When it comes to playing any FPS game, the one advantage you want to have is peeking. You have probably gone through the most peeking tips that a beginner can go through. Isolate your encounters, jiggle peek dangerous angles, make sure you’re aware of peeker’s advantage and angle advantage. These are all things that you will be told in pretty much every single Peeking Guide you look up. So what we wanted to do is provide you with something different. We wanted to provide you with more specific peeking techniques, that incorporate different tactics, to help you secure more rounds in your game.

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide For High Ranking Players

Specifically what this guide is going to provide you is not only different tactics, but an idea of when to use them. It’s not just going to tell you “Hey this is what jiggle peeking is, go do it”. What this will do is by the end of the guide, understand when these techniques are applicable. So if that sounds good to you, just stick with us here as we get into it. 

Jiggle Pre-firing

We’re going to get into our very first peeking tip. Taking advantage of Jiggle Pre-firing to get yourself out of dangerous situations, or in some cases, secure yourself rounds safely. Now this is something pros utilized a lot in their games. Let’s break the Jiggle Pre-firing down.

The round we are taking a look at is taking place in Killhouse. You are playing in a 1v1. Now, your opponent is going to be at 1 hp in this round. Just because your opponent is at 1 hp though, does not mean that you can count them out. You need to play very carefully now. The enemy throws a drone in the air. In this example you have spotted the drone and move towards the location it came from slowly. Both the enemy and you know about each other’s location now or have an idea of it. Since you have the hp advantage and a general idea of the enemy’s, you start making a move to his location.  

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide For High Ranking Players

Now rather than just running at the enemy aggressively, what you’re going to do is start firing off a couple of shots into the wall, in an attempt to prefire. When the shots don’t connect, you back up and wait for the recon to expire. Once again throw in another jiggle prefire, in an attempt to kill the enemy. Once the second prefire does not connect, you once again go for another Jiggle prefire into the final corner, knowing that after clearing the first two angles, the enemy must be playing deep in the corner, grabbing the kill, and securing the round for your team.

The reason these jiggles are a good idea is because even though the enemy is only 1 hp, it only takes 1 bullet with a DL-Q33 to kill you. If the enemy is holding an off-angle, he could easily end up landing the first shot. You know the enemy is backed into a corner. You don’t want to give the enemy even the chance to land a shot. By using this technique you expose as little of your body as possible in an attempt to kill the enemy, and it ends up winning the round for your team.

This was an example of how this tactic can be used while on the offensive. It can also be similarly done while you are on the defense in an encounter. Specifically when you are backed into a corner and have no option but to fight your way out. Basically, if you’re backed into a corner and being pushed by an enemy, your options are limited. Either Wide Swing them and try to catch them off guard, or, you can throw in little jiggle pre-fires, in an attempt to catch a shot onto your enemy and bail yourself out. What you’ll see from a lot of lower rank players is, rather than using one of these two options, what they’ll try to do is sit in the corner and hide, or get ready to shoot the enemy as they come around the corner.

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide For High Ranking Players

The problem with this being, both have peeker’s advantage, but also the enemy is going to prefire you if they know you’re deep in a corner, so you won’t have much of a chance at all. The jiggle prefire tactic is especially useful when you’re backed into a corner, and you believe an enemy may be holding you waiting for you to swing out. If you’re wondering when exactly it’s a better idea to prefire here, or wide swing, the answer normally is the same when it comes to wide swinging. If there are multiple enemies, generally wide swinging is going to be a bad idea. If it’s just one enemy, it may be a good option. 

Bomb Defuse

Moving on though, this is going to be a similar tip, but also an incredibly valuable one that will win you so many rounds, and it’s something that’s not even hard to do. Have you ever been in a 1v1 post plant situation, and you lost the round because your opponent tapped the bomb, and you peeked to get him off the bomb and he was holding you? Chances are you have been in this situation, because very rarely do people stick the defuse the first time in this game. The reason for this is because it takes a really long time to defuse in CoD Mobile. Since you can half defuse the bomb the common practice is to half defuse, pull off of the bomb and hold for the peek, and then finish the defuse after securing the kill. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide For High Ranking Players

Too often players hear the bomb being defused and wide swing out of cover immediately to stop the player. They get killed and then the spike will be defused with 26 seconds left. All the defending player had to do was just wait a little bit longer. This tip may seem obvious, but so many players don’t do this. So the next time you’re in this situation, rather than wide swinging, what should do is just jiggle peek and fire off a burst of bullets. You don’t even need to try to hit the enemy player with these bullets. Often times when you do this you don’t even want to be exposing your body. Your only goal here is to make your presence known, and force them off the bomb.

Now most of the times when you do this, what your opponent is going to do is pull off the bomb, in an attempt to trade fire back. When you perform this tactic, one of 3 things is going to happen. Either 1) your opponent will quickly try to return fire, in which case you know they are no longer on the bomb, and need to re-tap it, 2) your opponent will move, which will tell you once again, that they are not on the bomb, so you don’t have to re-peek. or 3) your opponent will not make ANY noise, in which case you will be forced to re-peek and see if they are actually on the bomb. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide For High Ranking Players

Most of the time when you do this, one of the first two things will happen. If the third one happens, mostly your opponent will not be able to pull off the spike fast enough and you can kill them. Otherwise, this means they are still holding you. At which point the hope is that they won’t have enough time to complete the defuse. Now you can do this with pre-fires, but you can also do it with any and all lethals in the game that give you an advantage. The reason is because players are conditioned to react to these things. If you throw a grenade at somebody who is defusing the bomb, and they attempt to stick the defuse, honestly that player has nerves of steel and deserves to win the round anyway. 

