Call of Duty: Mobile is a highly competitive game. It is fast-paced and comes with a number of modes and options for the players to choose from and play. The game is a team-based shooter game and is the mobile version of the famous gaming franchise. It is a battle royale but is not restricted to just that. There are a lot of ways to advance in the game apart from the battle royale mode. There is a multiplayer mode too which brings players a number of options to play. This is a better way of understanding and working on your skills than the battle royale mode in the game.

Some of the most famous and popular game modes in the multiplayer mode are Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Domination, etc. All of these are team-based where you can play with your squad and random players in the game. It needs good coordination and synchronization among the players in the team. However, even though most of the modes are team-based, there is one mode where players need to be sure of their skills and game sense. 

Call of Duty: Mobile On PC -- Crush Everyone in Free for All

On playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we figured out there are a number of advantages of this one game mode and players can learn a lot about the game through this. This mode is the Free for All mode in multiplayer. 

What is Free for All?

Unlike other modes and options in the game, players are not a part of a team in this. This mode consists of 10 players and there are different spawn points for every round. However, the basic difference is that players are playing for themselves. Every man is for himself in the mode and the first person to reach the threshold of 20 kills wins the match. 

Call of Duty: Mobile On PC -- Crush Everyone in Free for All

This can be very intense and there are multiple things that a player can work on in this mode. There is no support and no teaming up. Only one-man domination. 

Advantages of Free for All

There are a few basic advantages of playing Free for All in Call of Duty: Mobile. Some of these can help you in the ongoing match and some can help you in progression of the game. 

  • No Dependency

The Free for All mode puts you in a responsible spot in the match. This means that you do not have to be dependent on other players to increase your score. This also means that you can not blame any other player for your loss and defeat. You are solely responsible for your loss and victory. 

  • Freedom of Understanding all the Guns

Guns and weapons play a major role in Call of Duty: Mobile. There are a number of guns in every category. When not playing in a squad or as a part of a team, players can choose and practice with all the guns that are available in the game to them. They can create and select loadouts. This can help the players in battle royale mode where they can not choose a specific weapon and have to manage with whatever loot they get. Practicing with all the guns in the Free for All mode can help the players understand the nature, damage, fire rate and recoil of every weapon. If one chooses to pick up a specific role in their squad like a sniper or assaulter then that can be practiced in this mode too. 

  • Only Skills to Win 

The multiplayer modes like domination, search and destroy, kill confirmed, etc. have an added condition to them in order to win. Players can not completely rely on their raw gameplay and skills. This is not the case with Free for All. This mode has nothing other than just skills. You can be surrounded by 5 enemies, and you have to make your way out of that combat without dying and all of this should be achieved just with skills. This mode helps you enhance your skills and movements, where you can use all kinds of movement combinations like jiggle movement, jump and shoot, crouch and shoot, etc. 

  • Enhanced Reactions and Game Sense

Since there is no support for you in this mode and the map is also closed, it becomes very important to have good reflexes in this mode. Being stuck with 9 other players in a small map and closed map will enhance your reflexes. Having good reflexes are key to win in this mode but Free for All also enhances your game sense as you get to know about all the covers and boost positions on the map. The reactions can help you in the BR mode and the game sense and understanding of the map will help the players in other multiplayer modes. Players can also practice trick shots like quick scope, 360-degree quick scope and flying shots in this mode. 

  • Faster Tier Progression 

Free for All mode is a very fast paced mode. It does not go on for a very long time and that means players are able to get quick kills and move on to the next match. You will get all the kill points and this will help you progress faster in the game. You can climb up the tier ladder in multiplayer mode and compete with the best players in your tier. 

Call of Duty: Mobile On PC -- Crush Everyone in Free for All

All of these advantages might seem minor but are very effective when you practice regularly and spend time in the Free for All Mode. These advantages will also transfer into you being a better player in the battle royale mode. 

Tips for Free for All

To experience all the advantages, there are some tips that players should follow in order to become better players in the Free for All mode as well as in the game overall. 

  • Start Early

Not a lot of players engage with the Free for All mode because it is not a team mode. However, if you want to start playing in that mode, it is best to start early. Starting early in the season will bring you players from lower tiers, and then you can gradually progress. If you are a beginner, then you should spend more time playing this mode as it will tell you and help you understand more about the game than deathmatches and other modes. 

  • Try All Guns 

Every player has preferences for guns and weapons. However, the multiplayer mode allows you to create multiple loadouts for yourself. You should keep a gun from every category in every loadout, and you should try all of them. This will help you in the BR mode, and you won’t struggle for finding the right or your favorite gun in the game. 

  • Use Shotguns

Shotguns are extremely underrated in Call of Duty: Mobile. These weapons have high damage in close range and some of them are even capable of a one-shot kill. Shotguns should be used in Free for All by every player as they are effective and will help you bring the match to a close faster. One disadvantage that players might feel is that it is not auto but the damage is so high that the trade is worth it. 

Call of Duty: Mobile On PC -- Crush Everyone in Free for All

  • Listen Carefully 

It can be very difficult to look at the map in the middle of a fast paced match. However, you do need to be aware of the enemies and their positions. This is where you need to pay close attention to the sound of footsteps and gunfire. Paying close attention will reveal the enemy’s position and also the places where a fight might be taking place. 

  • Don’t be Afraid of Third Party

Free for All is a highly competitive mode and players need to pick up kills quickly. One can not wait for the enemy to approach. A good way of getting more kills is jumping in the middle of an ongoing fight. 

Call of Duty: Mobile On PC -- Crush Everyone in Free for All

The main advantage of doing this is that both the players would be somewhat damaged, and you can pick up 2 kills instead of one. 

  • Don’t Stop and Rest Anywhere

Players need to be on the move constantly in Free for All. All players are spread across the map and one can not win by holding the position. It is best to keep moving around on the map and take players down as and when they come in contact with you. 

  • Use Throwables 

During a Free for All match, there can be situations where more than 2 players are fighting. Going headfirst into that fight is not a good idea. The best way to deal more damage and take more kills is by throwing a frag grenade, concussion grenade, etc. This will do more damage and might also get you all the kills as the players would have taken damage already. 

Call of Duty: Mobile On PC -- Crush Everyone in Free for All

Free for All can be very intense in Call of Duty: Mobile and players need to play this mode more to know about the game and the mechanics in a better manner. This will help them control the game and make better judgments as they progress within the game.