flank the enemy team while most of your teammates push to a certain area. Develop the habit of taking a glance at the mini-map once in a while. Like one would do on a side view mirrors whenever they drive a car. Doing this will give you more info. While you’re moving around make sure that the position of your mini-map is at an area where it’s comfortable to look at. So you can glance at it easily, and it doesn’t obstruct your view.


Just because you want to go for high kill games doesn’t mean you should ignore the objectives completely. If you want to help your team win you can stay around the objective in order to give your team the opportunity to push and control the other parts of the map. Having awareness of the objectives makes you a very effective player. That’s what you need to achieve at the end of the day. So don’t be so reluctant in doing the dirty work since those are the things that win games. 

So help your team get the objectives. You can do it by stepping on the objective, like planting the bomb while holding your own. You can also do it indirectly by making it your job to never let the enemy team reach the objectives. Another thing you can do is provide backup from a different direction, so your team can finish the job. By doing this you can gain more points for more score streaks. So make sure you get the top frag every game without even using Hardline Perk.

Revenge Kills:

Remember those times when you got wrecked by some player and you went out seeking revenge only to get killed again and again. More often than not those players know what they’re doing and they can hold an area by themselves. Their teammates can also back them up. If you go and seek revenge you will put yourself in a losing situation. So if you ever get killed, try not to go to the same area where you died. If possible try to go around and attack them from another angle. 

Chances are that they will still be looking at the same direction where they killed you. Try to find a way to surprise them and then get your revenge. CoD Mobile is a game within a game within a game. Every match you play has layers upon layers. A MP match is a game and then gun fights within the match and the strategies within your rotations is another layer as well. So make sure you focus up and learn from mistakes when it comes to taking decisions. 

Corner Sprinting:

Another mistake you should stop doing is running around corners. If you run around the corner and someone has pre-aimed at that spot, the moment you show up you will be shot at before you could even get to a cover. Chances are that you’re already dead because it takes some time for the animation to finish and register onto the server. So here are some tips you can use to avoid getting caught in the enemy’s crosshair. 

What you will be learning now is called peeker’s advantage. First thing you can do is slide peek. Second is would be to jump peek. Then jiggle peeking or peeking quickly by showing yourself just a bit then running back to cover in order to bait the enemy into shooting. You need to do these so you can check if there’s someone pre-aiming that corner. You may have noticed that you’re doing these mistakes. It’s important that you look into these things if you want to get better in CoD Mobile. 

Watch Yourself:

A bonus tip is to record your own gameplay and watch it to notice if there are mistakes you repeat often. Having self-awareness is a great thing to have as a player in order to steer yourself to becoming a great player.