Now obviously that’s a bit of a joke and you should probably still jiggle to make sure that player is off the bomb. However sometimes you’re just in a situation where that can be a really risky decision, and you have to just trust your gut and know that they are not on the bomb.

Clearing Snipers

Moving onto the 3rd tip, and this is something so many players struggle to understand: you NEED to clear early angles with throwables, especially common sniper angles. You can’t be dry peeking sniper angles 10 seconds into the round and keep getting picked off. This is literally the fastest way to single handedly lose your team the round. If you’re playing smokes for your team and you dry peek an angle and get picked off, your entire team no longer has smokes for the round. As the round progresses, it becomes more and more necessary for you to utilize different peeking techniques to make engagements easier.

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide For High Ranking Players

Also as the round progresses, you’re going to have less utility to take advantage of. However, your utility is literally intended to help you take control of areas on the map safely. The thought of ‘Oh maybe I can save this flash for later in the round” may sound exciting, but if you’re walking into a corner without using any utility, you’re taking a massive risk in the round. We’ve all heard that we need to isolate our encounters when playing CoD Mobile; using your utility is the best way to do that. This tip isn’t nearly as exciting as the other ones, however, it’s consistently one of the biggest issues with players, so it needs to be mentioned.

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide For High Ranking Players

If you’re peeking dangerous angles while you still have smokes or Mollys available, you REALLY need to be using them. What exactly is a “Dangerous” angle though. Obviously, you can’t go over every single angle in the game. Specifically what is meant by this is that at any of the first points of engagement on the map, you should be using a utility to clear. If it’s a location defenders will commonly hold, a utility should be used to take it. You’re going to need to use a Drone or Smokes to help you isolate angles and clear them out. Unfortunately, as much as some of us would like it to be, CoD Mobile isn’t just about dry peeking everything. By playing the game safely like this, you’re going to reduce the risk of you being caught off guard by your enemies. 

Wide Swinging

Let’s move onto the 4th tip, which is combining a jiggle peek with a wide swing to catch your enemies off guard and throw their aim off. The reason there are so many different peeking techniques is that CoD Mobile is very much a mental game as you climb to the higher ranks. As you start to go against players who have better aim than you, you need to figure out ways to help you win more gun fights versus them. One awesome way to do that is by attempting to throw their aim off with different tactics. You’ve all heard of crosshair placement, and that’s primarily what you’re going to be targeting here.

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide For High Ranking Players

Basically what you’re going to want to do, is jiggle peek an enemy first. The reason you do this is because after the enemy sees you jiggle, they are going to adjust their crosshair to try and shoot you. Immediately after you jiggle what you’re going to want to do, is wide swing the enemy. They have just adjusted to try and shoot you while you’re jiggling. Their crosshair is going to be out of position, not prepared for you to wide swing out. You should be able to pick up the kill on them while their aim is off. This can also be done with a teammate, where one of you performs the jiggle, and the other wide swings.

This way you can peek the enemy player. Even if they do still happen to land their shot at least it will get traded out. Obviously, there is an element of risk in all of your gunfights, but this tactic can be really good for throwing off enemy players, and making your peeks less one dimensional. After you’re done with this CoD Mobile guide try to load into a deathmatch game and practice this tactic vs players. Deathmatch can be a great tool for practicing different peeking techniques because it simulates so many different encounters. It can be hard to remember some of these things while in the moment during games. However if you’ve already performed these tactics once or twice, it becomes a lot easier for them to occur to you while you’re in situations that they are applicable.

Switch it up

Moving on though, the very last tip that we have for peeking is to mix up your peeks. If you always peek things the exact same, enemies are going to start to find ways to catch you off guard, and take advantage of how easy you are to read. A general rule of thumb is that you should not do something the exact same way two times in a row. You can do it twice within a game. However, if you do it twice in a row, it’s still very fresh in your opponents mind and it can make you too predictable. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer Mode Guide For High Ranking Players

If you’ve been dry peeking the same location every single round, then the enemy will wait for you to dry peek it and walk away with a free kill. For example, say you’re playing on the Crash map. Maybe you’ve been jiggling at specific corners every round. The enemies have noticed this. What is likely going to happen is that they may start pre-firing this in response. So what you can do instead, is rather than jiggling it one round. Then give it a few seconds, and then throw a flash into the corner and peek it. By doing this, your enemies may see that you did not peek it, and think “Maybe it’s okay to push up”. 

By just mixing up these techniques a little bit, you can play mind games with your opponents and really become difficult to read. Another example of this is if you’re sniping, you can take advantage of the different elevation levels to throw your enemies’ aim off. This is a really awesome tactic that can make an amazing difference within your rounds. 

That’s going to do it for the peeking guide. These tips will be helpful for you all. This guide really wanted to focus on some more advanced peeking tactics. Most people have all heard the basic peeking terms.