This is a CoD Mobile weapon guide and its topic is the epic assault rifle DR-H. It was added as part of the CoD Mobile Season 8, The Forge update. The DR-H deals high damage, which can be increased by equipping the OTM Mags. It also features an average rate of fire and it’s one of the 3 assault rifles, that can 3 shots to kill in close to mid-range. In the new Season 2 update, it got a slight buff for its no stock attachment. So is DR-H good enough to be the meta in this game?

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide for DR-H

DR-H is kind of similar to AK-47 in terms of fire rate and weapon damage. They are slow but powerful assault rifles, that deal brutal damage in all ranges. However, DR-H has a very unique damage range, and a special hit box when equipped with the OTM Mags. This makes the time-to-kill figure of DR-H outstanding among all assault rifles, but also a bit inconsistent due to its special hit box. With a small buff in the new season, will it become a viable top-tier weapon?


When it comes to weapon stats the DR-H has great damage, average fire rate, and moderate accuracy. It can dominate close to mid-range combat. By default, it has only 20 bullets in the magazine with a fire rate of 577 rounds per minute. The default mag size is not sufficient, it is essential to equip an extended mag. The OTM extended Mag has really been a game-changer for DR-H. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide for DR-H

The quick reload time of the weapon is 1.8 seconds, and the full reload time is 2.8 seconds, which is not bad. Its ADS speed is 267 milliseconds, which is faster than most assault rifles in CoD Mobile. Even though it has a good ADS speed, its mobility is about the average. The movement speed is at 6.5 meters/second, and ADS movement speed is around 2.1 meters/second. The base weapon stats indicate DR-H is a quite average assault rifle.

Damage and Range: 

Now, let’s see the damage and range of this weapon and how it performs in terms of time to kill in different ranges. DR-H is a powerful assault rifle with very unique damage range and hitbox. It has 6 different damage ranges, even though the difference is very small in some ranges. It deals 31-32 damage up to 14 meters, 28 damage from 15 to 17 meters, 24-25 damage from 18 to 36 meters, and 19 damage beyond that. The weapon has 2 standard body multipliers. With the OTM Mags attached, the hit box of the upper body becomes the same as the headshot. In MP, it’s time to kill is at the top level, as it’s one of the three assault rifles with 3 shot kill capability. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide for DR-H

However, in BR it’s a different story. Due to the damage reduction from the vest, weapon damage is not consistent in BR, it has 1 floating damage in all ranges. Even though the time to kill figure of DR-H is still impressive in close range, it is not efficient in the longer range. The BR damage figures are based on the default weapon with no attachments. With the OTM mag, it can boost the weapon to the next level. DR-H deals great damage as long as you can hit the upper body area, it can 3-shot kill the enemy up to 14 meters. This makes the weapon a beast in MP games. With the buff of no stock attachment in the new season, it becomes an even faster and powerful weapon in CoD Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide for DR-H

However, the damage drops significantly in long ranges. As a result, it is not very efficient to use in BR. To rank this weapon, it has great damage, fairly good accuracy, and average mobility. Overall it’s one of the best weapons in MP. The main strength of DR-H is really depending on hitting the upper body area to 3-shot kill an enemy.

DR-H MP Loadout:

This is probably the most ideal loadout of DR-H for MP matches. In MP games, most fights are in close to mid range. This is the range where DR-H takes 3 shots to kill in the game. The goal of this MP gunsmith build is to maximize the weapon mobility, making it faster to kill. First, choose MIP light barrel to increase the ADS speed. Then choose no stock to boost the ADS speed as well as the movement speed. The ADS time reduction is increased to 12 percent, and hit flinch is decreased to 15 percent.

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide for DR-H

Next, apply the stippled grip tape to increase the mobility even further. You can use granulated grip tape instead, as well as the tactical laser to improve weapon accuracy. To finish up the build, you will have to add an extended OTM mag to remedy the loss of ammo capacity. Besides, OTM mags change the body hitbox of this weapon, which is essential for MP domination. This is how the MP build performed against the default DR-H. First, the ADS speed. The default ADS speed is 16 frames which is 268 milliseconds. With this MP build the ADS speed is only 11 frames, which is faster than most SMGs.

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide for DR-H

This gives you an advantage in the MP games like Search and Destroy. Try to use ADS all the time, as the hip-fire accuracy of DR-H isn’t really good. Next, the recoil patterns. Since this build is focused on close range combat in MP, you will trade weapon accuracy for mobility. The recoil pattern of DR-H goes towards the right, so the horizontal recoil is something you need to be aware of. The bullet spread accuracy of the weapon isn’t ideal either. To sum up, this MP build provides the best mobility and quick ADS speed. In close range, it can dominate the game with high damage and great mobility.

DR-H BR Loadout:

Now let’s move on to the BR build. For BR games, as most of the fights are at range, the weapon damage range is always the first concern. The default DH-R is not designed for range fights. You will have to use all range attachments to fix that. The first attachment you should choose is the OWC marksman barrel. It not only can increase the damage range by 35%, but also improve weapon control and accuracy at the cost of losing mobility. Apart from that, use the monolithic suppressor to further increase the damage range by another 25%. Since the ADS accuracy is also very important in BR, you can use MIP strike stock instead, to improve weapon accuracy and flinch stability.

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide for DR-H

Next, choose the granulated grip tap, and the tactical laser to boost weapon accuracy. Last but not least, a 30 round OTM mag needs to be added to this build. OTM mag is a must-have attachment for DH-R in CoD Mobile. This is a well-rounded BR build and when compared to the default DR-H, it has much better performance.

First, the ADS speed. In this build, you sacrifice some mobility for better range and accuracy, so ADS speed is 2 frames slower than the default, which isn’t bad. It’s about the average of most assault rifles, so it wouldn’t be an issue in BR. Next, the recoil patterns. The bullet spread accuracy is significantly improved with this BR build. This can help you to get rid of your enemies in a long range. However, there will still be some horizontal recoil, which might cause some issues in the longer range. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide for DR-H

This specific BR build can increase the weapon damage range by 60%, which is a huge advantage in BR. The weapon now deals 30+ damage up to 22 meters, and 25 damage up to 42 meters. To sum up, this is a build with max damage range and good accuracy, specially designed for BR. It provides good control, sufficient ammo capacity, and constant high damage at a longer range.

Overall, the DR-H is definitely the meta in this game. It’s one of the best assault rifles in MP, if not the most efficient weapon in BR. The 3 shot kill capability makes DR-H a top-tier weapon, however, the same advantage doesn’t really work in BR due to the damage reduction from a vest.